blue moon (2)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whatever Happened To Walker? ©

Whatever happened to Walker?
Where has he gone and who’s sitting in his place?
Whatever happened and what’s wrong?
Where, where has he gone?
How far and for how long?

He was here and then
Where did he go?
Where has he gone and who the hell are you?
Where, oh where
Where has he gone?

What kind of trouble is he in?
What has he done and can he still run
Whatever happen?
Whatever happened to Walker?
Oh, Whatever

You people are a tough crowd.
Why wouldn’t I put a post like the last one?

Scratching head

My everyday life is like that.
I just show you a tiny bit of it.
Mostly the weird bits and I don’t always swear.
I mean I have to go out in public to and be as anal as the rest of the world to get something out of it.
See, I haven’t cussed a word out yet.

Today for example, I had to take D2 to the doctor because she was in agonizing pain because it that time of the month had rolled around and she get these cramps that have her screaming like a banshee and banging off the walls.
That’s not a good thing when your sitting downstairs stoned out of your mind listening Tom Jones on Michael Manning’s blog.

So I took her to the doctor today so I had to be the concerned father and act the part.
She hasn’t seen a doctor in 13 years.
So I find a clinic close to here and we headed off for her appointment.

D1 joined us for the trip there and all the way there she was asking me if I was going top behave.
What the hell does she think I’m like in public?
I can be civil, professional.
I mean I went through the whole phone book to find her a doctor then book her an appointment for the same day.

We find the place and we walk into the waiting room and the counter where the receptionist took her name and health card number.
After we sat back to wait for her to be called.
I was sitting next to a guy with purple hair and a staple through his nose.
I’m thinking; I’m glad I’m not his old man.
Next to him was some guy who looked like he was lost from the Saturday Night Fever set.
Just then a doctor steps out and calls out a name, the kid with the stapled face stood up and Vinnie next to him said he was his father and left with him.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Doris Day was the mother.

We sat around for about twenty minutes when the door opened up and the father walked down the hall holding a zip lock bag containing a urine sample at arms length followed by a worried staple face teen.
The doctor then went in and called out D2’s name and we stood up and followed him into the examination room.
We entered the room and he closed the door behind us and we found a place to each sit.
The doctor then asked her what the problem was.
She dropped her head into her lap and said nothing.
The doctor cracked a joke and she smiled but still said nothing.

I’m saying nothing.
I mean, he is asking her right?
I can mind my own business…….
Yes I can and I can watch my language thank you very much.

The doctor tried a few more times and got a few barley audible mumbles out of her then he looked at me and said, “What’s the matter”?
“Her pussy’s broken”.
Well he asked.
After that I didn’t have to say a single word she didn’t want me to do any more of her talking.

And the pictures I posted, it’s not the first time I posted pictures of flowers.
I put up a bunch not to long ago with some of the vases I had acquired.
Speaking of acquiring I found something for Mike that blew his mind away.
It was an estate sale.
Cost him a short drive and three hundred bucks for copper pictures worth thousands and looks great on his wall.
The problem was that it was seventy inches long and forty-two wide and Mike was a small car.
For twenty miles I sat in the front seat stoned holding on this thing so it didn’t fly out the open hatch while he whizzed down the highway while dodging canyon size potholes.
I wish I had a picture of it but I don’t but I will next time I go over.
It’s a scene of the plains of Africa pushed out of the copper.

It’s the least I could do after all the rides he gives me like when he drove me to pick up a picture I bought for my bedroom.
This hot Italian lady had it for sale for a price I wasn’t really willing to pay for but after heated price negotiations we finally came to a price we could both live with and I think it looks great in my bedroom.
What do you think?

So you see, I can write a post without any swear words but I am curious.
Some of you have been reading me for a while and have seen me slowly emerge into boob loving, pussy licking…… myself, here over the last four years and many of you are new and never seen the mellow part of me before.
Can I use the word mellow?
Actually it’s why I have Last Soul, so you wouldn’t have to deal with that side of me either.
This way I can have fun on this blog instead but would you rather I be whom you usually see here or the tamed down version of how I was?

Have a nice day



Boxer said...

I've been reading for two years and I'm happy to read whatever you're writing. Or photographing. Or playing.


Michael Manning said...

Hahaha! I am HONORED! Listening to Tom Jones on Michael Mannning's Blog stoned! Hoobastank's "The Reason" does rock, doesn't it? Hysterical to visit here. Thanks so much for the mention, Walker! I've decided if you write a book it should be titled: "Walker: My Life, My Thoughts!" :D)

gab said...

To be honest Walker I love both sides of you. What do you mean there are more than two sides? Well then damn it I LOVE all your side smart alex!

Peter said...

Variety is the spice of life walker.

BikerCandy said...

I like all sides of you too, but without the cuss words and humor, it just isn't the Walker I've come to know and love. Be yourself, that's all any of us can ever hope to do.

Sally said...

First of all; you know I'm a prude, Walker but you love me anyway. HAHAHAHA

Hope the doctor could help D2!!

