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Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic TV ©

I was sitting, ummm laying down the other day on the couch, watching TV, the Olympics to be exact and synchronized diving was on.

Now, I am a Canadian, A PROUD Canadian and while we haven’t won any medals, gold silver or bronze, I’m still cheering them on as I watch.
“RUN you stupid fuck and if you don’t win STAY there”!!!!!
I bet if the made athletes who didn’t win a medal pay their way back we’d do better.

I think we have been training our athletes wrong.
We would be leading in the medals if we trained them in Afghanistan by parachuting them in wearing T-shirts that say “Bin Laden Sucks Piggy Dickie” in Arabic.
See how many world records we break running, boxing, climbing, biking and swimming all the way home when they get someone to translate what it says on their shirts.

I don’t totally blame the athletes for their misfortunes.
I blame the useless thieving ass wipes that run this country who lack any form of pride in their country.
I want to know what the fuck they are doing with all that lottery money they get?
Supposedly a big chunk of that is supposed to go to sports in this country.
In fact I want to know where all our fucken money is going.
We don’t have much of a fucken army and what we do have are all in Afghanistan getting their fucken ass' blown off.
Two more Canadians gone last week.
I want to know what the fucken problem is?

Think of this, we have the capability to blow this fucken planet to smithereens and we can’t catch a bunch of murdering cocksuckers on horseback.
Why is that?
United with our neighbors we defeated two of the greatest armies ever seen on the face of this earth but we can kill a bunch of dirty filthy cowards you should be able to smell if not see them in that barren land from miles away.
Is this”War On Terrorism” or an economic boom for weapons manufacturers?
Wouldn’t it be cheaper to evacuate the whole Afghan population and nuke the whole fucken country like an exterminator would do to eliminate cockroaches our of our houses?

Do you know what the most abundant and cheapest resource in the world is?
It’s human flesh.
It’s cheap and could be molded and programmed into anything those in power wish.
They offer you freedom at a price.
Your sons, daughters, husband, wives………..

These are the athletes of world.
The gold medallists in a sport where there are no rules and loosing is final.
We’re so stupid and cowards.
We’re stupid not because we have no knowledge but because we always believe what we’re told.
We’re cowards because when we find out the truth we don’t do anything about it but reinforce the farce to stand among the crowd.

I don’t care what country you’re from, if we all put aside our stubbornness and parked our national pride on the mantel for a bit then looked at the world with an uncluttered perception we’d all be horrified to see what we have been doing to each other.
I refuse to believe that if we are left alone without the prodding of others we can’t get along.

Being of Greek decent, I take a little pride in knowing that this competition originated there thousands of years ago as a means to avoid wars with friendly competition and some of today’s events date all the way back to the beginning like the Javelin toss.
Also known as spear chucking.
It has changed from back then when competitors used to stand opposite each other and through spears until there was only one left.
Today they toss for distance.
That’s kind of boring if you ask me.

Javelin toss, a bunch of people throwing sticks around but when I was a kid and threw sticks my father beat me the crap out of me and said I could take out someone’s eye that way.
What kind of a fucken Greek is that?
He should be encouraging me to throw sticks and become and Olympian.
Not to mention the beating I took for playing with matches but he cheers people running down the street holding a flaming torch.

The shot put derived from throwing rocks at the enemy when you run out of arrows until the enemy shot back some arrows for you to use.
The discus though was another thing
It comes from women throwing heavy clay plates.
While the men were away fighting wars, raping and pillaging their women were left home alone to fend for themselves and this also meant dealing with invading soldiers.

They would gather on the hilltops and wait for the invading army to charge and would then assume combat position.
Spread and bent over.
Oh the clay discus’, they whipped the clay plates at their returning husbands because the invading army was paying more attention to them than they got from their absent husbands.

Wrestling was another sport from Ancient Greece.
Did you know that they used to wrestle naked.
Yup, it’s true but after a few years they passed a rule saying they had to wear clothes when wrestling because it was to time consuming having to separate the men from the boys after each match.

