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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Painting Days and Painted Nights ©

This weekend has been an experience to say the least and the task at hand looked smaller than it actually was.
The last time I painted the house it was practically empty because I had just split up with the Ex and took advantage of the empty rooms to paint them before the new furniture arrived.

Over the years I have managed to accumulate another hoard or furniture and junk that only means something to me tucked everywhere in this house.
Junk is heavy when you need to move it to paint the walls behind it.
This Spring I am going to have one hell of a fucken garage sale that’s for sure and I will see if I can cut back to four TVs I won’t be watching from the eleven I have now that I don’t watch.
I don’t know why people keep giving me TVs; I guess they think because I don’t go out to get drunk anymore I sit home watching TV.

As of 1 am last night I finished painting the last bedroom.
The walls in each room got two coats of fresh paint as did the ceilings and I did the same for the hallways up and down.
What I have left is the living room and media room, the reason for me needing more paint.
These are the two rooms that scare all of us because this is where the most stuff is including about 40 potted plants.
All the plants that go outsides are here and we have to move them all out into the hallway so that we could move the furniture into the media room.
No one is looking forward to moving Godzilla, my 180-pound six-foot cactus, that’s with the pot.

On top of all the painting have to do, I ended up with Biggie for the weekend, actually its been 5 days now and he is still here, not that I am complaining.
He’s made me bust a gut laughing on so many occasions and a few worries like the other day when he came bounding down the hallway and stopped infront of me staring at what I was doing.
I looked at him and he looked his usual cute self but there was something different about him.
Then it came to me and I grabbed him and took off for the washroom.
When I got him he was a white dog with a black nose, at that moment he was a white dog with a white nose and lips.
He looked liked a stuffed toy without his button nose
I washed the paint off of his face and stuck him in his crate until I got all the painting done.
I turned around and watched my black, white, peach and violet color cat walk by, sigh………

I have been trying to train Biggie a little while he has been with me but he still gets into some trouble.
The other day he chew up all of Emme’s old Indian rubber balls into little bits; Biggies’ turds are the only ones you can kick and watch bounce away down the street high and high with every bounce.
Biggie doesn’t go upstairs any more even when I call to him.
He went up there the second day and found Frick………….So now he doesn’t go up there any more.

They have been getting used to each other.
Frick hisses at him and Biggie tucks and runs but if he see Frick run past he bolts after to see where he is off to.
I have this piece of plywood blocking access to the kitchen so that Biggie doesn’t get to Frick’s food, I will find a better solution if and when this becomes a permanent thing but for now the plywood will do.
Its high enough to keep Biggie out and Frick can hop over the 20 inch high barrier with ease.
The only problem is that they can’t see through it and to sit here and watch what is happening on both sides is just wild.
My computer station is in an alcove that links the kitchen, media room, basement and hallway to the rest of the house, the kitchen being right next to me so I can see what is happening all the time.
Frick is on the other side meowing for me to pet him, which I do by reaching over into the kitchen.
Biggie hears the meows and runs over on this side wanting me to pet him to.
So I sit there petting both until I have enough and sit back in my seat.
Frick could hear his dog tags and his ears perk up.
I sit there and watch them trying to look through the cracks at each other and only a quarter of an inch separate the both of them.

The other day Frick was in the kitchen wanting out then hopped over the Walker Wall and landed on Biggie who sleeps at my feet all the time.
I don’t know who was more surprised but they both jumped up so high they ended up in the kitchen together in shock, staring at each other wondering what happened.
Then Frick bolted and Biggie chased him to the foot of the stairs where biggie stops.
He doesn’t go up stairs, that’s Frickland.
Last time he went up there he got a beating.

With any luck I will be finished by Friday and all I will have left is the kitchen which I will deal with at the end of the month.
As it is right now its taken or will take 17 gallons of paint to paint the whole house including trim, doors and windows.

Can someone please tell me why we want to own homes and not rent?

Have a nice day



Gypsy said...

I love hearing about all your animal antics. You will have to get Biggie a computer if you end up with him permanently or he might get jealous when he sees Frick surfing the net.

Good luck with the rest of the painting and hopefully we will catch up again on the weekend.

BikerCandy said...

Aren't pets just the best thing ever? As for why we own instead of rent...because if we didn't then we would run out of blog material and then where would we be? I tell ya...bored with nothing to write about!

Oh yeah, they say it's a good investment but I'm not so sure these days with the price of real estate plummeting fast!

Patti said...

Ahhh everything is so fresh and new with a new paint job though!

Oh you need to post a pic of the multi-colored cat!

That is too funny that upstairs is "Frickland" LOL

Anonymous said...

to answer your questions...because we lack better sense???? ha ha..sounds like a riot..."animal farm" ring a bell??? LOL

Michael Manning said...

I picture your cat and Cyndi Lauper singing "True Colors" now!:D))

Puss-in-Boots said...

Now I know why I don't have a cat and a dog, why I don't paint anything and why I rent. Thanks, Walker, for showing me why I don't have/do these!

I'd love to have seen Biggie when Frick landed on him, animals are such a laugh...mad things, they are.

Have fun painting...

Peter said...

I turned around and watched my black, white, peach and violet color cat walk by, sigh………
WTF Walker a peach is fruit and Violets are flowers... black and white are colours.

Dotm said...

Sounds like Biggie is brightening up the days for both you and Emmie.
Your home must be looking great after all the work you have been doing. Sounds like you will be done in plenty of time before your guest arrives.

Jac said...

Then you will be jobless buddy.

Nice to see you again walker.