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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Cost Of Nice ©

Before I get into my post I would like to send my condolences to Dot who’s brother passed away yesterday.
It’s times like this when I feel a little hollow inside because I know there is a friend hurting and there isn’t anything I could do about it


I must be getting to mellow in my middle age.
For the last couple of days I have been working on a number of computers for friends who say they can’t afford to pay or because they used to be my brother’s old customers and their units are now crashing all over the place because their systems were all loaded with pirated copies of windows and they can’t get updates.

So being as I am his brother they figure I should be making everything right for his fuck ups.
Great eh?
Once upon a time I would have told them to fuck off but no, I spent 40 hours over 3 days bringing up their units to date for free.
Actually worse than for free.

My biggest piss off came on Sunday when the guy came over to fix my Internet and when h e left I was a rocket once more on line but the brand new copy of windows XP Pro that my customer went and paid $170 for disappeared.

Now I am in a major dilemma.
Did I misplace it and can’t finds the CD or did the technician who fixed my internet take it with him while I was sitting with Mike talking on the couch?
He seemed like a nice guy and did a great job on my line; actually he ran a brand new dedicated Internet line straight to my modem but I can’t afford to loose something on a job I am not being paid for either.

I informed my customer the other day about the CD and assured him that when he picked up his computer everything will be right even if I have to fork out the money myself but I am pissed.
First I am pissed at myself at leaving it out but in my defence I live alone and hardly ever have visitors unless I have something happening here and I clean up for that.

My brother says I should call my ISP and complain to his bosses but what happens if I find the fucken thing down the line in some obscure corner where it has fallen?
The guy could loose his job for nothing because I am too lazy to put things away.

Another problems is that I know where I last used it and where I put it when I was done and its not there.
I have cleaned out my computer area twice and have now moved into the kitchen and if I can’t find it there I will go in the TV room where I last used it to update my laptop and clear out that room to make sure its not there someplace hidden but I don’t think it’s there.
I have a feeling deep inside he took it and it’s a lousy feeling.

Besides my brother who steals from me every chance he gets only two other people have stolen from me and they paid dearly for it.
But that was a long time ago before I became mellower.

Part of me says I can’t let this fucker rip me off and get away with it and another part of me says is it worth the headache.
Then there is the proof of evidence or lack of.
I can’t prove he took it and can’t really say I didn’t move it or it didn’t fall someplace and can’t find it.

I miss the old days; at least back then I could have scared him enough to find out the truth either way.

You know what I’m going to do.
I am going to call up customer service and tell them to ask the technician if he accidentally left with my copy of windows even though he had no use for it to repair my line.
That way if he stole it he will know I know he’s a fucken thief.
If he didn’t then, I guess there is no harm done, but I just know he did it.
I feel it but I’ll be nice about it all and fork out the money to replace the CD.

Have a nice day



Jac said...

Buddy !
If you are sure that it is missing from your home, and that he is the only who came there, then you should confront him.

'nyways I hope that you are able to get it back.

Have a nice weekend buddy.

Thanks for letting me know about Mr.H.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... you are getting mellow in your ole just doesnt seem likely to just sweetly call up customer service and "inquire"... yes?

Blazngfyre said...

He stole it.
No doubt in my mind.

I like the "casual inquiry" approach .... not something i'd do 'cuz I'm a confrontational bitch, but I DO so like it! :D

Michael Manning said...

Walker: Two things. Find a way to contact the guy and ask him if he happened to see where you misplaced it. If he has a memory block, ask him if he would be goo enough to come back over and help you again. Two: You are not middle age. Tom Jones is "Middle Age" and women STILL throw their underwear at him on stage in Las Vegas (even if they are now 80). I'll close with Sinatra singing, "It Was a Very Good Year" in the background here at my place. Wait! I'll turn up the volume so you can hear it....Gotta go. The Police are knocking on my door. My neighbors are a bore! Later!!!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Getting older has given me one good thing.... I try to have respsonses not reactions to things... and you seem to be a good job in sorting through fact and feelings.

Still... grrrrr .... I hate things being taken and knowing who probably did it.

I like revenge too much, so I REALLY need to think through things before I respond.

Gypsy said...

I think ringing and enquiring is a great idea. If you feel sure the guy took it then he has a chance to apologise profusely for "accidentally" picking it up and can return it without losing any teeth. Better yet, ring and ask to speak to the technician himself, then if he's innocent no-one will be any the wiser to the possibility of theft on the job.

Since you were doing the jobs because of your connection to your brother, maybe you should hit him up for your expenses.

Weary Hag said...

As mild mannered as I tend to be in most situations, I too loathe being 'taken' ... having the wool pulled over my eyes, or whatever else one might call it. Getting fucked over is probably a little stronger, but drives the point home.

I believe in revenge.
Having said that, I DO think revenge must be saved for extreme situations. There are fewer extreme situations as I age. Thank goodness.

You're just such a good man, Walker. You're constantly putting yourself out for others... I hope folks appreciate you.

Peter said...

Make the call to customer service then wait for him in a dark alley.

Dotm said...

When I worked in a Dept. store, I hated it when they would ask me to leave my dept. to do the security while the security guard was at lunch. Worst place is always outside the dressing rooms. People have been known to leave empty boxes in the stalls and wear 2 or 3 or more extra items when leaving the dressing rooms. Don`t they realize it changes their size and sometimes even their shape so they stand out quicker? And the make-up that slowly leaves it`s packaging into their purses-- caught on camera most of the time. What makes people so stupid that they even try today with all the cameras watching them.
hey there Walker, both hands are still raised for loving dark chocolate. HaHaa.
Thanks again Walker for being such a caring wonderful friend. I know you have gone thru a lot of loss of loved ones and know the hurt as well yourself. God Bless you and everyone who is feeling the same lonliness for someone they loved, even those who went thru it in the past as this hurt never completely goes away.

Walker said...

Jac: I would like to do more than just confront him but proof is paramont in things like this and my word in not enough and I wouldn;t take it as a judge either without hard eveidence.
I just hope one day he gets what he deserves

Walker said...

JYankee: I did call just so that there is a record incase it happens to someone else and he gets reported

Walker said...

Blazngfyre : I am a in your face type of person to but i ant prove anything so a call to him work should shake him up and maybe stop him from doing it again.
Running him over is a pleasant thought though LOL

Walker said...

Michael Manning: I did talk to him and he says he never seen it and its not in his bag either so, that's it for my copy of windows. I paid the customer and its over

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: I'm just to tired to figjht every battle and choose to only go to war when it counts the most.
As i gotten older i have more to thinkabout and this as much as I can afford to loose i have to walk away and hope a bus runs over his legs one day LOL

Walker said...

Gypsy: My brother sends his girlfriend home from the pub so he wont have to buy her dinner so what do you think the chances of him paying would be lol

Walker said...

Weary Hag: I am big on revenge also and if I could find a way I will but for now I rather sit back and wait to see what life brings.
I waited 8 years to get even with someone once andthere is another person who I owe some grief to which I will get to in time. He has been sleeping well for 15 years. I will wait for the right moment or maybe not. I would rather make some people worry about the revenge LMAO

Walker said...

Peter: I made the call and hiding in the alley as we speak ;)

Walker said...

Dotm: You're welcome. I love dark chocolate than any other.

I worked as a security gaurd for a church run community center and hated busting kids.
A couple of times I gave them a choice and all took bending over for a boot in the ass rather than haviong the police call their parents to pick them up from the police station LOL