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Monday, March 10, 2008

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Wow, it’s been awhile since I sat down to write a real post and not something I threw up for you all to see that I ‘m still alive.
I am by the way.

The house is almost painted but for the kitchen, which I will deal with at the end of the month and for now cleaning the old and new messes I have created and with luck I will be all done by Thursday and get to rest a couple of days before I have to go pick up my friend at the airport.

I am tired, I’m very tired but I kept pushing on to get this all done.
It should have been done months ago but they held me back because of the rewiring which never materialized so I gave up living out of a storage bin because that’s where most of my stuff was while I was waiting and started painting and now it’s done.
I got a little help last weekend moving some of the heavy furniture and Mike stopped by to paint some of the baseboards for me and they both said the would be here last weekend but that went to hell when we got 20 inches of snow in one night almost and the city was buried in white.

They have been saying that we are looking to break the record for snowfall in a year which was set in the 70s, that was about fifteen feet of the lovely white shit.
Mike was snowed in and so was Rick therefore not able to get to my place and help me with the painting.
My brother and father pulled out both snow blowers and dug out the house then started up the street and began digging out the neighbours until they had cut a path through the whole block.

The city has said it will NOT be picking up or clearing any more snow this year.
Isn’t the nice of the mayor?
Asshole, I didn’t vote for you.
He doesn’t shovel his snow other people do but he wants to raise property taxes to the people in the downtown core because the houses here are worth more today.
What fuckhead doesn’t realize is that most of the houses downtown are owned by people who worked for peanuts per hour that are now retired and trying to enjoy the rest of their lives in the house they worked so hard to own but are now faced with the dilemma of having to sell because they can’t afford the taxes downtown.
Maybe if the government raised pension benefits to par of what they are taxing people then it would be fair but it’s not about what’s fair is it, like giving themselves a 25% raise a couple of years ago.

I wonder; has there ever been a politician that didn’t fuck the people who voted them in?
I’d make a horrible politician.
The first thing I would do when elected is have the assholes that were elected before me shot for fucking everything up.
See what I mean, so don’t vote for Walker.

Politics was the worse fucken thing ever invented.
Politics is what they call the LEGAL Mafia.
The Italians, Vietnamese, Russian, Triads all the fucken mobs in the world are PUSSIES next to the government.
It doesn’t matter which government or what kind of government.
They’re all gangsters they just pass the laws to make it look legal for them.
Perfect, what a fucken scam that is and the funny part is that we KNOW it and let them fuck us up the ass.

Yeah we protest a little just to let them know we still have a little fight left in us as they are sliding it up and in but in the end we are the ones that slap on the KY jelly so we can take it a little easier.
The main difference is the size of the cock they are fucking us with.
Here in the west we get to vote for the guys with the little dicks, in countries where they don’t get to vote, they don’t make enough to buy KY jelly and run as fast as they can to stay ahead of the big salami coming for them.

We elected these people to think up ways to help us live better and all they seem to be doing is living better themselves.
Our leaders get to travel all over the world for free and everywhere they go they have a room named just for them, The Presidential Sweet Suite.
We have to stay home and work hard so they can afford to do all of that tiring traveling to all of the exotic places we dream of going too.

The sidewalks have two feet of snow and people are walking in the streets to get around with cars slipping and sliding all round them.
How long before someone gets hurt or worse?
They say they have no more money but for the last couple of years they have been saving money because of little snowfall, what happened to that.
Probably spent it on hookers.

There are a lot of seniors and disable people who are now stuck in at home unless they have someone who will come to see them and that’s if they are not snow bound too.
I don’t know what the mayor and city council is thinking but since they are sitting around doing stupid things I think someone should pass a law where hitting a mayor upside the head is legal.

The world is growing dimmer by the second.
The lights are going out and we will be plunged into a dark abyss.
No really, I saw it on the news.
Africa is running out of electricity and there is a strike in Greece where the workers shut the power off and walked off the job and there isn’t a single smart person in upper management there that knows how to flip the switch on.

The people are running in the streets, hands in the air crying and falling to the ground pulling their hair out in angst and that’s just the bloggers who can’t get on line to post about the power failure.
We have become slaves to technology.
We bust our butts working and who get most of it?
The electric company, phone company, cable company, water company, government and when you look at what’s left in your pocket after it’s been picked but the rest has fallen out the bottom through the hole it burned while it was in there.

Today I called the phone company to talk about my phone bill.
I fucked up and I admit it, when I paid my bills I missed that one; may explain where the extra money in my bank came from that I used to buy the extra paint with.
Anyhow, Friday I got a letter saying they were going to cut off my phone and Internet service because of an outstanding bill.
I thought they were nuts or didn’t get my payment yet so I checked my records and I couldn’t find where I had paid it.
I knew I fucked up right there.

