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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008....Again ©

Time for the first post of a new year, so let’s see if I could make it a good one but first.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Did you wake up this morning and get last year out of your system?
In other words, did you wake up early in the morning and run to the washroom to go for a GOOD dump so that you could have the pleasure of flushing yesterday’s shit down the tube?


If it were only that easy, I’d shit my ass off.

So it’s 2008…..again.

Seriously, “again” and I don’t mean twice or three times, it’s been 2008 dozens of time over the ages.
The Chinese calendar is older than the one we use today.
We would have used the Chinese calendar but us non-Chinese people couldn’t figure out their bead calculator so we started from “0” again.
But this is our 2008 to use and abuse as we wish.
If the dinosaurs during the Jurassic period had developed missiles to shoot down that meteor they would still be here now wouldn’t they but nooooooo, just eat each other instead.
We have missiles and we know what to do with them……...right?

The other day I was sitting here and the phone rang and my EX was on the other end.
She has a house phone now and uses it to call me and ask me for things like the other day she called to say, Hi, I need some toilet paper, hot chocolate, sugar, potatoes……..a shopping list of groceries.

That’s all she said.
I haven’t seem this woman in eight years and she calls me just like that out of the blue to tell me she needs this stuff.

A shiver went through my body as the thought that I was at work and had to stop by the store before I went home crawled over me.
I told her yeah sure the next time I saw her I would give her some of the stuff out of my pantry.
Not that I have much in there after Christmas.
I thought I would give people a little bit of me this year for Christmas presents so I sent stuff like pasta to people that I had in my cupboard for me but hey, it’s like feeding the world in your own little way.
Hell I sent dirt to someone, you should keep that, it might be worth something some day if the polar caps melt and the earth is flooded.
But anyway I don’t have much left to give but I would the next time I saw her.

10am the next day she is at my door, WTF!!!!!
She’s fast.

Ah it’s ok, I keep a well stocked house so I gave her sugar, a couple of cans of hot chocolate and 36 rolls of toilet paper.
I figured she needed a lot because she was so full of it BUT I am not complaining because this is what it takes to keep the peace, so be it.

I spent the rest of New Years Eve talking first on the phone to four people from three different continents and I will be having guests in March from the UK.
You know what that means; I’m getting some “wink”
I just ran out to and the scotch I drink is expensive here.
They did try mailing me a case once but they caught it at the border and New Years Eve shots were on me at the Customs Officer’s Office Party.

I brought in the New Year with a good friend over MSN, one with a bottle of beer the other with a bottle of Baileys.
Guess who went to bed first HA HA HA
Then I finished the evening with another friend on yahoo.
It’s good to have friends to talk to.

In the morning I woke up and got ready for the day.
I had to go get some money, tens to be exact.
We give money to our kids for luck on New Years Day so I needed to get some change or one kid would get a fifty and the other two would be mugging her for their share.

I went over to my mother where her and my father had already prepared a turkey and a smoked ham.
Half of us like one and the other half like the other, I eat both I don’t give a hoot as long and it’s dead and cooked.

My SIL and niece were the first to show up, my brother had gone to pick up my ex and the kids.
My niece strolled up to me and wished me a Happy New Beer and I thanked her very VERY much and reached into my pocket and took out two fives.

I gave her one and as I was passing her the other I pulled it away and told her that she had to take it in her other hand because she wasn’t allowed to hold both fives in one have because if they did happen to touch they would get pregnant and a million pennies would explode all over the place and she would have to clean up the mess.

She stood there staring at me and I asked her if she understood what I said and she nodded that she did then I passed her the other five which she took with her left hand and held both hands up for her grandfather to see the money.
That’s when my brother arrived with everyone else and my niece who adores her father ran off like a bullet to show him her money.

My Ex and my daughters came into the dining room and we all exchanged salutations and took seats when my niece ran past screaming and crying at the top of her lungs with my brother following behind telling her that the money wasn’t pregnant and wasn’t going to turn into pennies.
She showed my brother her money and he took it to see then gave it back to her folded together.