Swimming came from those times when soldiers used to sneak across rivers in the dead of night to rape the enemy’s sheep while they slept so they could taint them in the morning with the loose wool fibers still stuck on their tunics.
That’s what happens when you conscript a bunch of Shepherds, they begin to miss their sweethearts back home in the flock.

So you see they used sports to simulate war without having to kill anyone.
Why shoot arrows at people and risk getting killed then by the end of the war there isn’t enough people for tending to their own farms ant more or feed their families let alone the lands they win and all those poor lonely sheep.

So I am sitting here looking at this synchronized diving crap and trying to figure out from what ancient part of war this was adapted from and the closest I could come to is when they stronger army is pushing the weak one over the cliff.
Yeah that’s got to be it.
Synchronized diving is like pushing people over the side of the cliff so we could watch them tumbles down in unison like we are doing to ourselves now.

I’m sitting here writing this post and thinking about it all when this image popped in my head.
It’s a small scene from a movie I haven’t seen in a long time and frankly I don’t want to, it sucked.
The movie is Waterworld staring Kevin Costner about post apocalyptic earth.

The scene I am thinking of is near the end when Kevin Costner’s character drops a flare down a vent pipe and into the belly of an oil tanker.
An old decrepit man that looked like he had been working down there his hold life look up and saw the flare falling towards the black oil and said ”Oh thank god”.
I hope we never get to that stage.

Have a nice day

Since I started writing this post four days ago Canada has won four medals.
I salute them for their efforts to get to the podium but frown on my government for letting our athletes down with minimal support.
It takes more than a plane ticket to show your support to our ambassadors to the world.

I’ll post about my BBQ when I fully sober up, soon I hope.
We started 4pm Saturday and it ended about 8:30 pm Sunday so the body is a little pickled today still.



Anonymous Boxer said...

Oh good, you're alive! I came by to see if you were sober yet. Hee.

I love your take on the Olympics... what say you about boxing?


Luka said...

I am always amazed when I turn on the Olympics at the sheer number of sports I didn't even know *were* sports!

Peter said...

G'day Walker, as you know I'm just a tad proud to be an Australian and the Olympic Games is a wonderful stage for us to show the world what a nation with only a small population can achieve, BUT... we spend big dollars on training our athletes and up to now this has paid off, but rumor has it that unless we up the ante by about 10 times we will be left behind in the future.
I have a conflict here with my national pride and my common sense being in conflict about being in the DOLLAR race at all.

Sapna Anu B.George said...

My first stumble into your blog.....great read about you and your writing......

Anonymous said...

You did A LOT of research into the Olympics...I have to agree with a lot of it. Japan is doing their best... now you'll have to explain about judo and all that! LOL

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hmmm, you sound a trifle pissed at the Government, Walker. The NZers have the same problem, but they are a small country and don't have the money to spend on their athletes. Not that that means anything to my mother...she goes off about the way the athletes are treated over there. Maybe you and she should get together and that could be interesting...

Monogram Queen said...

Yes I figured you'd need a little "down time" after the PARTY!

Congrats to Team Candada!

Fire Byrd said...

C'mon Walker tell it how it is, don't hold back now!!!
Looking forward to the party tales.

Dotm said...

I can always read, but still takes a lot of tries to be able to post a comment. Keeps telling me the blogger server has run out of time.

Glad the BBQ was so much fun. Being exhausted shows how much fun you all had.

We should all be proud of all the Olympic participants as they must have all worked real hard to be allowed there.

Taks a good deserved rest.

Dotm said...

WOW, it posted this time

Gypsy said...

Congrats to the Canadian athletes. I like to see some of the less powerful nations win a few. I haven't seen a single event this year but I'm always proud of the Aussies especially like Peter said because we are a relatively small country population wise and yet usually figure in the top 5 countries. Do I sound proud? Well damn it I am.

