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Friday, March 20, 2009

Death, The Reality, Not The Show ©

Ah fuck
You know, just when you think the entertainment industry can’t surprise you any more than they have already they come up with something new to entertain us with, if you want to call it that.

I remember as a kid having three channels and one was French from Quebec.
You never saw the Pertis in bed together.
Leave it to Beaver wasn’t about eating pussy.
The Brady’s were not the Bunkers and the Jefferson’s were not in the hood no more.

Red Skelton made us laugh Saturday nights and Ed Sullivan entertained us on Sundays.
For some alternative entertainment there was always The Liberace Show or Tab Hunter if you wanted to fall asleep.

For action we had Bonanza, Gun Smoke, Mannix, Kojak, Starsky and Hutch came later with Star Trek….. and other cutting edge shows which knocked down sexual and racial barriers
Sports was hockey and football
Educational shows would include The Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom or something by National Geographic.

Today we have thousands of channels catering to a multitude of fetishes for the public to absorb.
The two biggest things are the news which now brings you right to the scene of the crime while it’s happening or maybe the battlefield where you can watch the enemy being slaughtered and if you’re lucky, even a loved one before he gets he head blown off in the next frame and reality shows.

Reality shows like Survivor which exploded on the scene a number of years ago that spawned a slew of other shows that range from running around the world to finding a spouse for a million dollars.
There are bi-sexual love shows where the only winner is the host who is expecting to get her stamp licked no matter who wins.

I am for freedom of speech and support the right for these shows to be allowed to be aired but I have to ask myself when is it enough.
I hate censorship with a passion.
I honestly believe that we should know what’s cool and what’s not.
Ok, Survivor.
In many ways it’s cool except for the BS head games.
In reality, you work together to make it until your all saved.

Then they started being stupid by pitting tribes of various races against each other.
That’s when I really never wanted to see it again and didn’t.
I for one don’t watch reality TV.
I have seen a spattering of episodes of this and that, mostly The Amazing Race.
Survivor is BS as far as I am concerned.
If they really want to see them survive, drop them in the jungle and fly off for six months then come back and see how many of them are left alive without the luxury of saying I quit send me home.

Now they have come up with something new but it’s not called Survivor.

I don’t know, are we being tested to see how much we are willing to put up with or are they exploiting our weaknesses to get away with some fucken stupid shit.
Maybe both.

I watch a lot of action programs with heaps of killing in them.
Blood by the barrel and little oriental guys jumping 100 feet in the air slicing people into sushi.
Yet they can’t win and Olympic medal for the high jump.
It’s all make believe and I know it.
We all do.
It’s entertainment, ACTION.

There is one show out there now and one being started soon.
In the UK there is a Big Brother star Jade Goody who is filming her life and battle with cervical cancer.
I for one applaud her courage and her accomplishments amidst all her health issues but recently I read where she plans on filming all the way to her death and that’s live.
I’ll leave that there for now and come back to it later.

CBS along with Jeff Probst of Survivor are putting out a new show called, “Live like you were dieing”.
This show will take us around with people who are dieing so we can see them go through the agony of leaving this world, forever.
Yes, we will see them suffer and struggle until the end when they stop kicking, except for the occasional twitch that is and die.

That’s entertainment folks.

“Live like you were dieing”?
Do they have a fucken choice you dumb fuck.
Live life like the living until you can’t no more.
I don’t want to see people dieing on TV like that.
What, there’s not enough carnage in the world right now so you have to expand your morbid desire for ratings.
Have we become that insensitive that we will watch this crap?
It’s not enough you’re torn apart when you loose a loved one you have to watch it happening to someone else on TV.

How long before they put it out on DVD.
Season one of “Live Like You Were Dieing” with extra features not seen before with a commentary from the poor bastard who will not see it.
Is this what you want your kids to watch when you’re not around?

Jade Goody I can understand that she wants to show that you can live life while dieing.
We all start dieing from the day we are born physically and this woman is showing how she is living mentally and spiritually but she wants to show us too much.

Some things should be left alone.
When we bridge make believe to reality we take a knife and slice away a little more of the innocence we have left inside us.
In some ways we cheapen life it’s self.

Why not a show about people surviving dieing?
Does it always have to be about dieing that raises the ratings?

CBS and Probst are nothing but Necromongers; vampires sucking what little life people have left for money and ratings.
I for one am disgusted with the idea.
There will be people out there suffering from the same illnesses those being filmed have who would watch how they will die when it’s their turn.
I believe this takes the pleasure out of living what life there is left to live by showing a person how they will deteriorate in time.
It will show their families how their loved ones will suffer.
Instead of investing all the money it will cost to make this show, they should use it for research and I will be willing watch an hour of commercials in that time slot instead for the season.
I most definitely won’t be watching you show a person suffer and die.

