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Friday, January 09, 2009

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It’s not enough that I live in a winter wonderland, (wonder where all the land is under the blanket of snow all over the place), dealing with the government and ass wipe collection agencies I have to be a super hero too.

Where to begin?
The first week with the kids has gone very well.
I think they have lightened up a lot and my oldest that never spoke to me rattles off to me like a machine gun.
Soon I may have to tell her to shut up down the road.
The youngest is a handful still but she is trying a lot and I am giving her a little slack, that’s all, just a little.

I think the kids have been suppressed by their mother so long they are in a time warp and it will take some time and confidence for them to be who they are but they are doing 1000 times better than before according to what we see and what they say and do.

The system is fucking me up more than anything right now.
We have a bus strike that has gone on for thirty-one days and they just rejected 7% pay increase, 8 days more of sick leave without a doctors certificate and route choices according to seniority.
I don’t know how much these people make but I bet it’s over forty grand maybe even closer to fifty but with everything as it is in the economy and thousands of people unemployed and ten times that many making minimum wage, I got to wonder if we are not being held up.
They’re just lucky I’m not mayor.
I’d tell people free parking downtown and take those people starving for jobs and teach them how to drive buses over the next six months and let the greedy fucks loose their butts to know what its like to live below the poverty line.
If they can’t survive on 40,000 a year, money is not their problem.
They need therapy.
Fuck it would be cheaper to put the bus drivers on welfare and pay the people on welfare fifteen an hour to drive buses.
But I’m not the mayor.

My daughter qualifies for a child tax credit here, which my ex is so graciously still receiving.
I don’t know how much it is yet but I am trying to take it from her to give to my daughter to buy new clothes and other things she needs like an allowance.
Something she never knew before it seems.
The only real problem is that I have to deal with the government and after being on the phone for two hours with them I found out I can get it if I fill in and send the forms.
After that they will assess it and send me the money in about, oh…….three months time
Did I mention their office is a fifteen-minute drive from my place or a twenty-minute bus ride?
Bus, where?
Sorry I’m a little snow blind.
Three months, fuck but it is retroactive which is good in one way and not in another.
Until it’s transferred to me the EX will be getting it.
How many of you wanna bet that when they switch it to me they go after her for restitution?
Government is just one big fucken headache.

If it’s not enough having to deal with public servants I have to deal with idiots too in the form of collection agencies.
I have two problems and one I tried to resolve 20 years ago but they’re to stupid to realize they fucked up.
One is for a traffic ticket I never got twenty years ago.
I went in and said it wasn’t me and showed proof that it couldn’t be but twenty years later I have a collection agency after my ass for $110 that they are NOT going to get.

See while that ticket I supposedly got was being written I was five miles away surrounded by cruiser and cops pointing guns at me and I got three tickets to prove it but is that enough, no because the city still believes I can be in two places at the same time and driving two cars.
Now this collection agency is not so bad.
They are polite I admit but they started the tempo of part of the evening and my disposition.

They called around 6pm.
We talked and I explained, laughed and joked.
Actually she was puzzled by my lazidazical approach to being sent to collection and I explained that there were more important things in life than worrying about something I really don’t give a fuck about.

After hanging up the phone rang and it was the same company calling for the same fucken ticket.
I explained that I had just talked to someone just minutes earlier but she didn’t believe me and I insisted that I just did.
After five minutes of wrangling with her I hung up.
You would think these people talked to each other.
About ten minutes after that the phone rang again and it was the same fucken people but this time it was a guy.
I told him about the other two and he didn’t believe me so I got a little rough with the fucker as my temperature rose and see how I was getting really fucken mad he said it might have been the automated calling machine that screwed up.
I don’t a rats ass who’s fault it is.
If the person can’t do the work why get a machine that can’t either.

By this, time not only was I exhausted from the day’s activities I was now pissed.
I stated making dinner and the phone rang again and this time it was the other thorn in my neck.
Three months ago I got an call from Telus offering me a cell phone for 7 a month for a year and two more years at 45 a month with the option of picking a cheaper plan if I so choose.
It seemed like a good idea so I said sure and I even took the call displace and answering machine feature for ten buck.
First month the bill comes in and it’s $149.
WTF I call them up and they say there is no such deal.
Two months down the road they want $900.
Fuck you.
I have used the phone what, thirty minutes maybe forty.
I’m not paying it and told them if they want their money they have to take me to court and they don’t want to do that because it would mean they would have to produce the recorded contract.

So they harass me instead like they do everyone but I’m not every one.
If you try and rip me off, fuck me around, I’m going to make you pay for it.
Most people who call me hang up laughing but some who want to threaten me, let’s just say the one yesterday hung up in shock.

