blue moon (2)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Ok I think I am catching up…………….. NOT!

No matter how much I try it seems there is more and more stuff piling on top of everything.
I have been running around here taking care of my parent’s stuff and when I am not doing that I have a few favors I am taking care of for friends.
I have been rushing around trying to catch up on your blogs and I have finished my Halloween post.
It took me five days to come up with that 7000-word post.
I don’t know what is more scarier, the length of the post or the story.
I guess you’ll tell me after I posted at the stroke of midnight my time on Halloween.

Now all that’s left to do is clean the house, the curse.
Deal with the plants, stupid hobby.
Dishes, I hate washing fucken dishes.

It doesn’t help having a guest over the weekend.
I don’t mind having company once in a while but this is becoming a bi-weekly thing from the looks of it, at least until it starts snowing and it’s to difficult to make the trek.

I don’t mind if he wants to crash here while he’s in town but he wants me to party with him instead.
You know, we didn’t party that much when he lived here so why would I want to be his party pal every second weekend.
Sure we can go out once in a while but he wants to get drunk every time he is here.
I don’t blame him he works 24 hours a day for two solid weeks as a live in care person so he wants to catch up but I don’t want to catch up.
Frankly on the weekend I rather just lay down.
If I’m really lucky I’m not alone and that’s another thing.
I have to make sure if I do have someone over it can’t be on a weekend he is crashing at my place.

So most of Friday night I spent on the couch saying “No I don’t want to go out and shoot pool and drink beer”.

“Because I don’t want to”

“It’s not my fault you want to party”.

“Drink the beer in my fridge”.

3 hours and eighteen pints later

“What the fuck do you mean there is no beer left”


If that isn’t enough, when he is drunk, he decides he has an opinion about something.
I don’t know what you people think but I think t here is nothing worse than a drunk with an opinion.
And he doesn’t stop talking.

I can talk, trust me I can talk but I stop.
This guy talks and he never stops
He talked for NINE hours.
Until four fucken A.M. he talked.

I don’t know how many times I told him to shut up.
Up teen times an idiot.

He talked through my whole Friday viewing lineup and when I went to the washroom I came back and he was laying in my place flipping channels.

When he got back in his chair he decided to prove a point and butt his nose in my life and views on life.
Particularly relationships.

There are certain things I don’t take lightly and one of them is being told that I wasted my time with my relationships.
I’m sorry but I have never wasted a single second of my life unless you count going for a shit and only farting.
Whatever the outcome none of them were a waste of time but he on the other hand said I was stupid.

Then he goes into this spew about how humans aren’t meant to have relationships only to meet fuck then move on to something new.
Yeah, what’s that, a new trailer park?

I disagreed and lay in on him hard at which time he threw my past in my face for proof.
I challenged him by saying he had never lived with anyone which he countered with yes he did.
He did my ass. He went out with someone but he still had his room waiting for him to run to when they had a spat.
When you live with someone you can’t run and hide you have to deal with the issues, something he and people like him dot get.
Relationships work with work and I don’t believe we were meant to run around reproducing like rabbits.
If everyone thought like him the fucken world would be a damn mess.

I have known him for a long time and I know where his opinion comes from and it’s from the way he lives his life.
His fiancé left him, he says broke up but she was screwing one of his friends while he was out drinking every night instead of being home with her planning their future.
She was home planning hers.
I don’t blame her.

Then he went out with someone for 10 years and HE refused to move in together.
He rather stay out at night drinking beer with his friends and doing crack all night until the morning instead of being with her unless he needed to get laid or something like that.

One day he showed up at my place to tell me he broke up with his girl friend because he went over and found her with another woman.
Say that again you left her.
He said yes.
I don’t know about everyone else but if I come home and find two women in my bed I’m thinking PARTY!!!!!!!!!
But that’s me.

With this shit in his background I don’t blame him for thinking like he does but what he doesn’t see is that it was all HIS fault and blames them.
My relationships went their course and ended by mutual agreement more or less not because of anything illicit or sinister so I take offence to having my life in that light because I enjoyed all my relationships.
The endings were awkward but you don’t weigh 10 or 17 years by a few bad weeks.

At 4 am I decided I needed to go to bed so I wouldn’t kill him and I had to wake up to go see my daughter for her birthday.