Hey, am I seeing THREE feet in that picture? :)

itisi said...

i was wondering the same thing this morning.
whatever did happen to you anyhow?
don't tell me you are busy,dear, that one is getting old.
you have always been in the thick of things whether by choice or not.

as for posting pictures, you have posted quite a few of them.
thong pictures
plant pictures
ice sculpting pictures
pictures of your awesome looking butt in a pair of levi's
hell, one time you posted a picture of your bed

i have been reading your blogs forever and a day and will continue to read them.

at least the ones i am not blocked from

have a good day sweetie
you know i love ya!

Scarlet said...

Dearest Walker,
I have been here reading, laughing, sometimes getting pissed at your family (brother), for over 2 years.
I have seen pictures of all sorts of things, recent and past.
This is YOUR place ... be who you are, post whatever you want.
I'll come. (Maybe not like the red-toed lady in the picture, but i'll come.
;) )

Nice picture by the way.
The one on the wall.
You do have cute toes, did you know that?(I'm assuming the other set of feet are yours)

Anyway, whatever you choose to write, photograph or set to kick-ass music is all good.
It's all part of who you are, and why we all keep coming back.
Personally, I love who you are. :)


Cece said...

I like you just the way you are. If people can't handle who you are, then they can find a new post to read. Don't change anything on my account. Oh, and thanks for dropping by. There's one four letter word that I like too. Perhaps it's the same one as yours! :-)

Leah said...

Letting it all hang out is good.

Or whatever.

I dig your blog.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Jeez, don't change, Walker. I couldn't handle it...

BTW in that picture, you appear to have three feet, one with painted toenails... Like I say, don't change...smirk.

Suzanne said...

I'm going to tell you something right now Mr. I love you. You know that and I love this blog. (Wow, so many of my friends are here!!!) Okay, here's what I have to say:

1) I understand your daugher all too well. Get her anything she needs. It's hell. It's agonizing hell and so unkind. It's pain you will never know. Well perhaps if someone cut off your arms and legs without anesthesia. Maybe. But nope, don't think so. I respect the fact you took her to the doctor. Thank you for that. I have hope for her. I'm serious Walker. You have no idea how serious I am. It's horrible how painful a period can be. You may never understand, but please let her know I do and if she ever wants to talk she can email me. (You can get my private email though any of my friends I see regularly visit this blog! Too funny!!!)

2) Nice art. You could both use a tan. Doesn't the sun ever shine up there?! God, I love that photo. Too precious. And yes, I did notice the "black thing" on the mantel. You are SO self absorbed.

3) Baby, you're okay just the way you are. You know how I adore you. I know that if you walked into my studio this very instant (I'd scream and call 911!) you'd be the same guy on this blog. I absolutely love your honesty and you. Okay, so you're officially coming to the "Blogger Reunion!" Right? When ever the hell that f****** is! I can swear here. Right? *Looks over shoulder for swearing patrol.*


P.S. Your comment on my post? You kidding? Make an effort buddy. I'm not going to live forever.

Fire Byrd said...

Walker... I love you just the way you are.
I love the exuburance of your writing, doesn't bother me how you write, just that you do.
And I'm a Brit I'm supposed to take the piss out of things and people.
And you set yourself up to have that done to you with your wonderful writing. Don't change be all you are, swearing, gentle, off the wall, compassionate, they're all you and I love coming here to get my Walker fix.

Monogram Queen said...

I've been reading you a long time and I like whatever side you choose to show!

Tammi said...

I have actually seen your butt steal my friends and you don't even realize it do ya?HA
I've been a stalker....ummm...I mean follower for a while now and the peeps that used to swing by my blog,don't anymore...but i see them HERE all the time.LOL
Yea,I've gotten pretty lame and just don't keep up like I used to I'm not trippin'.
You stole all our hearts,no matter what your gabbing keep us all captivated by your charm...and some of us even a bit CURIOUS! Know what I mean?
We just loooooove ya to pieces!

deni said...

You are just showing a different side of yourself, we all have different facets of our personalities which come out at different times.

But truthfully, I miss my Big Brother who would give me a swift kick in the ass, or try too!

Miss you!

Suzanne said...

So where the hell are you?

Just telling it like it is said...

Yes, where the hell are you?? I like all of you the good the bad and the shocker

Boxer said...

me thinks Walker might be dating?


nachtwache said...

More! Yeah, I'm busy being a granma.
See, everyone loves all of you. If you ever wonder, just check how many visitors you get and so many regulars! I can understand you being busier with the girls living with you now.
There are certain conditions some women have that result in even more painful periods than what's usual. The doctor should be able to diagnose what's the matter and there are meds.
It's no fun at the best of times. I'm glad I got rid of that body part and I never miss it one bit!
That was a sure way to get D to start talking! :)

Dotm said...

Guess I got used to you being you and can enjoy seeing you this way. Like having a double life and trying to fulfill both roles at the same time. Must make you see the other side of yourself writing this way. Keep smiling. Isn`t it fun being a father!