But to cut me off because I am a month late is harsh I though, I mean I have been with this company for 17 years and haven’t had problems in the past.
So today I decided to call them up and tell them I will send the $150 in two weeks so they won’t have to cut my service off on the 14th and then I would have to pay $80 for reconnection.

I call and get this guy with an Indian accent.
OK, I can understand technical support but not for this, give me a break.
I try and explain to this person my problem and he insists that on the 14th they will cut it off.
We argue for a bit to no end.
I hang up and an now not only mad because I forgot to pay the bill but I am mad because I have had to deal with a person who really doesn’t give a fuck about the customer and only about what he has been told to do.

I decide to call about my services instead because I know I can get someone from the company here for that and I did.
I told them that I was going to cut my phone off and they wanted to know why after so many years and I told them why.
Twenty minutes later I got until the end of the month to pay my bill without any problems.

The more companies start farming out their services the more we start loosing service I think.
A person sitting 8000 miles away working for some phone answering service doesn’t give a fuck about what your personal requirements are and they don’t give a shit about the company you do business with either because they get paid by someone else so if you don’t pay as far as they are concerned, to fucken bad.

You know, once upon a time, there was no technology to confuse us and families were a lot closer than they are now.
The world was still a mystery to discover and not to destroy.
People were still friendly and you could leave your door open and find your TV still there when you came back home.
The Milkman may be fucking your wife thought or your husband depending on who was home at the time.
The kids all could play on the street without worrying about perverts and life was safer.
What happened?

Have a nice day



Gypsy said...

Sorry to hear your helpers got snowed in Walker and you had to go it alone. It seems to be the time for records. Today is the 9th consecutive day of temperatures in March over 35 degrees. Today the previous record was broken.

From what I read on other blogs, a lot of America and Canada are having unprecedented snowfalls so it looks like we're all housebound but for different reasons.

Rest up now so you have plenty of energy for your visitor. You're gonna need it ;)

Jac said...

Buddy, you write so bloody fucken cute. LOL

Peter said...

Hi Walker, what with the weather and the Government you seem to be in deep shit at the moment, hope things improve soon.

Patti said...

and here I am clamoring for just one teensy weensy snowflake....

BikerCandy said...

I got to admit, I loved the analogy of butt fucking to politics. It's so appropriate what with the latest scandal of the New York governor paying for the exact same time he's prosecuting them. Gotta love the irony in that!

Anonymous Boxer said...

I'm just glad you're "back" and I'm sure you're already enjoying the lovely new paint job.

gab said...

I will not get started on politicians! But I will say you need to think of a new sex story to get us back up into the "mood" lol

Walker said...

Gypsy: I have no time to rest i have to clean up first but its not as hard as painting and I could slow down while doing it.

We got so much snow it locked up the city.
This has been the worse winter in a long time since I had to shovel all that snow in 72

Walker said...

Jac: Hey Jac, nice to see you againg buddy.
I try to write as cute as I can

Walker said...

Peter: Peter If i could bury the politician in the snow I would but the damn stuff always melts away

Walker said...

Patti: A single snowflake is a beautiful piece of art.
A gazillion of them are a pain in the ass

Walker said...

BikerCandy: Politicians are the biggest hypocrits that there are followed closly by TV evangelists, My opinion of course.

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: I am happy to be done painting and sitting here. I miss my readuing and writing but blogging does take a back seat when put up against life.

Walker said...

gab: I will see what I can do about the next Sex Talk and not to worry about the politicians. No matter what we say they already know it.

upset waitress said...

Nice rant. I wish we could trade places. I would love to be trapped in my house by snow. You can have this fucking heat while the mosquitos carry you off. :) I do feel your pain when it comes to tech support. It really frustrates me getting a retarded camel jockey on the other end of the line. There always seems to be a language barrier. I swear I get more out of talking to a dirty bar rag. Anyways, like I typed earlier, nice rant.

Walker said...

upset waitress: I have always felt that a company employee works harder to achieve a customers satisfaction rather than some phone jockey who has to look it up in a book

Anonymous said...

well is getting warmer and it is more spring-like..and i just saw the most beautiful yes...i am in a good mood... work situation is shitty..but ya know...get your paycheck and go home type thing every day... LOL things will look up..but the world has indeed changed A LOT....for the worse it seems....

Walker said...

JYankee : Yes it has changed for the worse and we have to find a way back to the right path

Dotm said...

Walker, i ask myself the same question. What happened in our generation. No locked doors, safety walking even alone when we were growing up, then in our kids generation everything changed. Our age was the parents raising these kids. All I can think of is mothers had to work to help pay the bills so no parent home watching where the kids were, who they were with or what they were doing. Next generation worked even more and things just got worse.