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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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I hate when people blame other people for their own ineptness and stupidity.
My ex called this morning to tell me that my daughter is not going to be admitted back into her old school because of her tardiness.
I don’t blame them; I wouldn’t want people that came when they felt like it.
My Ex feels different blaming the people there.

Now she wants to send the kid to a school near here that has a high academic standard than the school she isn’t being allowed to return to.
I know there is no fucken way in hell they would accept her and if they did she wants my daughter to stay with my parents for the weekdays.
My parents are 80 years old they can’t have a 16 year old stomping around with attitude so I told her it wasn’t going to happen.

They, the school suggested she enrol in one of the toughest most crime-ridden schools in the region and that’s something I don’t want for her.
I would like to say the EX screwed the pooch with this but I don’t think I have the right to because she raised them on her own be it by her choice.

When the kid got into trouble she didn’t punish the girl but told her it was the school’s fault.
She tells her she is a good girl when in fact she hasn’t been good and been a typical teenager with her mother’s blessing but now, when the shit has hit the fan, the best her mother can come up with is blaming the teachers, principal and the school for her problems.
When is she going to look at the kid and say it’s your fault, when it’s to late and the kid is hustling on the street?

My Ex encourages her to focus on her singing but I have heard her, she is no Celine Dion. I want her to finish school find a job and if she wants to pursue a singing career she can do it after work.
But that’s a long way down the road and now I have to figure out how to get her into a school where she won't be vulnerable to what I was hoping to keep her away from.

I think the problem is with her mother and her lack of acknowledging there is a problem with our daughter and to deal with her instead of the schools.
I tried telling her something to that effect today and she kept telling me the kid was a good girl.
Fine she is a good kid but for how long.
She’s been tossed out of school because she never went and her mother didn’t care to do something about it until it was to late and all she did was to call them and say it was their fault.

Passing the buck never solves a problem it only prolongs a greater problem.
If this had been dealt with two years ago then the kid would be in school with 16 credits instead 2.
We have all summer to figure this out.

Other than that, my weekend was pretty good.
I was invited to dinner on Saturday and Sunday so no cooking or dishes for me.
Now if I can get 7 people to invite me once a week I could forgo cooking and dishes altogether.

Saturday began with me having Biggie for 6 hours.
This time I left him out of his pen for the whole day and the first thing he did was go for a dump on the floor that look bigger than he was.
That was fie.
I have picked up crap before, I am a parent after all and nothing beats projectile diarrhea while your changing a kid.
Right after that I decided to get the rest out of him and took him for the walk of his life.
He had been used to out the door to the car, Saturday he experienced out the door for two miles and back.

It started off ok with him pulling at the leash for the first six blocks then he layback some and was trying to get me to play with him.
He did stop twice and dropped some more weight by the time we got to the halfway point and started back.

On the way back Biggie had to stop and smell every yellow spot her saw and try to get his leg high enough to pee on it.
About two blocks from home he was more of an anchor than anything else with him dancing around for me to pick him up which he did get.
When I opened the front door he just walked in and into his cage without any argument and passed out.

The rest of the day was mostly fun with the dog running around trying to get me to chase him and then he found Emme’s top box and started dragging everything out to play with them.
Damn dog is worse than my kids were.

Later that night I went to the SIL’s where they had a birthday party for one of their friends and it was a good night and the food was tops.
Did I mention I didn’t have to wash dishes?

Sunday I was off to Mike’s new digs for the evening.
He had invited those of us who helped him move over for dinner and some beer.
The drive to his place was like being in an amusement ride because we had been having freezing rain all day and the roads where not something to be desired especially at the intersections where it was like a crap shoot, you never knew if someone was going to slide on through and surprise you.

We got safely at Mike’s place and gave him an aloe Vera plant and a bottle of red wine.
The place was all set up and he had done a nice job with it.
With his antiques and the leather couch set it had a rustic feel especially with the wrought iron table in the center.

He had made roast lamb for us with potatoes and salad.
Fresh bread, cheese and two cases of beer, I don’t know whom he was expecting but we barely put a dent in half a case.

