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Monday, April 21, 2008

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One of the pitfalls of being sick and on you back is that you have to watch a lot of TV and when there is nothing on but the BILLION episodes of CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York and NCIS in rerun you find yourself stuck with the NEWS and what’s on the news?
Nothing new all old news in fact people are so bored watching the same crap on TV they have to go out and rob a bank so they get to see something new on the news.

The war in Iraq has been on for so long, it’s threatening to be the longest running show on CNN.

The war on terrorism, which is in Afghanistan not Iraq just so that we are all on the same page, gets little coverage and unless you are Canadian you hear little of it because we are the ones in the heart of the battle loosing men.
If I were the Prime Minister I’d get them the hell out or go right into Pakistan and waste the fuckers because that’s where they are hiding and if Pakistan doesn’t like it then fuck em.
Cut them off from everything and they could suck on their nuclear fucken bombs for nourishment.

For the record Canada doesn’t own nuclear weapons.
We have four subs, two nuclear powered, one of which has been sinking since the day we bought it.
That’s what happens when you trust a used nuclear submarine salesman.
Personally I wouldn’t want to be the guy that takes one out for a test drive.
If the fucker sinks you’re screwed.
There is nothing like getting a flat on a sub and having to get out and look for the spare eh?
The other one works fine but we can’t afford torpedoes so we use frozen cod.
The biggest sub we have is in the West Edmonton mall guarding the place from invading tourists.

If it’s not Iraq on the news then it’s the nominations going on in the United States and it’s not so much the republicans because they are pretty much set with that McCain guy.
We have a company that sells frozen potatoes here by that name; I wonder if he is related to them.
No, it’s the Democratic Party that is in the news with Obama and Clinton bashing each other from North to South of the Mason Dixon line, East of the Rockies and west of Monica Lewinsky’s purse store.

I don’t understand when we started voting for people’s gossip instead of their policy views.
Who cares if someone’s priest doesn’t like Jews or if someone’s husband likes getting head while sitting at his desk.
In a democratic society what someone does in his or her private life in none of anyone’s fucken business.
Freedom of speech brings free thought and not everyone thinks the same.
It’s a person’s RIGHT to believe as he does even if it is wrong in how most of us think.

We don’t have the right to judge these people; history will do that for us.
Has anyone ever thought that Hillary doesn’t like sucking cock especially since she doesn’t know where it’s been?
Maybe Bill had her blessings to have himself gargled by Monica.

One person who impressed me in this whole election fiasco is Chelsea Clinton.
While on the election trail drumming up support for her mother a reporter at a press conference asked her what she thought about the whole thing with her father.
She in essence told him that it wasn’t any of his fucken business.
There’s a future president.

Now for the story of the hour.
In Texas the police swept in and removed over 100 kids from a Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because they said that they were being abused and some underage girls were forced to marry old men.

I first found out about this on Larry King the other day as he was having an interview with nine women of the compound who gathered to be questioned by Larry.
I sat there listening to the questions, all of which where probing questions that begged for answers.

How many kids do you have, one woman in her 50s said nine one in her 20s said one and another in her thirties said five.

Have you ever heard of an underage girl forced to have sex.
The 50 year old said no the 30 year old said no the 20 year old stared at the floor and in a soft guarded voice said no.

Later in the show we got a bit of a tour of the compound by the 20 year old and I must say I was impressed by the condition on the place and how clean it was.
The 20 year old gave us a rehearsed bleeding heart story about how now the children beds lay empty because the police stole their children from them.

I took the liberty of checking out a number of things and have learned that with the consent of parents a 16 year old could be married to anyone legally.
The police used the excuse that a 50 year old man married and impregnated a 16 year old and raided the compound then seized all the kids between 6 and 17.

If the family gave their consent then the police can do nothing.
At 16 and having grown up in this environment I am sure the girl was scared to do anything other than what her family told her what to do and if I understand it correctly from what I have read, what her father told her or who to marry.

I sit here in conflict with my thoughts.
I have seen how it works in the old country where it’s not too unusual to see a 13 year old girl marry a 25 year old man with the parents consent but that’s usually with the girl’s consent as well.
I believe now it’s 16 as it is here in Canada also.

I can understand grown adults wanting to live like this but do they have the right to force their children to accept this type of lifestyle.
By forcing them to be married and impregnate before they have the opportunity to go out in the world to find something new or seen and experience something different.

What I saw in those women’s faces was fear.
Was it the fear of them loosing their kids or the fear of reprisal from their men?
There is a place in Canada where there is a family where the husband has 7 wives and 75 kids.
They are all well fed and kept.
They are educated and do not need outside help.
They pay their taxes and supply the nearby town with much needed produce.
The police swooped down there once and basically left.

I guess it’s all about how you live and what the people around you accept.
If this girl wanted to be married to this man with the parents consent then they should leave these people alone but my instincts tell me otherwise.

I think the biggest problem society has with these people is that they are allowed to have home schooling thus isolating these kids from the rest of the world and keeping them dumb and naïve as far as choices are concerned.
Not that dragging them into society is any better.

There are men out there fucking and knocking up women all over the place.
Some have dozens of illegitimate kids that they don’t care for and are left to be fed by welfare or us if you want to look at it like that.
So, what is a better system, allowing them to live like this or having them in the system breeding wild on societies dime?

The world is so confusing isn’t it?
Our natural instincts say go forth and multiply but our conscience creates laws against it.
In nature the strongest will breed the most and the weak may never get the opportunity to continue their lineage.

If children are being abuse then these people must be punished but if they are not then we can’t punish them for living different than the rest of us.

The news is full of our kids being used by others as subjects of war or pleasure.