After coming home from the Ex’s house Saturday Mike and buddy all met at my place and we went out to shoot some fucken pool.
It was the only way to shut him up.
We played for a couple of hours and drank a jug of beer then we went to get some dinner along the strip.
We were going to the pub but it was full to the rafters due to the hockey game so we just hit a restaurant where we could sit and talk.
I was happy Mike was there to run some interference for me while my brain got a rest.

After dinner we came back home around 10:30pm and sat around smoking a couple of joints.
Buddy found two beers he had found in my fridge.
More like he hid them in there so no one else would find them not that me or Mike cared to have any, anyway but……..

The guy is an alcoholic and I don’t care what he says.

Around 11pm Mike took off for home and I was left alone with buddy.
Two minutes later he asked me if I wanted to go shoot pool and have a beer.
You see the pool is meaningless.
It’s the fucken beer he wants and you know how I know.
Since I said no he left and went to the Chinese restaurant and ordered some food for take out so he could sit there and drink three beers while he waited and he didn’t east the food, it’s still in my fridge.

I was so fucked up after arguing with him Friday and Saturday I couldn’t get any sleep until Sunday afternoon after he had gone.
I don’t know if I could take this every week but at least I had next weekend to myself right?

It seems that on Friday after I have taken my mother o0ut shopping and come home my EX is stopping by to meet her sister here because my place is half way between her place and mine.
WTF should I care if I am in the middle, why do they have to meet here?
What am I grand central station.
I should put a fucken tollbooth outside of maybe they should get on their knees and kiss the little Buddha before they get to enter.
If that’s not enough, I have been informed that there will be another 5 people stopping by around the same time.
Saturday is not an empty day either because someone said they would be stopping by to talk to me.

I don’t know why I haven’t cracked up yet.
Maybe it’s because I am already crazy and crazy people can’t go crazy.
Does that sound crazy?

Ah who cares
Life’s a bitch here’s to hoping she let’s us fuck her once in a while

Have a nice day

Oh I will be answering my comments just trying to catch up on everyone first.
I’m just dieing to answer a couple of them

P.S. this post is only 2500 words



Gypsy said...

That guy sounds exhausting...I think I would have killed him by now especially if he started criticizing the way I run my life. That is just NOT ON.

I think you need to move you poor bugger or at least stop answering the door. Sheesh...thank goddness I live out in the boondocks. my house isn't on the way to anywhere so I don't have that problem.

Megan said...

Well, at least you inspired me to get of my ass and do the fucking dishes...

celticgirl said...

Truly crazy people never question their sanity.
My hubby has a drunk ass friend that has an opinion on ev everyfuckingthing. He makes me nuts. He lives with a crackhead that neither sees nor supports her kids (not his) and sleeps around. Obviously, all women must be like that..Thankfully, this drunk seldom leaves his cave and I don`t have to deal him very often.

Megan said...

I contemplated correcting my spelling to "off my ass" but then I figured, "of my ass" has a certain ring to it...

Fire Byrd said...

what an arsehole. and what a way to have your weekend ruined.
Maybe you could have a secret beer supply just for you under your bed, so he doesn't get to drink you dry.
Yep charges for the use of your home as a meeting house sounds totally reasonable!

Puss-in-Boots said...

With friends like that, who needs enemies? Obviously the guy doesn't know any better, Walker. Maybe we should feel sorry for the poor sod...friendless (apart from you), alcoholic, no relationship, etc.

Poor bugger (you, I mean)...

BikerCandy said...

I am on your side on this Walker, our past relationships are what made us into what we are today. I for one, would not go back and redo anything in my life. You have more patience than I ever will...I would have had to tell the guy to kiss my ass. But, hey...that's just me.

Vickie said...

Holy Shit---He talks more than YOU---my head hurts thinking about that---Is Buddy the real crazy one or is there two Buddy's---

Now wonder he has few in his life---you are a true friend---just borrow th twins for his next weekend and he might not return and I bet he would leave in a hurry.

Scarlet said...

Punch his lights out next time .... that'll shut him the fuck up!

