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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spare Change ©

Hey, does anyone have 85 cents to throw me?
How about $8.50?
Maybe if I ask my mother for $85 she would give it to me.
I’d ask my father for $850 but he’d tell me to fuck off.
I know a loan shark I could hit up for $8500.
Do you think the bank with trust me with $85,000?
How about $850,000?
Maybe I will win the lottery for $85,000,000.
Do you think if I asked the government for $85 billion dollars they would give it to me?

AIG (American International Group) who has assets of 1.1 TRILLION dollars is on the verge of bankruptcy, which would leave thousands of people broke or in financial trouble. Unless they get 85 billion dollars that is.

Now I am not a business-minded person and would never claim to be one.
I’m just a simple Joe walking through life looking for the sunrise ever morning like the rest of us but my simple ordinary un-business like mind looks at this and wonders.
If you HAVE 1.1 TRILLION in assets why do you need the 85 billion dollars?
How fucken greedy can you be?

Are they your assets or not?
If they are, then sell the mother fuckers if you’re bleeding that bad.
When we are in dire need of cash we are off to the pawn shops putting our heirlooms on the line to get that money or selling our things for a fraction of their worth because we have to so why can’t AIG do the fucken same?

I want all of you to go down there and ask your government for money and see if you get it but when they want their money from your pocket they’ll take it and fuck you up the ass if you’re late.

85 billion dollars is a lot of health care for those who can’t afford it.

I bet you that the CEOs for AIG combined have been paid more than that in the last ten years.
Let them give some of it back.
And you know the Fed in the States are going to cough it up then probably give them a tax break on top of it all.
They’ll use the 85 billion to make ten times that then give the 85 back interest free

Remember I am just sitting here as an average Joe with no business sense what so ever so I might just be blowing hot air out of my ass but all I see is people in the States loosing their homes by the millions so I’m just wondering who the fucken geniuses are down there?
Sure as hell isn’t the simple hard working Americans, they’re limping all the way to the proctologist for an evaluation to see if their a-hole will shrink back to it’s normal size in time.

It’s definitely not the fucken government because they gave them the fucken money.
1.1 trillion in assets, can anyone in the government add and subtract?
Hire some fifth graders, I saw them on TV, they’re brilliant.

All this is, it’s extortion perpetrated by AIG as far as my simple mind can comprehend.
I don’t care how much money they would have lost if they sold off some of their assets to get that money.
They shouldn’t have over extended themselves to begin with.
If you bank all the money you made how they fuck would you buy groceries if you didn’t put some aside?

When we over extend we go through hell just to go bankrupt and even that is a pain in the ass.
Would the government bail you out of your debts, Hell no, they’d let you fry then collect a tax on that too.

Can someone explain to me how a company with 1.1 trillion dollars in assets is on the verge of bankruptcy?
That would mean they don’t have 1.1 trillion in assets and are in debt so if that were the case then the government is lending a shit load of money to people who are in worse shape that you are living down there.
Don’t tell me that’s not screwed up.

So I am sitting here thinking, if I borrowed 1 trillion dollars from a bunch of people and stuck it in some Swiss bank then ran to the government and said that I needed 80 billion dollars to save the trillion or all would be lost, I could take they 80 billion and put that in a Swiss bank account them give the trillion back to everyone and use the interest from the bank to cover the loan fees I could end up with some spare change myself.

It just burns my ass to see rich people get richer because they could force us to make them richer and the rest of us have to suffer in silence while they celebrate a victory.
These are just my opinions

Have a nice day




sux to be middle class man... too rich for help, too poor to move forward in the leaps and bounds my soul feels it deserves.. but smart enough to know that if i don't have the money in my pocket i shouldn't be out there spending it... but i got $8.50 if you need it. (in Canadian nickels behind the seat of my truck from my last visit)another in a long line of great posts!!!

Just telling it like it is said...

Well I am poor these days no job and all..I tried to sit on uncle sam's lap I even tried to make out with him...but no help no help at all...

Dotm said...

Hi Walker, It is the same old story- the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle man keeps fighting to keep it`s head above water.
They say even a poor person can become president, but their next line is- you must have lots and lots of money for campaigning in order to win. The same old double standard.

Monogram Queen said...