HA HA HA I love kids.

We had dinner and sat around for a while talking and watching my niece do her stretching exercises for everyone one to watch and enjoy.
We played hide and seek, she hid under the table then we had to look for her.

Around 6 pm I told everyone to get ready to go because it was getting dark out and the snow was coming down.
It’s a pain driving in the dark but worse when there is snow flying at the windshield at 100 kph.
I dropped everyone at their destinations and here I am, sitting here on the first day of 2008 telling you about my day.

I hope yours was an interesting as mine was.

Have a nice ………

Oh wait, wait, wait, before I go I have something for you to think about.
I know how charitable many of you are
And how we all donate what we don’t need any more to charity
But have you ever wondered what kind of person is wearing what you used to wear?

Have a nice year



eveningmist said...

Same to you!!, Happy New year! and all the best for the future to come

Peter said...

Thank the Lord its pink, mine was chartreuse and not nearly as well filled out.

Walker said...

eveningmist: Thank you Maria the same to you :)

Walker said...

Peter: I thought the same thing but mine was black and crotchless ;)

Patti said...

Happy Happy New Year my friend! I am still laughing at your niece and the pregnant/pennies thing!

Keep the peace and enjoy your family!

P.S. My eyes are still burning from that pic... holy hell what was he doing/where was he going? No, I don't want to know!

Blazngfyre said...

I think I've found my next ex-husband!

Sexy legs ..... and what a package!


craziequeen said...

Happy New Year, Walker :-)

My eyes! OMIGOD, My eyes! They burn!
Definitely not mine - mine was obviously purple.....


Walker said...

Patti: Thank you

I just can't help myself when is comes to having fun with kids. They are so easy to confuse and their reactions are hilarious.

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: That would be you Ex before he because your next LOL

Thank you you sexy thing you ;)

Walker said...

craziequeen: Thank you

Yes if that isn't enogh to make any hardened drunk go straight I don't know what will LMAO!!!!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Hey! I used to wear those - they were kinda weird, but the shirts always stayed tucked in.

Happy New Year Walker - I'm wishing you the best 2008 has and then some.

nachtwache said...

To each there own, I guess. It's sure to make people look.
Kids are a lot of fun. Happy New Year!
I see you have great expectations for that visit you'll be getting. I hope it'll be all that you wish for. :)

Grey said...

I always seem to have the hardest time coming over here to read you... Takes me 5 or 6 tries. Weird.

Anywho... Happy New Years Walker!! You can update the link to my blog... I am no longer at greysilence. You can use my new blog address now... greyimpressions.

Hope you haven't been buried by all the snow... :)

Gypsy said...

Hi honey, I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year before we get too much further into it. I'm still a bit laid up right now but wanted to come and see you and get my Walker fix.

Cheers to a much quieter, less turbulent year eh? Bottoms up!
Kisses, Karen xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy 2008 walker! LOL good picture..yeah I used to wear those too...hmmm...

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer : Thank you and I hope yours is a great one to you too.

Yes I can see how they would and the snaps in the bottom can come handy to ;)

Walker said...

nachtwache : Ecpectations is having someone other than the cat to talk to and the scotch will come in handy :)

Walker said...

Grey : Thank you and Happy New Year to you to and I would be happy to update the link :)

We dug ourselves out of the snow and there is more on its way BUT WEARE READY>
I got my long johns on ;)

Walker said...

Gypsy : Aw thank you dear.
Just take care of yoursef first and you can have come for your fix anytime :)

I don;t care what the year brings me. I'll take it standing up uinless she is really cute LOL

Walker said...

JYankee: I bet you never wear them again now LOL

having my cake said...

Ive seen that pic before somewhere. It doesnt get any prettier. He should realise that those socks just dont work with that outfit. Happy New Year! x