We sat around talking about the place whilst JAWS II was playing on the flat screen but it wasn’t long before all the food we ate got to us and we were getting tired.
The drive home wasn’t as slippery and went fast and no sooner I was I shed of my outdoor clothes I was passed out on the couch.
I haven’t passed out on the couch in years.

Speaking of couches, my mother loaned me out again to someone.
She never loans me out to some hot woman with a broken bra strap to fix but instead to people where I have to get down on my knees and wash a couch for two hours.

I went over to my aunts place today to wash their couch and when I got there their son, the building cleaner aka janitor, was there eating.
My aunt asked him to stay and help but he said he had an important meeting at the racetrack.
That’s ok; he’ll be coming by later this month to ask me to do his taxes.

Well that was my weekend in a nutshell or is that the nuts in my week?
Oh wait; yes we had a first ever holiday this Monday.
They call it Family Day.
Yeah our premiere said if we elected him, he would give everyone a day off.
He won by a landslide, why not, he just gave them a paid holiday.

Someone asked me what Family Day was.
I thought it was straight forward from the name but being the accommodating person that I like to be, I explained it to them and I might as well do the same to you so no one has to ask again.
It’s the only day of the year that you are allowed to shoot a family member without getting prosecuted but if you miss the first time, you have to wait until next year for another chance.
We have laws here you know and the Mounties enforce them?

When I was a kid I used to think Mounties were gay because they always got the man and wanted to be part of the Musical Ride.
Actually, that slogan "The Mounties always get their man" is how they got all those women to join the force.
None of them could get a man before they became a Mountie.

I better leave it here before I get more people mad at me.
I hope you all had a nice weekend

Have a nice day



Peter said...

Its amazing how many people refuse to take any blame for their own actions when things foul up Walker, your ex's attitude is so typical.
Dining out with friends and/or family sure beats cooking and cleaning up.

gab said...

You may come to my house for dinner any time ya want. And the airport is only about 2 miles away!

Anonymous said...

the mountie thing is funny...better than the scotties with the kilts????

and yeah...some people seem to blame everyone but...ya know.... i was watching some thing on satellite tv about these 8 kids who were in this past year's spelling bee.... one kid blamed the official's mis-pronounciation of a word that he had missed... ! fess up dude.... the pronounciation wasnt just couldnt spell!

Walker said...

Peter: We are supposed to protect our kids not hide them from themselves and deny them the responsabilities that comes with growing up.

Good friends and good food is always a nice way to end a evening

Walker said...

gab: Well thank you very much and I can bring dessert.

2 Miles, I'll tell the pilot to slow down a bit and hop off.

Walker said...

JYankee: everyone always looks for an excuse to get out of being wrong and that, is wrong.
It's what's wrong with the whole world.

Yeah I was sitting here thinking about the mounties and well OK i took a couple of cheap shots for the laughs LOL

Blazngfyre said...

I refuse to buy into that crap, and I don't let my son do it either.
He's a good kid, but he's a KID ... he makes mistakes, screws up and does shit he's not supposed to ... but he ALWAYS owns it!
Being a good kid doesn't mean you don't make mistakes. I'd be more scared if he didn't ... cause then he'd never learn.
Anywho, is there any way she can home schooled? I know it's a bitch, but at least you'd know that she's THERE!

Just a thought.

I wish you all the best of luck ... 16 is kinda late to try and teach the importance of responsibility.

Oh, and just because you didn't raise them, you still have the right to say that the ex screwed the pooch ... because SHE DID!

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: The biggest problem is with her mother. She is light in the head I think in her way of thinking.
I don't know, i will see how it progresses but I will probably have to play hardball and look like the villan in all of this at some point.

Queenie said...

My dad blames me for my sister being a lesbian... huh get that one. Too many people ignore the fact things happen because of THEM. I call it the Oprah theory. No one does anything wrong, because someone did something in the past to them. I must have farted a little too loudly or something when she was a baby, to make her a lesbian...who knows.

Just wanted to let you know I am back. Happy Belated Valentines, You know I love yah!

Heather and the gang

Anonymous Boxer said...

in my "time off" did I miss the fact that you got a dog?

regarding your daughter - it sounds like the "mother" needs to go to parenting school .... teaching a young person to BLAME instead of work through problems is handicapping them in way that will stay with them far into their adult lives.

