blue moon (2)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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Sorry for my tardiness but I have been swamped with so many things.
I tried to get ItisI to answer my comments to but she refused.
I said she could even use her goat fetish in each comment but she still said no.
Go figure, you give someone the keys to the Caddy and they say no.

The main thing is my aunt’s health, which has been deteriorating and that is affecting the mood of the whole family but I won’t get into that now there is enough gloom and doom in the world for me to add more on these pages any more than the back of my template does.

Speaking of my template, sometime in the near future I am going to have to do some changes to mine.
I don’t really have to but I am still on an old Blogger template even though I am in new Blogger but I loose some of the advantages that some of you who have switched over enjoy.
The reason I haven’t yet is because most of this template is custom made that took me three years to adjust it to what it is today and I don’t know if I can or really want to spend another three years trying to figure out the new HTML to make it look the same as it does now under the New Blogger.

Last year someone asked my why I don’t change it completely and give it a new fresh look.
I thought about it for a while and then came to a conclusion, no.
This is how all of you know me.

I sit back and look at my blog page and I don’t see anything on it that I haven’t touched, moved resized or just plain deleted.
Well then I wouldn’t see it any more but even that is it’s own mark.

Over the years I read a stack of books on HTML and learned to do almost anything I want with it.
Every element I added took me sometimes weeks to find and perfect to what pleased me because it’s all about me isn’t it.
This blog is about me, written by me, for me.
I just happen to be lucky and have an audience that comes and visits.

I bet many of you who first came here believed that I am some kind of a sci-fi nut by the look of my template and in some ways you’d be right because I am a big fan of science fiction but the elements on this blog aren’t a tribute to Star Wars or Star Trek but a small reflection of my sanctuary.

I’ve always lived in the dark, shadows, nighttime, it’s the safest place to be and the most peaceful.
It’s not like I don’t associate with people because I do but when I do it’s usually in a dark place like a bar or tavern, jail cell.

The night sky has always been a friend ever since I was a kid, my surrogate womb.
I would sit across the street until midnight at park with my friends and listen to the night sky.
It was quiet, calming, not as noisy.

I’ve looked at a lot of sky in my life from a lot of different places around the world trying to find a little escape from reality and the truth.
That’s where all the answers are, in those dark places in the sky and the stars, the stars are the dreams I’ve had and those I will have.

The moon, the moon is the most important piece of the night sky.
The stars entice you with their brilliance and constant winking but it’s too hard to reach for the stars, but the moon, the moon is big and beautiful to and much closer to reach if I reach out for it.
The dog is how I feel like most times trying to keep up with the world.

Lost here and beyond

The best part of being lost, is what you find on the other side of the mountain or around the corner across oceans and it will never stop because as long as there’s a tomorrow there will always be mountains to climb and bridges to use to get lost into the beyond.

So as you see, changing the way my blog looks would be like asking me to change myself.
I can’t do that.
Trust me I have been trying to loose twenty fucken pounds for a year now and you’d think I could do that but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
I thought about liposuction but then I saw them doing it to someone on TV.
Let me put it to you this way.
I don’t care for little tiny needles so why the FUCK would I pay some geeky looking doctor holding a two foot long hollow spear with a vacuum attached to it repeatedly stab me in the belly.

You know, I’m 30 pounds over weight and I don’t care and it’s not stopping me from getting laid that’s for sure.
I may break another bed though.
In the summer time my bed’s a pain in the ass when I have someone over.
They can’t figure out why they have to wear the bicycle helmet in bed when they want to get on top.
I’d tell them but I don’t want to scare them by telling them the ceiling fan is to low.
It would just mess up the whole mood besides when they get the right rhythm going they bop in and out of the blades without much of a problem other than a knick here or there.
It’s rare that someone gets whacked upside the head.
That would be one hell of a post though HA HA HA

At any rate if I get the time and the will, I might take a stab of recreating this blog under the new system.
I could ask ItisI but I might find my profile picture changed to that of a Goat.

Have a nice day



Megan said...

I like your template. It's definitely better-looking than a goat, anyway.

Suzanne said...

You crack me up. Don't change a thing. And just so you know. I'm a morning person. Love the peace an quiet too, but with sunlight. Oh, and I still have small boobs. God, we are so opposite, how will we ever connect!!!??? Of course I'm laughing! I love you dear man. Keep doing what you do so well and I'll keep reading.

