blue moon (2)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

NUTS NUTS NUTS !!!!!!!!! ©

I have a post i want to write but i have not time.
I have another one but i have no time.
In fact i have started both but i have no time.
Due to personal business, no I don't need bail, I can't write or visit until at least Monday.......maybe.

I will catch up with all of you next week and you know i will catch up so I hope some of you have been dirty little sluts or darling little angels, cough cough..........excuse me nipple in my throat, hair in my throat, tongue in my throat, dry throat.

Have a nice weekend and I'll bring you almost up to speed on Monday



Puss-in-Boots said...


itisi said...

Likely story.
You probably got caught up with one of the teachers-what was her name?-Busty Barb or something like that!! :)
You owe me, Walker. (wink)
Catch ya later!

Michael Manning said...

Walker: I sense that you have something you'd like to share with us...DO TELL! :)

Megan said...


Monogram Queen said...

Okay, just as long as you are safe and relatively happy - see you Monday!

Lindi said...

Hey hon
Being too busy to post, just means you have a life...and with out a life, you'd have nothing to post

Boxer said...

what's her name?



Peter said...

C'mon Walker its Monday here!!!!

Scarlet said...

Extended birthday celebration Walker?!

Teresa said...

I am so sorry I missed your big day. I was in Florida last week laying on the beach drinking. I didn't do anything meaningful on the computer. I hope you had a great day!! Enjoy 50--it's the new 40!