Hone you oughta be in my shoes, I work for one of the banks (Crying Cow Bank is a hint) and it is just ca-razy what's going on... lies being told etc. I don't give a rat's ass as long as my paycheck is deposited next Friday....

Anonymous said...

Gas and food prices make it hard for most to get ahead, and welfare is going to corporations.

Doo Dah said...

ITA walker, it is totally disrespectful that WE keep having to bail all these companies out.

I would bet one of the Big Wig's recent bonus checks was about that much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Walker...AIG did sell off a chunk of it's portfolio to AEGON...maybe that's the problem they sold the part of their business that was actually making money.

AIG was charging us $900 more for the same exact Auto coverage we were able to get through GEICO.

I blame poor management and greed for AIG's problems

Walker said...

INNER VOICES: Society is build on the backs of the poor and middle classes and run by the rich.
In time those backs will bend or break and society as we know it will crumble and not even the rich will be able to hold back that avalanche

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: Maybe he's gay.
Send Dr Goldenrod LOL

Walker said...

Dotm: In the beginning the poor had a say.
They built therse countries to be a place everyone wanted to live in but today they are a burden to the rich.

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: The lies cover the way for the RATS to escape the sinking ship with all the cheese before they rest sinks to the bottom of the ocean to be lost forever along with the evidence.

Walker said...

Jessica: I think gas prices would be cheaper is government wouldn;t tax it as much.
We can't throw it all on the backs of the oil compamies but they to make alot of money with oil and use their power to hold backk other industries that might bleed off some of their profits.
I can see them on day owning all the alternative energy sources by using their untoild trillions to get control of them.

In the end we will still be the oil that greases the machines that the corporate giants milk.

Walker said...

Doo Dah: I bet it was.
Some of these people make more money in a year than most make in a lifetime and for what.
What would someone need a billion dollars for when you already have everything?

We are to blame for alot of this for letting them get away with it for so long and now we are being overun by them.
The 85 billion dollars is extersion money in my book and they got it.

Walker said...

Anonymous: I will take your word for that cuss as I said I don't know more about it and if they sold the good parts of the company them i see why they need money to save the rotting parts.
But I bet its more about getting the CEOs Christmas bonus money ready.

$900 is a hell of a big fucken difference?
How they hell can they get into financial trouble when they are screwing people that bad.
Well the gracvey train might be slowing down for them i think.

Fire Byrd said...

Now I may be being paranoid, but this is either corruption, incompetence, or possibly a new form of terrorism.
But what ever it is it sucks big time all over the world right now.
Putting it under my mattress is getting more appealling by the day.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I can't agree more. I own a small bidness and guess what would happen to me if I couldn't make my payroll? Nothing. Zippo. No one would help.

AIG has assets, but no cash. I think it's similar to Americans owing more on their houses then they are worth. I'm not happy with my government, but I "get" that AIG has been allowed to get so big and into so many other businesses that if they went out of business... we all would. Someone told me it's as if they are the heart of a body... you pull it out... the body dies.

But I hate greedy ass-holes and that's what drove them to blow up into such a big dumb stupid business.

Blogget Jones said...

This whole thing makes me seriously paranoid.....but I won't go into a political rant here! The thing is, it just seems that some big, bad forces are at work here in the USA, guiding us down a path where we can't see what's hiding around the corner. And it might be a Sleestak (I know I spelled that wrong).

The fifth grader this is stinkin' hilarious, though!

:o) BJ

Walker said...

Fire Byrd : All of the above.
The truth is we are held hostage 24/7 365 days a week we just don't notice it.

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer : I understand that if t hey fall alot will be lost but they wouldn't let it happen.
I'm sure these people wouldn't want to loose more money and if they had to would find it elsewhere but first why not do this.
I don;t think we should bail people out of trouble who get themselves in this type of mess.
Maybe its time government kept a closer watch on companies that take on public shareholders.

The common person should not have to help bail out someone who is already sucking their money.

Walker said...

Blogget Jones: You rant all you like when you like.
Government should keep an eye out on things like this and when someone needs help to be bailed out they should then move in with people to make sure its done and not a scam like many of these are.

Put the CEOs on a budget like they do to us when we file for bankruptsy.

Peter said...

I think I'd rather have you balancing my books than the US Gov Walker, your way at least sounds sensible.