Much love,
Blottie XO

Scarlet said...

I too love the night .... always have, always will.
Something about it ...

As for low flying ceiling fans, well my dear, there ARE ways around such things ... even with your lady on top!
Just for the record, i'd be thrilled if I were handed a helmet before sex.

Makes you wonder where it will all lead .... :D

Scarlet said...

Forgot ...

About your template, i'd leave it alone.
I mean, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Also, I totally agree with you about the moon ... "The moon, the moon is the most important piece of the night sky"
I've always been fascinated with the moon.
Probably why I tattooed one on me.

Anywho, I'm just a stream of conscious blithering idiot today, so I will leave before I ramble off on some other tangent.

PBS said...

I like your template. It's like looking into the night sky. And that's so beautiful, what you wrote about the dark, the night. It's hard to put feelings like that into words but you do it well. As for the helmet thing--now THERE'S a visual image!


i thought about changing mine up as well... i like the way yours is now. since im new here it hasnt gotten old yet...

*sniggers at bicycle helmet in bed joke*

Anonymous Boxer said...

I also like your template, but feel a little redecorating isn't bad either. I've been in my house for 20 years and I'm always changing things around.

Thanks for the back story on your blog/etc. It was one of the first things I noticed when I clicked in here about 18 months ago - the moon especially.

Walker said...

Megan: You think.
You might be on to something but you know.
I could put in a goat to chase the dog.
What do you think of that?
I am an Aries so I could make it a Ram ;)

Thanks for stopping by.

Walker said...

Suzanne: You know size doesn't really matter I just like boobs period.
They could connect us with handcuffs ;)

Walker said...

Scarlet: I bet you would be thrilled LOL

The night has always been special to me.
I just feel safe.

I have a brilliant sun and three battling eagles on my back ;)

Walker said...

PBS: I view the night sky and stars as a place to go too to get away from reality.
It looks so simple and uncomplicated.

Walker said...

INNER VOICES: It took me a long time to get it to here and I don;t want to change it and won;t if I can't transfer it to the new one.
I'll just be old and slow LOL

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: the moon was the last thing I added.
ook me almost three months to end up with this blue one.
The origional one was nice but the blue one says alot by its self.

Leila said...

I actually happen to like goats

I know what you mean about not changing over though, I havent yet purely cause Im too lazy to tweak the new profile... Dont even really know what Im missing out on, so blissful ignorance is me!

Bicycle helmet, sounds hot hahahahah, and yeah can't wait for THAT post!?

But now you've made me feel like sitting outside and looking at the stars, or laying in the back of the car - with the boot and the backseats made into one and the boot open, just looking out...
Pity its slap bang in the middle of a bright sunny hot day here!

Doo Dah said...

you crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!

you can wear your bicycle helmet in bed, and I will wear my oven mitts, I am always getting my fingers smacked by the fan blades.

Happy weekend!

Monogram Queen said...

Doo Dah kills me!!!!

I would die if I came here and instead of Darth Vader saw a Goat!

Peter said...

Its a good looking template walker, I'd leave it alone if I were you, too many things can go wrong when we begin to tamper with them.

Walker said...

Leila: I used to drive to the experimental farm which is the center of the city and park there around midnight with the hatch open in my mustang and lay back there on my CB staring at the night sky while talking to people all over North America

I used to do other stuff back there to but you can't see the stars because i was ummm on top.
Might have been different if I had a sunroof

Walker said...

Doo Dah: Your husband must be as fit as an olympic athlete if he has to chase your naked butt as its flying around the bedroom while you're hanging off of the ceiling fan.

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: She is a hoot and she has a HOT stove.
Maybe the goat would have the FORCE to?

Walker said...

Peter: I have started working on one in my test site and its alot of trouble. I have a plan that might work but I don't plan of making the move unless i have all the elements in the right place.
I like mt template as it is and would be hard pressed to change it.

Dotm said...

Glad you know a lot about computers. If I tried to change my blog, I would probably lose the whole blog. That is why I leave mine as it is.

I often highlight your posts to read them easier, but it still fits you. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable writing in your blog. You only need to satisfy yourself you know.