Have a nice day



Anonymous said...

agreed...if kids are thoroughly being abused and such..then the authorities should concentrate on them...not on a house supposedly filled with "underaged" women and their kids.... if the house is clean.... the women are not being "forced" to do something against their will..then that'S cool..however, if there is something weird going on there..then it's time to investigate!

Gypsy said...

Well you hit the nail on the head when you said the world is a confusing place Walker. People who live differently to the socially accepted norm will always be marginalised. Using the example of the guy with 7 wives and 75 kids. Obviously they are not a burden to society, they are self sufficient and everyone is happy so what's the harm?

I agree with Yankee though that if there is any evidence of abuse or women/girls being forced into situations against their will then I say bring the full force of the law down upon them and step in and save them from a life of servitude and hell.

Very thought provoking post. I hope you are feeling better now.

BikerCandy said...

That compound is actually not far from where I live. I just don't know what to think anymore. I agree with your sentiments though Walker, if the girl chose it then leave them all alone, but I just have a feeling she did not choose that life, it was forced on her. Freedom is such a subjective word anymore and it's just sad...very very sad.

nachtwache said...

You missed the part in the news, that 911 got a call from a girl, saying she'd been forced to marry this old guy and he raped her. I take it, she'd said "NO".
The police didn't find the girl/young woman that had called, but other kids told them, they know her.
Then there's the issue of polygamy being illegal, next we'll have Muslims getting more than one wife... to me, it's a matter of women being exploited and having no rights.
Those women are cowed, as in suppressed, without rights and scared.
I watched an interview with 5 wifes belonging to the sect here in Bountiful, Canada. They were all "married" to the same man, he'd sleep with each one night during the week. Busy guy. The women were all together when they were asked if they never got jealous, they all said no, but not all were able to hide the pain showing on their faces.
Then there are the "lost" boys, teenage boys kicked out of the church and family, because the old farts don't want competition. I've heard testimonies from women that left.
There are good reasons why polygamy is illegal. Those women aren't asked what they want.
There's even a case where the parents didn't give consent and their teenage daughter was taken against their will. Then they got kicked out of the cult.
Why are people obeying the so called prophet and male leaders?
They've been raised believing they'll go to hell if they don't do as they're told.
Why would Clinton's sexcapades get into the nomination race? Not because anyone can judge him, but we need to judge the character of our leaders to know if we want them elected.
Personally I like to see someone with a strong, decent character be the decision maker of my country.

nachtwache said...

OH, after my rant, I hope you'll feel better soon. So you've been tagged, have you? I won't torture you too and I don't really have time either ;)

Patti said...

I am just not a fan of this polygamous stuff but I am also a "to each his own" kind of person. I'm not really contributing much here am I? I'll go shut up now!

Walker said...

JYankee: in a world filled with adults someone has to look out for the children and keep them safe from those unscrupulous people.

Like I have said in the past, children are the future of this planet and if we can't take care of them then we kill our future and theirs.

Walker said...

Gypsy: I think people should have the right to live as they wish but they don't have the right to subject others to what we concider illegal either.
Laws are set in place for the safety of people and kids are the most important people.

Walker said...

BikerCandy: No woman young or old should be forced to be with or marry someone she doesn;t want to.
I have two daughters and I wouldn;t, couldn;t think of doing something like that.
Freedom is for all men women and children not just a few dominant people who think they are God.

Walker said...

nachtwache: Yes I missed the phone call part. Its to bad they couldn't trace it to the caller.
I think if there is going to be a society a such in our midst it should be monitorewd.
Yes polygamy is illegal but it's not illegal to gave more than one girlfriend or boyfriend for tyhat matter as it not illegal to co habitate with more than one person.
The laws a vague with ways to circumvent them.
I knew about the young men being thrown out of the compounds so that they wouldn't take wifes themselves.

This is where the government should step in and look at whats happening.

From that same group you mentioned I saw where one man had his wives in different homes collecting welfare and them taking the money from his wives andchildren leaving them barely enough to eat and living high on the hog himself driving a cadilac.

Not everyone is like these people but there are to many just the same

Walker said...

Patti: I am with you,. I don;t need more than one woman.
Its a handful dealing with each other one a one one one basis.
You contributed plenty :)

Walker said...

nachtwache: Yes i have been tagged and tagged and tagged LOL

Anonymous Boxer said...

I saw the same interview and have a hard time undestanding what kind of man uses "God" to rape underage girls.

I feel for those woman who have lost their children and their ability to see beyond the confines of their "prison." It all just makes me sad.

And angry.

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: Yes I saw the fear in their eyes as they were answering some of the questions. Its the young one i paid particular attention to because she is not totally brainwashed and I could see that she was gaurded in what she saaid.
The older women know nothing better or are conditioned by now and will defend an abuser.
I can;t understand how this stuff happens but i does all over the world on a larger scale than here.

I think one of the biggest problems is that somethging that is illegal or a taboo is driven underground and by the time the authorities discover it the damage has been done.

gab said...

Your still sick hun? Well, WTF!
and your right this president crap is getting old. For craps sake just elect someone because in all honest truth they will do no better than those before them.
And now in other news.....
This is one reason Im hesitant to admit Im Mormon. To many belive that there is something going on in my household. (snicker) Wouldnt you like to know? You do well then go read my blog cause honey I keep no secrets all is told there! Hugs hun and hey willyou please hurry up and get well?

Michael Manning said...

It's a sick story and I'm glad I canceled my Cable TV contract.

Walker said...

gab: I know its not all mormns just the ones that live by the old distorted rules.
I can't say much more on that as I don;t know enough ofn the subject but from I hear many mormons don;'t want to be associated with polygamy

Walker said...

Michael Manning: Its not the cables fault. Its societies fault for blindly creating the wrong laws.

When a handful of people decide of the majority then go out and get their supporters to back them there is bound to be people outside of the box.