Seriously, I can take a lot of things, but NOT some lame-ass drunk criticizing MY life .... and THAT my friend is where you are a better person than I.
I would have warned him once to STFU .... and when he didn't, he WOULD have gotten his ass kicked and then tossed out of MY HOUSE!

Fucktard ....

ps/Haloscan is STILL fucked up, and I am WICKED PISSED! :D

Walker said...

Gypsy: I don't think if i lived in the boondocks it would help.
He isn't so bad when he is sober but when he is drunk, fuck i wanted to kill him

Walker said...

Megan: Nothing can inspire me to do dishes LOL

Walker said...

: He should be looking at himself and not comparing his crappy life to others.
It amazes me how some people can only enjoy their life by making your as miserable as theirs

Walker said...

Megan: Yes it does.
Gives it a sense of being, your ass :)

Walker said...

Fire Byrd : Arne't most drunks assholes.
It's why i don't get drunk.
I don;t have \much of an ass and I became a big asshole i might keep falling over.

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: Nope, I don't feel sorry for people who shit on their lives and blame others for it. I feel sorry for those who have to live with such people.

Walker said...

BikerCandy: Oh I called him every name in the book and told him he was an idiot for thinking that his failures were the fault of the women in his life.
If he would have been an active member of his relationships I would have said fine but when he was only a spectator I feel no pity for him.
You reap what you sow ;)

Walker said...

Vickie: I would and can but I fear with all his talking he would only make them cry even louder
Yes its hard to believe someone talks more than me

Walker said...

: Nextg time i am inviting you over to punch his l ights out and then we can drink HIS beer ;)

A.B. said...

Yeesh, this is why God created motels.

My Halloween post is 75 words long, but there will be a few pictures. Can't wait to read yours!

nachtwache said...

You're just a sucker for punishment! Can't say no? Good, I'll send you my eldest. :)
Never argue with a drunk. I just say, aha, hmmm, ahhh...... let 'em babble on if I have to be around them.

nachtwache said...

Right, 4 new posts? How am I supposed to keep up? Sheeeesh.

Aleta said...

Woah.. with friends like that.. who needs enemies? Not that he is that bad, but he definitely has a drinking problem.

I've had relatives stay with me for 14 days and it's not easy, even when they are well mannered. It's still ~ company. Good luck with yours!

Walker said...

A.B: I'll read your 100 times so we would be even :)

Walker said...

nachtwache : Normally I would let them babble to but when they use you for examples well not going to happen.
You post more than I do I just post longer ones and let them stay up longer :)

Walker said...

Aleta: He is not a bad person just a bad drunk and a stupid drunk at that too.

I get guests once in a while to and I don;t mind but this friend is thinking he could come every second weekend and stay with me.
I don;t mind him sleeping here but when he disrupts my life them we have an issue

Walker said...

Aleta: He is not a bad person just a bad drunk and a stupid drunk at that too.

I get guests once in a while to and I don;t mind but this friend is thinking he could come every second weekend and stay with me.
I don;t mind him sleeping here but when he disrupts my life them we have an issue.
Thank you for stopping by

gab said...

He sounds like a jerk and I am so sorry you had to talk to someone who doesnt understand shhhhh!
Well if your already crazy then Im right behind ya. All my thoughts of this guy is...he drinks to much his mouth runs off to much and he doesnt understand women or relationships!

Walker said...

gab: When he is drunk, he is.
When he is sober, he is trying to get drunk LOL

I have been putting up witgh some of this for decades but not at this rate.
Personally i am tired of of it.
Once in a while its fine but this comes on the heals of my EX puking in my bucket not to long ago.

I git to get those babioes to stop by more oftern maybe

Lindi said...

The past is what makes us who we are today. I agree with bikercandy on that point.
With the crazy drunk house guest, you could always pretend to fall asleep or get up to use the bathroom and go to bed instead.
Buy some of that nonalcoholic beer when he's coming for the weekend or slip a sleeping pill into one of his beers so he passes out before he gets too obnoxious.
Did those diapers fall off the neighbors roof or are they now frozen in place covered in snow.

Walker said...

Lindi: Pretending to fall asleep doesn't help.
Once upon a time i let him move in for a couple of weeks and he drove me crazy so i had to ask him to leave after two months.
Some pople you just can't live with and he should always live alone.
Hell a carpse would move out if they lived together.