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Friday, August 15, 2008

OPA One More Time !!! ©

What a party that was last night.
There had to be about 20,000 people kicking off 11 days of music, food, drink and heaps of dancing.
Somehow I managed to get myself hoodwinkled with six dates this week coming up and they all want me to take them to the Festival and they will all be at my BBQ mixed in with one of my Exs and four ex-lovers; should be an interesting BBQ.
I think the guys show up to these things just in case there is a catfight and they get to see a tit pop out from all the tugging, pulling and rolling around.

Half the work preparing the food is done, all that’s left is the actual cooking and I have to make a couple of hundred Jelly shooters tonight.
There is a lot of food and there better be enough because I have already begun getting surprises like, I asked my EX and the kids to come then the other day she called me to say she will be bring 6 more people bringing it to eight.
Ok, well the more the merrier I guess.
Then someone who hasn’t been to my BBQ in a while asked if she could come and I said sure why not and then she called to tell me how happy she was as were the 5 others she invited to come with her.
Hmmmmm, it’s going to be REALLY more and merry I guess.

As I was lying in bed the phone rang and it was someone who is coming telling me about this woman she is bringing along that I will just love to pieces.
Gezz I hope she is a little more sturdy than that.
The last time she brought someone for me to meet she sent her home after the BBQ and spent the night.

Actually, from what I gather there will be six new females coming that I have never met and supposedly being brought for me to check out by some of my female friends.
See I don’t have to go out to find women; they’re brought right to me.
The guys are bringing lots of beer, wine and brandy.
Hmmm my male friends bring me booze and my female friends bring me dates.
Why do I invite the guys again?
I could just get kiddy pool for the back and have a Bbq just for me and 30 or 40 women.
Besides the ladies help me clean up after, the guys are usually passed out drunk.

I don’t know why people think they have to bring women for me to meet.
It’s not like I can’t find them on my own and I know my taste better than they do.
It takes more than good looks and big tits to get my attention, some attitude helps and a little bit of a bitch thrown in goes a long way too, it adds spice to a relationship.
I think couples that never fight either lie or need counseling.
You know why my parents never got divorced because they fight all the time and refuse to leave until they win the argument.

Once I was invited to a dinner or trap so that I could meet a woman.
She was a nice woman, really nice, to nice or was suffering from shell shock.
Her face was beautiful and might have had a nice figure if I could have seen through the floral shapeless dress the hung all the way to the floor off of her.

I’m good at reading people and I could see that either her confidence was shot or shyness ran through her blood.
While sitting in the living room talking she sat on the couch silent and was buried so deep into the corner I she almost disappeared under the cushions with the loose change.
She was so shy if I slowly stripped her naked she would probably disappear in the folds of her clothes on the floor.
Life can get a little lively around me to be hooked up with a wallflower, so when I say I hate when people try to set me up with someone I mean it but they still do.
So, how would you like to have a peek at tomorrows menu?

The menu is as follows.

Souvlaki: 80 made with chicken breast and 60 made with pork, I couldn’t find a pig with breasts.

Paticchio: A lasagna type of dish but with heavy cream instead of mozzarella cheese.
Quadruple the calories.
It’s probably safer to rub it all over your body but more enjoyable if you eat it unless you have someone willing to lick it off you
I made enough for 40.

Mousaka: Like the dish above but replace the pasta with sliced potatoes and egg plant baked with a heavy cream until golden brown.
People love this for some reason.
Personally I think their taste buds are fucken dead because it makes me fucken gag but my friends love it so on the menu it goes.
I made enough for 40 and there WILL be doggie bags.

Keftethes: A big favorite, basically meat balls made with bread, onions, ground meat, one egg, mint, oregano, salt and pepper then after they have been baked or fried a rich tomato garlic sauce is poured over them while they are still hot so that it could be absorbed by the meatballs.
We used 5 pounds of ground chuck so there’s lots, I hope.

Lokaniko: A Greek sausage make with pork and orange peels.
I hope I don’t burn mine like this putz did.
I picked up 30 of those to chop up for appetizers.