Glad to hear the BBQ was such a success. It made me feel like I had a hangover just hearing about it :)

Robyn said...

Come and read all about PART II of mystery trip! And there will be a PART III as well (our eating pleasure)! LOL! Thanks for stopping by! It was lovely to see you there!

Still pickled...don't you mean more preserved as they do with the dead! LOL! Good on you friend! The party of the ages!

Michael Manning said...

Walker: I nominate you to replace Rush Limbaugh! :D)

Just telling it like it is said...

I hate war...
and that is saying a lot because I usually don't hate anything...
My brother-in-law has spent most of his marriage to my sister...who is now crazy because he has been gone so worries our government has given her plenty of medication to deal with it....but I worry mostly about his heart....
Did you see how the Chinese decided to give the gold to their own gymnast and forget about ours...
on the other hand glad you had fun at the BBQ sorry I missed it!!!!

Shaz said...

Hey Walker;) its been a while I have been hiding away but I am hopeing to be back more regularly. I had forgotten how much I missed you. You always make me smile even if its just to the end of your post Hugs to you xxx

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer : I watched a couple of bouts including one of a Canadian getting his ass handed to him by a guy from Kazakstan.
I like how they make it safe for the fighters unlike in anchint Greek times when they fought until one couldn;t get off of the ground.

Walker said...

Luka: Me too, there are so many new sports added that i don't know what to watch.
I am waiting for darts and poker to be added so I can try out

Walker said...

Peter: I know it costs alot of money but just think of this.
If facilities were built to help train these athletes at home theu wouldn;t have to go to other countries and pay to use theirs and when the facilities are not being used by olympic athletes they can be used to help kids get a start up instead of their parents forking out the whole bill.
There are alot of great athletes that get lost in the shadows because they have no way of being noticed.

Walker said...

Sapna Anu B.George: Thank you for stopping by and I will stop by to visit you soon

Walker said...

jyankee: Judo is like grabbing someones ass and getting slapped for your efforts HA HA HA

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: I am a little pissed to hear our athletes complaining about not enough funding when the government started the casinos and lotteries for that exact purpose and are using the money for other things not related to sports.
They found a money foundtain adn are abusing its revenues.

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: It's Wednsday and I am still woozy.
I am getting to old for this shit i think.

Walker said...

Fire Byrd: It's something I have always done. I don;'t agree with something then I say it.
Keeping it quiet only reiforces the stench being perpetrated by those who start the stink.

Walker said...

Dotm: Yes we should be proud of our athletes for all the work they put in over the years to reach their goals and make us proud but our government shoudl step up to the plate before the medals are handed out and not after to show their national pride.

Walker said...

Gypsy : I understand what you are saying and Canada is not all that much bigger population wise compared to the juggernaughts, China, United States and Russia.
I am proud as I am sure you are of the people who go out there and achieve medals in a competition where the odds are stacked against them.

Walker said...

Robyn : I'm pickled not dead, gezz she's trying to do me in already.

Walker said...

Michael Manning : First you say Howard Stern now Rush Limbaugh.
Maybe a wierdo compination of both LOL

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: Drugs are free as are the worries of those who are left behind but the ones doing the sending have no worries until election day.

Walker said...

Shaz :L Well its about fucken time.
What the hell have you been up to. Wait, I'll come and find out.

Teresa said...

Good post. I appreciate your honesty and boldness. I was in the American Army and have had a few friends who who been killed in the war. It sucks.

Just telling it like it is said...

ante the truth....

Tammi said...

Gosh-dog W!!
I'm STILL recovering from the last big blow out get-together!!
Goood grief.Not sure how much more I can handle.
I KNOW for certain,I couldn't keep up with YOU!!

Walker said...

Teresa: It must be hard loosing friends that way even it is an honorable cause.
If only those in charge could understand that more.

Walker said...

Tammi: Oh I bet you can and dance up a storm aswell :)

RV Dealer said...

ante the trusth ?