Jade Goody, I’m sorry she is sick and I am sorry she is dieing but I won’t watch her die on live TV.
There is nothing educational about dieing, just sadness for those left behind and sadness for a person so full of life having it cut short.

I wonder what’s next.
Maybe pay per view executions.

What we do and watch as a society makes us who we are as a whole to the rest of the universe.
The Roman colloseum has come to your living rooms and the lions are slaughtering the weak for your viewing pleasure.

These are just my opinions for what they’re worth.

Have a nice weekend



nachtwache said...

Walker, before I got to the end, I thought, yep, the colloseum is next, then I see you wrote that too.
Everything you wrote I can only nod and agree to. Spot on!
Lowest common denominator is where we end up unless we have some standards. Look where the Romans ended up. That's where our culture and society is headed unless we change and get some higher standards.
I hardly ever watch TV anymore, never reality crap. Our daughter got rid of her TV. My husband likes the tube, myself, I'd get rid of it.

Fire Byrd said...

OH love it 'pay per view execuetions'
Lets all get out our knitting kneedles out as we watch them hang.

Peter said...

They may call them reality shows Walker, but the un-reality shines through them like a beacon.... pure crap in the main part.

Leah said...

Walker, "Necromonger" is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! I agree with you so much that I was nodding as I read this. And yes, the Coliseum. And public hangings. We've definitely gone backward to a place and time where people used to pack up a nice picnic lunch and take their children to watch an execution in the sunshine. Sometimes I despise our society. Really.

Best rant anywhere, best one I've seen on a blog. I'm nominating you for a Bloggy Award--imaginary, but needed--Best Rant on a Topical Issue.

Boxer said...

(I've had a sick laptop, but I'm baaccck)

I wonder if we really are more "entertained" with so many options. Because with so many options, that means people are digging to find anything that will pass as entertainment. I've started watching less televsion and more DVD's.. that way I can control the commercials and the CRAP that's out there.

"The Roman colloseum has come to your living rooms and the lions are slaughtering the weak for your viewing pleasure."

That would be on Animal Planet, right?

Nice post.

Elaine said...

Right on Walker, I couldn't agree more. As my brother used to say "Life is a terminal illness" and I say "I don't want to watch it on my TV." I turn those kind of shows off. I've had to watch too many of my family die young, I don't need to watch it for entertainment.
Elaine in BC

itisi said...

I loved Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom!

Todays TV shows are mostly garbage and if it isn't there are so many commercials it is beginning to seem like there is twenty minutes of show and forty minutes of commercials.

I agree with you wholeheartedly that this new show is disgusting.
We need to draw the line somewhere!
I can only hope it is a big, fat flop!!!!

Scarlet said...

That's not educational, and it most certainly is NOT entertainment.
It's perverse.

Oh, and they tried to televise executions in Florida.
It didn't go over so well.
Texas may fry them faster, but Florida is ALWAYS after the entertainment or tourist aspect.
I blame Walt Disney.

Anyway, how much more can life be cheapened and demeaned?

It's the end of the world as we know it ...
and I DON'T feel fine.

Awareness said...

Arent we all curious voyeurs at heart? Public hangings come to mind. Can you imagine taking your family to see someone hang from a noose in the middle of the town square??? I think for the most part we suppress this urge but I believe the media know how to push that button in the collective.

Dotm said...

I remember when they removed the westerns saying they had way too much violence for children to watch.The bad man always got caught then. Today there is much worse violence and sex and it seems to be ok. Did this generation get tired of all the manners and rules from their parents and decide to remove them once they grew up? Are they rebelling the ways of their parents generation? Sex used to be people going into the bedroom and shutting the door and everything was kept private that went on behind that closed door. Todays movies don`t need any doors as nothing is kept silent.

Monogram Queen said...

Jade Goody has finally died... not that I am really aware of who she is ... except that she was dying in a very public way.

The only reality shows I watch (and then VERY sporadically) are Jon & Kate + 8 and Real Housewives of Atlanta. I admit to watching Desperate Housewives but I will miss an episode, no problem.
I'm a reader - give me a book and i'm a happy happy girl!

BikerCandy said...

You know I used to watch a few "Reality" shows, Survivor in the early years, Amazing Race for a couple of years. But now, I don't watch a single one. I just can't make myself watch that blatantly fake crap. Give me a movie where we KNOW it's all fake any day over a TV show pretending to be real. I'm with you!