Dolmathes: These are stuffed grape leaves.
This year I am making two kinds.One with just rice and one with meat and rice but both will be boiled in a lemon sauce.

Spanakopites: these are small wraps made with feta cheese and spinach wrapped in phylo pastry

Tiropites: They are the same as the ones above but with only cheese.

Taramosalata: this is a delicacy(That’s something that stinks) made with fish eggs potatoes and LOTS of lemon.Not that it could kill the fucken taste BUT the damn friends being tastebudless I have a fucken gallon of the stuff.

Tzatziki: My favorite.
This is THICK yogurt mixed with garlic a little oil, some dill and grated and strained cucumbers.
YUMMMMMMMThe perfect spread for chicken breasts.

Those are the main dishes for dinner accompanied by a bean salad, pasta salad, garden salad and various cheeses and heaps of black olives from our own farm back in Greece.

For dessert

Kourabiethes: Sugar cookies. They are primarily butter and sugar with a little flour to hold the butter and sugar together.
The name kourabiathes basically means little turd in Greek. I wonder why?

Karithopita: A spicy walnut cakes and another crowd favorite.

Baklava: walnuts, phylo pastry & honey syrup

Galaktoboureko: It’s a custard filled phylo pastry which is soaked in a sweet syrup

There will also be pastries and two large berry trifles that should be enough for 60 people unless I do what I did last year and hide one.
Yeah yeah I know it was mean of me but ummm, it’s my BBQ and I’ll hide any dessert I want too HA HA HA!!!!!!

I hope that’s enough food for everyone.

That’s about it for me, I think I will go make some jelly shooters to sample tonight.
I wish you all a Happy Weekend and if you’re feeling bored later on tonight reload my blog, throw up your arms and dance the Greek Zorba dance with me and don't forget to snap your fingers, who knows your partner may run to the kitchen to get you another drink "Wink".




Monogram Queen said...

OPA indeed! The food looks YUMMY!

I think that is the secret to why Stacy loves me so. I don't take his shit, and i'm probably the only girl that ever did that thus the intrigue. We fight too but there is genuine love and plus neither of us wants to the be one to leave (i.e. give in the towel) either!
I hope you have a fabulous, wonderful week-end my friend!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Great music pick today, I could almost smell the food......

Have a great weekend - I know your BBQ will be big wild success. How could it not be?

When you get cleaned up/sobered up from your weekend bash, we'll be waiting for the reports... especially about all of those extra women.


Fire Byrd said...

Have fun sweetie, whether it's with the women or the guys geting hammered.
I get to all my cooking in the morning, but then there are only 8 of us.
But I bet we'll drink as well though!
I'm going more to motown for the music.
And if I get as hammered as my last blog party I will be one hung over bunny when I'm trying to cook breakfast for us all on Sunday.

Just telling it like it is said...

You had me at "tit popped out"...what fun I wish I were there..

gab said...

But But where are the Gryo's? Thats my favorite. Oh yeah I forgot Im not gonna be there. But let me tell you mister if I come there for a visit you'd better have them! lol (j/k)
Man you made me hungery with all that good food.

Michael Manning said...

Okay, man. You know about my roots so the Baklava was about as normal as breathing when it came to "Name Days", and Vecherinka's. The band from Ft. Wayne Indiana is still doing gigs: clarinet, drums, trumpet and a guy doubling on accordion with moog synthesizer. Not that any of the grown ups understood the Moog, but they went nuts over it anyway. There was so much sweat on the floor that someone had the bright idea of shaking some Comet cleanser (so be sure to check your kitchen or bath for that! Sawdust before that! Fatso's were always getting bombed on boiler makers and my Uncle led the Horo whether he knew it or not. What memories! And now a Walkerpalooza!!!!! I have only one thing to add..............OPA!:D)!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Walker, your menu made me absolutely drool...I'll be there tomorrow night!

Talking of Zorba the Greek, I'm going to send you a video that I hope you'll appreciate.

Have a great time tomorrow and if I'm going to be there, don't hide the baklava!

Gypsy said...

Your BBQ sounds like it has the makings of at least a month's worth of blog posts and for a mass registration at Jenny Craig's.