They call and I am pleasant as always the she says something along the lines of that I am a dead beat.
This is a collection agency by the way not Telus.
Telus are the gangsters and the collection agency are the muscle.
I told her to fuck off and she tried to give me some threatening song and dance BS until I got mad and told her she was a greedy bitch who was trying to extort money from me top earn her commission.
That’s when she went into her own little tantrum calling me a sexist for calling her a bitch and how could a fifty year old call a twenty-two year old a bitch.
22, that’s it?
Well if she keeps talking to people like she talked to me, she is going to hear it a lot more and them some I think.
I wonder is she will accuse a woman as being a sexist if she calls her a bitch?

I don’t care who you are, you try to screw with me, then the gloves hit the floor.
If we let anyone walk over us without a fight what are we telling our kids?
I have had few problems with people over the years.
My phone bill is 150 a month and it’s never been cut off.
Maybe a little late sometimes but the late fee is paid.
It’s the same with the other 500 a month I pay for other bills required around the house so why would I begin by screwing with Telus?
I took their deal because it was a good one.
Maybe it is to good to be true?

I have no intension of paying for it and am in the process of getting back with my old cell phone provider who I had for 10 years with out a glitch.
Sometimes change is not a good thing as is fucking with Walker when he knows he is being screwed with.

That was it for the callsfpr a bit and we ended up watching a new movie that just came out before we all went to bed.
In the morning we got up and I took one kid to work and the other to school like usual and then headed on back home.
This is where the action started.
As I was following the other cars through the green light a car slide through the intersection taking out the lead car and sending other swerving out of the way when the car next to me slammed the breaks on only to have a double dump truck ride right up his ass sending him over to the oncoming lane.
The guy immediately in front of me broke right to avoid the sliding mayhem in front of him to be hit in the door by the guy beside me.

Where was I?
Sailing through the intersection with my eyes closed.
I don’t know how or why but I got out of that with nothing more than sludge on the window.

Feeling really lucky I made my way to the tax office to pick up some forms and then headed off home.
I wasn’t more than half a block to the laneway when some guy riding a bike in my lane falls off.
I started breaking and watched as he got closer and closer until he disappeared under my bumper.

I got out of the car and walked around with everyone else who piled out of their cars and I looked under the bumper.
Yes, there he was, just before the undercarriage.
The car stopped just in time.
Why do p[eople ride bikes in the winter again?
Does it get any easier?

As I was sitting here the phone rang.
It was my cousin calling to invite us to her father's 80th Birthday party.
I love her but she works for Telus

Have a nice weekend



Monogram Queen said...

With that kind of luck you should have been playing the Lotto! Have a great week-end Walker!

Fire Byrd said...

Haven't heard this piece of music from enigma for years, lovely.
And your life is just astonishing.

Megan said...

Sounds like the girls are settling in well. That's such good news!

Puss-in-Boots said...

What is that saying...oh, yes. The devil looks after his own (smirk). Seriously though, Walker, I'm glad you didn't get wiped out in that tangle at the traffic lights.

As for Govt agencies...God save us. I've dealt with a few in my time and never, ever without some stress of some sort. Amazing, isn't it?

As for calls demanding payment of outstanding money. Ever had one for someone you've never heard of, but whom you are accused of being? Yep, that happened to me until I pretended to capitulate, asked for various details like name, address, number, etc so I could send the cash. When I had all that I thanked them very much and said I was then going report them to the police for extortion. For some reason or other, they hung up very quickly. I've often wondered if it was some freeloader trying their luck to get money out of some poor unsuspecting sucker. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Lora_3 said...

Your taste in music is getting better! LOL

I don't understand the bike in snow thing. (crazy)

Be safe...

Boxer said...

have a nice weekend, too.

What are you now using instead of Lifelogger?

Teresa said...

You need a drink. I need one for you after reading that. I hope you get things straigtened out with the government. Canada is more like America than I knew--everything takes 53 forms and 3 months to get done.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that your eldest is finally warming up to you Walker. That's great news.

I have a real problem dealing with government agencies. You know a couple of years ago our government agency for children owed me $3000. First of all I had to chase them for it and got told to fill out all these forms. I did that but they lost them....3 fucking times. I filled them out again and again and finally after I made a lot of threats I got my money. This year I owed them almost $900. What do you know? They were right on the ball with that one and when I was 5 days late they were already sending a reminder threatening collection agencies. Fucksticks!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh! what is that music, P?

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: I suck at winning the lotto but saving my ass is worth more i think LOL

Walker said...

