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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Smokin The Cell Phone ©

I was reading in the paper the other day where there are a couple of new laws being put into the books soon.
One which involves cell phones and driving.
They figure by stopping people from talking on their phones their driving skills may improve.
Personally I think it will help because it is causing a lot of problems when people have to answer the phone while watching a DVD playing in the dash at the same time, especially when the movie was getting to the good part.

I mean the DVD is close to the windshield so you can do both but if you have to hold the phone to your ear and then use the right eye to watch the DVD, the left the road but if your nose gets itchy then you have to let go of the steering wheel and that’s when accidents happen, with an itchy nose.

The good thing is that if you are, in an accident you don’t have to worry about someone calling for an ambulance because the person you were talking to most certainly is calling for one for you unless of course it was your insurance broker on the phone, then he’s to busy cancelling your insurance policy before you can report the accident to call the ambulance.

My brother, gadget man went out and prepared himself for when the law changed.
He went out and bought himself a talking rear view mirror.
I kid you not; it cost him $300.
The cell phone is built right into it and when people call he can just drive and talk at the same time while keeping his eyes on the road or on the DVD player.

They are saying that pretty soon they will have them with cameras so that you can drive and talk while the other person can see you.
Cool, but do you have any idea how many accidents women are going to fucken get into, if that happens?
It would take the saying “mirror, mirror on the wall” to another level.
Not only will they be looking into the rear view mirror to put on make-up while they are driving but they will actually be able to phone someone and ask the mirror who the prettiest one of all is and get an fucken answer.
Now how cool will that be ladies?
Come on, how many of you would try that at least once?

Teenagers would be the biggest victims.
Teenage girls putting on make up and teenage boys letting go of the steering wheel to chuck a moon at the mirror as the car flies over a cliff.

If the technology people were really smart they would fuck off with all the technological little shit in the middle and just go straight for the meat of the problem and invent us a car that drives it’s self so we could just lay back and enjoy the ride instead of finding ways for us to get killed while driving for fucks sake.
Get with the fucken program.
We want self-cleaning houses and cars that drive us around like chauffeurs, not more toys for them to load more restrictions on us and while you’re at it we want Sex Bots too.

You don’t need a law about cell phones when there is a law that says you are supposed to drive with both hands on the wheel or you can get charged with careless driving.
Just start enforcing that one and stop making more paperwork.
They have so many laws on the books now they don’t know what to enforce.
It’s still technically illegal to wear lipstick here, which means a lot of female cops on the force break the law every single day.

People driving and talking on the phone is a problem, one I see every day and a hands free phone is a better solution and safer.
We are slowly being taken over by technology and as my father says we are being hypnotized by it and as time goes on it will even take the ability to think away from us making us stupid.
He may be right but I think it’s to late HA HA HA.

The other law they are thinking of passing is that if you are driving with kids under sixteen years old in the car and smoking you will get a fine.
I see the reason and I understand it but my question now is what if you are not a smoker and are driving down the street with your fifteen-year-old daughter and she is smoking in the back seat, what does the law do then?
It’s not like you could really do anything to the kid because if you try and punish her all she has to do is call children’s aid then divorce you because of abuse then go out looking for stupider parents.

I look across the street at the school infront of my house and there are 100 kids under the age of sixteen smoking and you can’t buy cigarette here unless you nineteen but they get them and they’re smoking.
Parents shouldn’t smoke infront of their kids in or out of the car and I don’t think there should be a law forcing them not to.
More education would be better I think but it’s more profitable to just create a law.

We live in a world filled with rules with more and more rules being created and piled up on us.
With every rule that is created and put down into law is a little more freedom that we give up, a little more of our common sense.
As times change and society evolves the laws should evolve with it but not by adding more laws, more restrictions but by taking what is in existence and adjusting those laws to accommodate how things are today.
We are slowly drowning in red tape and in reality people don’t know what’s legal or not any more.

I was at the bookstore last month and looked at the new pocket size book with the laws of this country.
1. The price was a crime, $40 is armed robbery
2. I need a PHD in English Lit with a side order of Latin to understand it.
No wonder there are so many people in jail, they can’t read or understand what the laws are and end up breaking them but ignorance of the law and proper Shakespearean English is not an excuse for breaking the law.
3. How big do these people think are pockets are?
The pocket size edition is four inches thick.
Maybe if we ripped the fucken thing in half and threw half the stupid laws in there out it would fit in ones pocket better.

Common sense is what is lacking in this country and world.
Pass a fucken law against stupidity; yeah that’s what we really need in the world.

Have a nice day.



The Troll said...

Call me a starry-eyed idealist if you want, but I believe most cops will use the new laws as an excuse to pull-over known or suspected assholes. And they'll let responsible citizens skate.

Walker said...