Walker said...

Placing blame where it belongs is what people should be thinking not trying to hide a wrong. The only thing that ios learned is that you can fuck up and get away with it and then one day they don't and can't understand why they are in heaps of trouble as adults.
If the dont learn to face the consequences now then they will only be confused and punished in their adult life

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxe: Yes I sort of got a dog. We are in the process opf sharing him for now until they are sure they are willing to give it up and I want to see if I can live with a dog and cat. It is interesting at times especially around the stairs.

She is dong exactly what her parents did and they ended up with five daughters who have more feathers in their heads than pillows.

BikerCandy said...

Wow, are you sure your EX is not my sister? It just all sounds so familiar. I think my sister spent more time at that school blaming anyone but her own kid for her mistakes. Me...quite the opposite. If my kid came home and said such and such teacher was picking on them I would say "well what did you do to do cause it?" So, while some may think that I was too rough on my kids, I am proud to say they are very well adjusted, very RESPONSIBLE young women now. They hold a job, they are about to graduate from college. Meanwhile my niece has had 23 jobs in 4 years! She has quit school twice. She is still living at home.'s all the fault of the teachers at the same school that my kids went to. Hmm...some people!

Luka said...

I'm all for being supportive of your children, but it's so important to keep a sense of reality. Anyone who's ever watched those poor deluded hopefuls auditioning for X Factor or Pop Idol and completely humiliating themselves knows it would have been better if their parents had told them the truth about their abilities.

Walker said...

Luka : That to is another thing.
A parents dream of their offspring becoming rich and famous to take care of them.

Kareokee sales have risen since all the Idol shows popped up all over the world.
Most are fun to watch some I want to strangle but very few and good enough to even get a chance to audition.

I have no problems saying what I know to be true and have in the past. Then paid for it but thats fine because i did what I would want someone to tell me, the truth.

Walker said...

BikerCandy: Nope, I don't know your sis and I have never been in that neck of the woods for the record LOL

I think we have to make our kids accountable for when they are wrong.
My father beat the crap out of me as a kid when i messed up.
I don;t agree with that but a punishment must be doles out instead of defending bad behaviour

nachtwache said...

So true, about taking responsibility and all. It seems to be a trend, to blame someone else, more people do it now than ever before.
The rest sounds like good times!
Good food, good friends, cute dog. What's a little poop, eh?

Walker said...

nachtwache: The boys and I have reached the stage where we just lay back and enjoy foor and drink.

My Ex and my daughter are going to hgave to live with the trouble they got into and try and figure out how to deal with it. I will give what support I can but in the end it's my daughters decision and her hard choice to make

upset waitress said...

You should take that brat into your custody. Then beat the shit out of her, take away her phone/computer privileges, and take the door off of her bedroom. I'm sorry, but that's pretty bad when a school says not to come back. Sounds like more than just being tardy as well. I tell ya Walker, this is why I'm a firm believer in child abuse. oh, and take away her car. It obviously can't get her anywhere on time, like buses do.

Teresa said...

Does the school district have some sort of alternative program for kids who struggle in the traditional setting? That is very common here. I would ask, can't hurt. Good luck with that.

I wish you lived closer, I would have your over for dinner. :)

Gypsy said...

I would feed you Walker but you may need to "up" your life

I won't throw my 2 cents in about blame and responsibility re your daughter but in a way things are actually progressing as they should have years ago. The ex is finally including you in decision making regarding your kids. If only she had done it 10 years ago maybe your daughter wouldn't be in this predicament now.

Glad you and the boys had a nice dinner and drinks to while away the evening after all your hard work with the moving.

I think you should call Biggie "Nimrod" ;)

Walker said...

Gypsy:Hmmm ok I will feed you you justy supply the ingredience ;) LOL

I think its to little to late but I will do what I can.

Here we go with the Nimrod again

Patti said...

I hope you get the school situation with your daughter straightened to her best interests. I hate parents who always think their kids are never wrong and it's the school/teach/coach (insert appropriate authority figure here). Arrgghhh...........
Way too common now-a-days.