Fire Byrd: I like this songand music like it.
Sometimes the lyrics just mess up a good tune.
Life is what it is and the only reason min3e is how it is, is because i am always looking.
If we all stopped and looked around we wouyld see hundreds of adventures unravelling all around us.

Walker said...

Megan: Yes they are but there is still alot of tip toeing around.
Timne should fix most things along with stability something they never had

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: I think the govt just like creating all the red tape to hire more people to slow us down from getting what's rightfully ours.

Walker said...

Lora_3: HA HA HA there is nothing wrong with my taste for music :P

Walker said...

Boxer: I'll send you an email :)

Walker said...

Teresa: I had two when i got home.
One aafter i dropped them off and another when i picked them up because it was just as hairy.

Walker said...

Kathryn Magendie: It's Enigma from Matrix. I don't remember the name of the song I just got it from the service I use for music but Enigma is one of my favorite groups

Walker said...

Romany Angel: The government is alway quick to collect and hard to give out.
They waste more time and money trying to keep us from what we have coming to us than it would cost to just pay us.
And they winder why the economy is falling apart

craziequeen said...

Wow - what a list of things to stress you out!

But to pull out the good stuff - sounds like your daughters are doing really well; a reflection on your parenting, my friend?

On strike for a month over 7% and 8 extra sick days? Wow, and we've waited patiently(!) for 18 months for a measly 3.2% rise in the British civil service........?

Oh, and we NEVER buy anything via phone - if they aren't willing to send us details in the post they get canned...

Thank you for your visit, Walker - supportive and understanding as always, my dear :-)


Bud said...

Another amazing episode in Walkerland!

celticgirl said...

I have been lurking lately, keeping up but not commenting.
Holy crap, you have a lot going on!
I read about the strike and wondered how it was going. I would be housebound entirely if the buses went on strike here (again).
I know damn well that the drivers make a decent amount of money, and here, in my city, they treat the riders like shit.
They talk on cell phones, flirt with passengers, and are generally assholes. (Not all, but most)
I was on the bus once and the driver had a women LEANING on his lap while he drove. He swerved all over and nearly went off the road once.
At the terminal I told him to flirt on his own time. He told me to fuck off and mind my business.
What an arse.
I say, be happy with your job. My Hubby has been laid off for weeks and is ready to take any job offered.
I'm glad to hear that things are going well with the girls :)

PBS said...

Glad to hear (but not at all surprised) that your girls are doing very well. Collection agencies--OOOh don't get me started! I have 2 or 3 of them calling and calling me asking for someone that I've never heard of. Think I'll try what Puss did and see if that works...

gab said...

sounds like what happened to me with the cell phoe thingy. We had one company who swore that the area we lived in (in SD)at the time was in our home area and we could call each other with no extra charges as long as the other person was in a home area as well. Well 600.00 later we find out that Mr Gab was in a home area each time he called me( he was otr at the time) But I on the other hand was not! We fought with them long and hard and finally won but still paid nearly 400.bucks! Now we have verzion which I really dont like but they are the only ones we can get a signal all the way out to our farm So we stick with them. We are now talking of disconnecting our land phone and just using cells as thats all we ever really use. As for collections I just dont answer any more. Doesnt matter if we tell them checks in the mail (and it really is) they call us liars and deadbeats amoung other crap.

ssgreylord said...

the girls are lucky to have you... and i pity the collection agencies who try and call you. :)

BikerCandy said...

I'm glad (and also not surprised) that the girls are doing well with you. I never had any doubts that it would be just like that.

As for government agencies and collection agents...they are all the same in my book. Nothing but a bunch of life sucking vampires!

Walker said...

craziequeen: Greed it's all about greed at this stage but we who suffer need to find a way to be happy.

Walker said...

Bud: I wish I could watch instead of participate sometimes.

Walker said...

celticgirl: I have never really liked unions.
I know in the beginning they were a blessing but today they have gone out of control.
I think most of them strive to create more jobs for the union instead of looking for ways to help each other including managment so be able to sustain employment.

Walker said...

PBS: I have one person calling me to bring my care in or the warrantee will be voided.
I keep telling them I don;t have a freakin car but they insist i do.

Walker said...

gab: The phone company makes the mafia look like choirboys.

Walker said...

ssgreylord: I pity the gils and the collection agencies.
The girls have to deal with my whacky sense of humor and the collection acencies bear the brunt of my frustration lol

Walker said...

BikerCandy: That they are but i don't buckle down and i don't allow then to get under my skin, most of the time that is

Peter said...

The saga of "Telus V Walker" might make a good sitcom one day.
Great to hear the girls are settling in well.

Walker said...

Peter: So far all they do is bug me and get frustrated