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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hopping Along ©

What to write?
I am tired and can’t think to really write anything.
I have been running around doing things for other people to be able to get myself in a proper frame of mind to put something down.
I took my mother shopping today.

We went to the grocery store.
She went to the washroom the second we went in.
I went to get what she needed.

We went to the vegetable store.
She went to the washroom.
I went to get what she needed.

We went to Home Depot.
She went to the washroom.
I went to get what I wanted.

She said she needed beer from the beer store.
I told her they didn’t have a washroom.
She said she didn’t need beer that bad.

Easter is on Sunday so they want to do a lot of things on top of the regular shit that has to be taken care of.
Friday I have to take my father to the lab for 8 am and then rush home with him so that I can take my niece because the SIL is leaving town and isn’t taking her.
Leave her with my father and take my mother to her doctor’s appointment for 11 am then off to pick up what odds and ends needed.
I have to paint the freaking eggs because she can’t on account that my aunt died.
OH and I have to paint extras for my other aunt because she can’t either.

My ex and the kids are coming for Easter.
In a way I am happy but I am having a problem.
It seems that if I want the kids for a holiday I have to take their mother along as well.
My parents asked me the other day if I was going to bring my daughters to the wedding in July and I said no because their mother would want to come to and frankly I am not comfortable with that.
I have been doing my best to be civil when I have more than enough cause to tell her where to go for what she has done to me over the last 15 years but I don’t.

So I am thinking.
If I go to the basement and paint all my mother’s eggs with primer then a red semi gloss latex they would look like they were boiled and I can boil mine only so when we have the Easter egg smacking contest, I’d win.
What do you think?

My niece the other day asked me where Papou was going to get the lamb for Easter.
I remember when I was a kid of about five they took me with them to get lamb for Easter.
We drover for about an hour into now where until we got to a farm and we pulled in.
There were about four of my uncle’s there to and we all walked up tot the farmer’s house and knocked on the door.
The farmer came out and everyone greeted each other and then the farmer led the way to the back of the barn where in a small pen there were a bunch of spring lambs.
I remember the farmer wanted $25 each and my father and uncles said the wanted ten then hopped in and chased them all over the place.
I thought it was funny watching them run around in circles chasing the lambs.

When they had finished rounding up the lambs the tied three legs leaving one loose and took the out back of the barn.
Then My father called me over and told me to watch how is was done.
He knelt down and grabbed a lamb by the muzzle and pulled it’s head back and passed a knife across it’s throat then held the neck wretched back so the blood sprayed all over the wild rose bushes infront of us.
I stood there watching as my wrestled the last bit of life out of it and then proceeded to skin it.
It took him about an hour to process a life into food.

My niece and I walked into the kitchen and my father was bent over ripping the plastic wrap off of a leg of lamb.
I looked at her and told her that’s where Papou gets the lamb, the grocery store.

Have a nice day



Tammi said...

What a tradition!Those poor little helpless lambs!
Awwwwww!Por thangggs!
Oh,hey,why does it say my blog arrived from St Louis Missouri?
Shouldn't it say Tyler,Texas?
What's up w/ that?

BikerCandy said...

So, is going to the washroom every place I go what I have to look forward to as I get older? Man...doesn't sound like fun to me.

As for the lamb, I just had some New Zealand lamb on the cruise an it was the best meal the entire week. I never knew how great it was until I want to try to make it myself.

Luka said...

That's nothing, if you knew where Easter Eggs *really* come from you'd be traumatised for life....

Patti said...

Uh i'm going with the grocery store lamb also. ACK.
I'm guessing you are doing Greek Orthodox Easter?
Happy Easter Walker & Family!

Anonymous Boxer said...

**Puts fingers in ears***

'cuz I'm vegan.

Have a Happy Easter!

Walker said...

Tammi: The people in Missouri love you so much they want to claim you for their own :)

Walker said...

BikerCandy: My mother has had her gaul bladder removed and a section of her intestines so I guess it's a short distance now from he nouth to the toilet.

I love lamb but only once in a while like turkey.

Walker said...

Luka: I think I posted a picture no to long ago dipicting where Easter eggs and the rabbit come from :)

Walker said...

Patti: Yes I am but the Hungarian, Russians and other Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter now also.
Thank you :)

I like grocery store lamb to but i have done the deed when my fathers brother died and they were satuck with one me.
I wanted and offered to pay for store bought and butcher lamb but these freaks like eating the guts YUCK!!!!!!!!!

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: THank you.
I killed a pumpkin once.

nachtwache said...

Wow, your dad believed in toughening you up early. That must have been a shock for you at that age. The grocery store is an appropriate answer for your niece's age.
Our parents' generation seem to like eating a few things that gross most of our generation out. I guess when you're hungry, you learn to eat just about anything.
About the eggs, I don't know, could the paint actually strengthen the shell and you might loose?
Are you feeling better?

nachtwache said...

Oops, I see you are feeling better, didn't read the sex talk post.
My town is not the one that shows either.

Lynilu said...

I coulda done without that description for a long, long time!! I guess I've been away from the farm too long, eh?

Walker said...

nachtwache: My father is old school where you even ate the horns.
He grew up learning to kill to eat and thought I should know that to.
I like my killing via the shopping cart LOL

Walker said...

Lynilu: I put it thereto show how times have changed from my fatahers time to mine and now my nieces.
Maybe we should know and see how its done.
It might make us think about how much meat we do eat.

Michael Manning said...

Interesting Walker, since we have Eastern Orthodox Mothers. Mine is the opposite. She never has to go (or doesn't admit it if she does). Tough lady! I laughed at your egg plan!!!:)

Walker said...

Michael Manning: Mine knows where every washroom is with in a 50 mile radius LOL

Gypsy said...

I always wanted to be a farmers wife when I was a little girl. Thank God that dream didn't come true. Happy Easter Walker.

Walker said...

Gypsy: I would make a horrible live stock farmer but I would have quite the interesting pet collection.
I wonder if anyone has ever had 4000 pet cows?

Peter said...

Hi Walker, an interesting take on beer.... no washroom.. no beer.
We killed our own lambs when we farmed years ago... choice job!!!

Walker said...

Peter: I have had to do it once myself and it wasn;t one of my fondest memories but it had to be done and it was for food and nothing to do about cruelty