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Friday, January 04, 2008

Out Of The Haze ©

As I looked back on December with the holiday season freshly passed, I viewed how we think and what we believe, it’s not all the same thing.
For the most part, humans believe in a divine being or place and have conjured up visions of what that place looks like and the beings who reside there.
Over the hundreds of decades that have gone by humans have given names for these beings.
These gods have servants; some call them angels, messengers from god.

Every day people look up to the sky to a place they believe exists there, a place they call heaven.
A place they look for one when they need hope, something to hold onto for security or to give thanks for a fate of luck.
That’s where it is you know?
Heaven, it’s up there they say.
That’s why Angels have wings so they can go and come at will, so says my niece anyway.

All year but mostly in December we see depictions of angels everywhere we go.
On greeting cards, ads for Christmas, there is even a baseball teams called the angels.
They don’t have wings but their bats can put wings on a ball.

People collect angel figurines and everything angel as a symbol of their belief of their existence and their benevolence.
As humans we revere Angels for hearing our plight and with gods blessing answer our hopes and dreams.

Not all angels have wings.
We compliment people as being an angel themselves for their caring and compassion that they show to others who need our help.
Emulation is the biggest compliment you could give a person or a divine being.

Now if some kids could stop worshipping rappers and pull their fucken pants up or change their underwear, music is fine, but the pants…..gezzzzz

So where the fuck is all this shit Walker is spewing out coming from you are thinking now.
I would be.
First, all this stuff about angels has always been there but on Christmas day I saw something that got me to thinking and bringing up all of this old stuff and comparing what we grow up with and what we see and think.

It was still a little dark around 7 am Christmas day when I crawled out of bed and stared out the window.
I could tell it was a crisp, cold morning just by looking at it.
There was a fresh blanket of snow on the ground and on all the trees and looked picture perfect for the day that it was.
Across the street at the park I could see two kids run onto the unblemished snow then carefully plop backwards on the snow and started waving their arms at the sky and heavens above.
I stood there thinking, do all the dog owners scoop the poop.
I turned from the window and headed off for the washroom leaving them to their rolling around in the snow.

When I was done I went downstairs, put on my coat and stepped to my porch to have a smoke and feel the cold morning on my skin.
As I stood there coughing up my left lung to spit at my neighbour’s cat I noticed the impression in the snow where the kids had been playing.

Two perfect impressions of angels were stamped into the snow across the street in a big open field.
I remember as a kid how we all used to drop in the snow and start waving at the sky with are arms and legs.
Were we waving to the angels?
Or were we the angels?

Yeah I know, I’m insane, actually I am sick as a dog with some kind of stomach virus and can only eat chocolate cake and drink prescription cough syrup.
Good shit too
It says one teaspoon every two hours.
I find it works better if you take two mouthfuls every hour
Come on, I’m a guy.
We know how much a teaspoonful is as it’s landing on our tongue.
I have no idea why you could fill a ladle if you spit it back out, must be saliva, yeah that’s it.

I start thinking and looked to the sky and wondered, what if on some planet in some far off distant galaxy there are a group of beings sitting out in the night air looking up at the stars searching for heaven and maybe an angel to help them.
I wondered if they know where heaven was?

Maybe to them, it’s in some far off galaxy, on a bright blue planet where the angels are stamped out in the snow for everyone in the universe to see.
Boy are they screwed.

Have a nice day

Good cough syrup.



nachtwache said...

Good cough syrup eh? Next you'll be seeing angels; not the snow ones.
I think heaven is a lot closer, we just can't see it. Up there is space, endless space.
Have a good weekend.

BikerCandy said...

I'd say that is some really excellant cough syrup because after reading this all I can say is Huh?

Walker said...

nachtwache: It says morphine on the side of the bottle who knows what I will see.

Walker said...

BikerCandy: Yup, its what I said when i saw it open thius morning but who was I to argue with that cough syrup junkie that was sitting here last night lol

Patti said...

Yeah i'll say that's some good cough syrup! LOL

I want to make a snow angel...

Walker said...

Patti : At one stage I dfidn't know if it was the cough syrup making me halucinate or the fever.

having my cake said...

This is why, over here, we are only allowed to buy a couple of bottles of cough syrup at any one time you know!

Sally said...

I hope you feel better soon. Hey, are you sure that bottle says "morphine" and not "codeine"? Just wondering. :)

Gypsy said...

Well you know I believe in Angels, I just don't necessarily believe they look the way they are depicted in pictures. I have certainly "met" one or two Angels here on earth and I'm sure one of them said their name was Walker. Gotta say though, when he started swigging out of a medicine bottle I did have my doubts as to his

Hope you feel better real soon. Stay tucked up in bed and maybe leave that bottle alone for a spell. I think it's messing with your head. Stick to the woopy weed, its better for you.

Peter said...

My Dad went through nearly two bottles of cough syrup, back when it used to be laced with opium, they've banned that now in Oz.
Dad was a tea-totaler, never got drunk but he sure got high that day.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I agree with Gypsy, although the "W.W" isn't good for your lungs right now.... so, a "little" cough syrup to help you sleep.

Feel better soon!

Walker said...

having my cake: Really I didn't know that but how many bottles of scotch can you buy is even more important.

Walker said...

Sally: Ummm nope this it something i got for a lung infection that I saved for a day like today.
I don;t always finish a prescription and save whats left for another time like pain killers.
If i can rough it out i do and save the pills for a day when i really need them.

Walker said...

Gypsy : Sometimes it feels like we are looking at life through the bottom of a bottle.

Right now mine say Coke ;)

Walker said...

Peter : other than my herb I am not big on pills and such but i love this cough syrup and because the body isn't used to it it give you one hell of a whack in the head.

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer : I am doing my best to get better and I have cut down on the cough syrup and incresed the intake of coke.
That's the soft drink, right, not the "Sniff sniff, WOOO HOOO I'M ON TOP OF THE WOLRD MAW....OOPS!" one.

Anonymous said...

hmmm i agree with your peeps... with that stuff you're drinking...did you really see angels? or are you seeing the devil in disguise???? LOL