That food looks delicious and tzatsiki is my fave too.

I hope it's a roaring success and who knows? One of your friends may know your taste better than you think ;)

jac said...

Dholma & Baklava are my favs too.

I lost my blog man !!
Follow me to the new link.

craziequeen said...

Have a wonderful party, Walker my friend!

Food looks lovely - and it sounds like you will have plenty of fine company, one way or another :-)



The Troll said...

Looks like some good eating. Is there a religious or cultural reason for this shindig?

The Greeks around here have some festival where they dive in the water searching for virgins to sacrifice or something. And some bearded dude shakes an incense thing.

Never paid much attention but the food's good.

Scarlet said...

I so wanted to try and make it up .....

next year .... :D


nachtwache said...

I hope you've had a great party, actually, you're probably still partying.

Robyn said...

Walker! WOWSERS!
I am with Scarlet I am so making it up next year! Love Dolma and the rest of it...ALL LOOKS SO GOOD! And sounds like you are going to have your hands full with all the women fighting to be with the Myth the Man the Legend! Oh that should play out some kind of fun!
Well...I hope you had a blast since it is probably still going on! Those lucky bastards eating all that great food and drinking great drinks and dancing the night away! I am so there next year! Sorry gotta keep saying it!
Love ya have missed ya lately!

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: It was intoxicating.
I think a little heat of any kind fires up a relationshiope and keeps it from stagnating.

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: Thank you, Its from one of my favorite movies.
They 9pm and just left so that was a solid 29 hours of food and booze. I may need three showers to clean up before I write about it LOL

Walker said...

Fire Byrd: I have a great time and I hope you had a blast to but with your the morning drums :)

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: You just like having the girls out for a walk that's why you liked that part ;)
It was none stop laughter the whole time.

Walker said...

gab: The chichen souvlaki tastes just the same as the gyro.
Its all in the marinade and tzatzuki sauce

Walker said...

Michael Manning: Oh god not boilermakers.
Them and depth charges are killers.

I know your back ground and would have drowned in baklava if you were hear.

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots : I got your email and it cracked me up so much I sent it to all my cousins and the Archbishop with a little note bout his new congegation members from the old country HA HA HA

Walker said...

Gypsy : I could start its own blog lol
So much food and booze I can;t remember when it started only when the last person walked out tonight.

Walker said...

jac: I know, I stopped by and left you a comment on what was there now.
I though WOW Jac has commercials now.

Walker said...

craziequeen: When friends and family hook up on mass it means only one of tow thing.
A party or war LOL
This was big party but I have to admit.
I am getting two old to drink for over 24 hours straight.

Walker said...

The Troll: August 15 is St. Peter's Day and it's a major holiday for the Greek Orthodox and is celebrated around the world by all Greeks.
All Peters celebrate their Name Day aswell so being my name is Peter I figure what better way to kill three birds with one stone and celebrate it with my family and friends besides it keep the gas bbq greases

Walker said...

Scarlet: You'll be closer next year ;)

Walker said...

nachtwache: You're right, it just ended at 9 pm Sunday :)

Walker said...

Robyn: My hands were full alright but with cooking utensles.LOL
I did try and get some spatula action in but almost burnt some meat

Dotm said...

OH, that food looks delicious. No wonder so many want to be invited. Nothing beats a fun time with family, friends, plus meeting new friends that friends bring along. Have a wonderful cook out.

Peter said...

I sure hope nobody makes the mistake of turning up at your BBQ dressed in tight fitting clothing.

BikerCandy said...

Man, I was already hungry and now I'm starved. It all looks so good. I wish I had been there to sample all of the goodies. I hope it turned out great and it sounds like it did.

Walker said...

Dotm: The food was great and the company was just plain fantastic.
I love holding these bbqs for my family and friends.
Some i don't see until i have thses bbqs because everyone is so busy.

Walker said...

Peter: Ut doesn't matter you can always loosen the belt or open a few buttons.
That's why I try and give the ladies extra food "wink"

Walker said...

BikerCandy: It was a fun time for all those who came.
It always is when good people get together.

RV Dealer said...

The food looks so yummy.