The Troll: I think every law is an excuse to use to violate someones rights when they feel like it.

If laws we not abused by all those concerned then there wouldnt;; be a need for police.

One of the reasons for the police having snitches besides information is so that others can break the law for them and not compromise their case.

I don't mind laws being bent a little for the better
It's when the police abuse those laws all the time that's the problem.

Not all cops are clean not all criminals are bad.

Blazngfyre said...

"We want self-cleaning houses and cars that drive us around like chauffeurs, not more toys for them to load more restrictions on us and while you’re at it we want Sex Bots too."
Can I get an AMEN up in here?! lol

I have a T-shirt that says, "Stupidity is not a crime ... YET."

Lynilu said...

We are up to the ears in laws, many that are newly ridiculous, others that are antiquated and ridiculous. The enforcement of such laws takes an army. And THAT's ridiculous. What a ridiculous world we have!!

Peter said...

It has been illegal to use a cell phone while driving here for about 12 months, haven't heard of the smoking one yet but we have REALLY tough smoking laws so we will get it when someone thinks of it.

gab said...

Well I dont smoke and neither does Mr Gab but all 3 of our children do! Where did we go wrong? And our daughter smokes in the car with her kids in there with her. I dont know how many times they have coe into the house and I say my god you stink!
As for driving and talking on the phone I have a handsfree set! I will not get into my car without it. But my daughter on the other hand not only talk she texts while driving. As for the mirror, well honey I dont have to worry because I dont wear makeup so that wouldnt apply to me. Speaking of stupid laws....well hell how long do you want this to be? I think rather than bore you here that will be tomorrows post. Look for it.

Anonymous said...

you said it... is against the law to drive and use the cell phone here in JP...i think about 50,000 jp yen...hmmmm...500 us$?

Gypsy said...

I just wanted to tell Peter that we do already have the law where you can be fined for smoking in the car with minors. It's a good law too.

Talk about women using the rear view mirror to put on makeup. I once saw a guy cleaning his teeth in the car. Admittedly he was sitting at a red light. I was just sorry it turned green before I got to see where he spit.

Is it really illegal to wear lipstick in Canada or were you pulling our leg? Now that is a CRAZY law.

BikerCandy said...

Wow, I wonder if they had that law about smoking with kids in the car back in the day...would I be such a die hard nonsmoker now? I grew up in North Dakota and Alaska with 2 heavy smoking parents. They wouldn't even crack a window for us because it was too cold. So, I grew up HATING the smoke and how it made me smell. To this day I've never smoked even one ciggarrette...I wonder if that would be true if my parents had been forced to not smoke with me in the car??? Something to ponder...

Anonymous Boxer said...

Natural selection has pretty much gone away with our improvements in modern medicine, so when I see someone not wearing a seat belt or a motorcycle helmet I say it just weeds out stupid people.

Now.... as for smoking around children or piling your car into MINE while talking on your cell, putting on lipstick/etc.... that's something to think about having a law against.

that said, I want you to know I'm writing this comment from my phone while driving. (hee.)

Patti said...

All this technology just gives me a headache. Not that i'd like to go back to the horse & buggy days but come on now. I have had a cellphone for many years but often wish I didn't. I get bitched out by friends & family if I don't keep it turned on though *sigh*

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: I am sick of cleaning and driving people around.
I want one of those cars and apartments from Demolition Man LOL

Walker said...

Lynilu: I think we have enough laws, all we have to do is amend the ones on the books instead of dropping more and more excuses to violate our rights

Walker said...

Peter: Any law that helps keep people safe is a good law but why not just use one thats not being emforced like the dangerous driving law, just amend that one to deal with people talking on the cell phones and driving.
Its a waste of time and money to start holding meeting and votes.

Walker said...

gab: I think there is enough to watch on the road withoput inventing more distrations for us to mess up with.

I always looked at who called and called them back when i was driving,
Besides I didnt; want to turn down the radio LOL

Walker said...

JYankee: They are saying $300 if you get caught talking and driving and 200 for the smoking one.

Walker said...

Gypsy: Yes its an old law that was put on the books and never removed. There are lots of those and I bet if youy look at where you are you may find some there.
When the times change people for get to changethe laws with the times.

Walker said...

BikerCandy: I think it would have made a difference.
You never smoked because you just never cottened to the idea.

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: I think it all comes down to time managment.
If everyone wasn;t in an all fired rush to get someplace there wouldn;t be problems
Start 30 minutes earler and get it done but who has the time for that lol

Walker said...

Patti: I know I am the same way with mine, and i still have issues with my car romote.
Half the time I pop open the trunk when i am 20 feet away from it and have to walk back to close it.
Why can't they invent a trunk closer?

upset waitress said...

I got a cell phone blocker in the restaurant. That means no service when you are dining. Maybe they just need to start installing them in cars?