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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hola Eh ©

How do I put in words a post about how much I enjoyed having Leti here with me this last couple of weeks?
I can’t, how can anybody?
All I can do is show you like I have the fun that we all shared when we were together.
Over the years we have shared a lot together outside of backgammon.

Since I started blogging, backgammon has taken a back seat and I have not spent as much time with her as I once used to but it didn’t tarnish our friendship because it wasn’t based on backgammon but on a friendship, trust and even a love for each other only true friends would understand.
We both met when we were confused and looking for answers to questions.
I was known LiquidThanatos to most people and she was MainAvenue.
Neither one of us knew the other but we were thrust together to play a tournament and team MainLiquidthat was born.
Notice how she managed to get top billing.
It was also the beginning of a friendship and a bond that has been going on for the last four years now and will last forever.
When we weren’t thrashing our opponents we talked to each other when we both had the time and sharing life’s ups and downs.
I knew what was happening in her life as she knew what was happening in mine and like real friends we supported each other and at time argued with each other because we both care of the other.
That’s what friendship is all about.
I have been blessed to have a few such friends from backgammon and blogging.

In a couple of hours Leti will be on a plane winging her way home once more to those who love her and most definitely have missed her in the last two weeks.
Even the weather over there has been a little cloudy after she left and brought the sunshine with her to me and a lot of other people that met her for the first time.
I think I could honestly speak for the others and say they were happy to have had the pleasure of meeting her.

The posts I could write from her visit and that of the others in the last two weeks would be endless but then I might be mysteriously beaten to death.
We all laughed and laughed, sometimes with tears streaming down our faces.

Leti has been reading my blog for a long time now and knows many of you through your comments and by visiting the people who comment on my blog and has asked me to tell you how much she enjoyed your comments and to thank all of you for the many laughs she enjoyed reading your comments and posts.

She did say to me she wished she could talk to one of my readers and before she could finish the sentence my hand was swiping across the phone clicking the speed dial and passed her the phone before I walked away.
I think that caught her a little off guard, I guess she didn’t think I could work that fast.
She had a quick chat and passed me back the phone.

She thinks you are all a great bunch of people and I have to agree with her.

I think our visit helped strengthen a friendship we have shared for the last four years over the keyboard.
I know I will miss having her here but she won’t be far, just across these little black keys until one day we meet again and cause more havoc on some other unsuspecting quiet little town, in Mexico maybe.
It’s been awhile since there has been a revolution there; we could start one just for a little fun.

Have a safe trip Leti xxx



“EH”, what does it mean?
Many people who are not Canadian ask me what does it mean all the time.

It’s the most used word in the Canadian English language, closely followed by the word “Want”.
Seems like everyone “wants” something lately.
“Fuck” or any of it derivatives is third.
“Beer” was slipped from first to fourth over the years but is still in the top ten.

The number one sentence is still a combination of all of the above in,
“EH, want a fucken beer”.

But getting back to the word “EH”, what does it mean?
It’s widely used in Canada and I believe in Australia but I will let one of the Aussies try and explain what it means down there, I got enough problems trying to see what it means up here, we’re bilingual here “EH”

We used the word in almost every aspect of Canadian language and it takes many meanings, for instance.

Two people passing each other along the sidewalk: “EH”, means “hello”.

Want to go to the movies today “EH”: Means, “well you coming or not”

“EHHHHHHHHHH” to a passing woman means, “I want to steam up your panties baby”.

“EH”? means, “dream on sucker”.

“EH” takes on the form of the sentence it’s used in and has many different kinds of meanings which makes it one of the most versatile words in our modern vocabulary.

So after you have tried your best to tell people what the word, (if it’s a word), “EH” means, they start using it and before you know it they have been brainwashed especially if they spend time with someone like me.

Leti before meeting Walker:
“Hi mom, how are things”?

Leti after meeting Walker:
“Eh mamacita, what’s happening”?

Now it is a two way street because a little of Leti did rub off on old Walker as well.

Walker before Leti:
Looks through keyhole and sees SIL then pretends he is not home.

Walker after Leti:
Looks through keyhole and lets SIL in.

Leti After Walker:
Looks through keyhole and sees Walker’s SIL and pretends she is not home.

It’s funny how we pick up the habits and customs of those we are with.

Walker before Leti:
This is my brother

Walker after Leti:
This hijo de mierda is my brother.

Not only did we pick up each other’s habits but we both now have the same accent.

Archie: Why are you talking funny?
Walker: cuáles son usted que habla?

Mike: Hey Walker:
Walker: Hola Mike

You can tell how close friends are by the traits each adopts from the other.

Have a nice long weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian brothers and sisters and to my American friends, Happy Columbus Day, for the rest of you who don’t have a Holiday this weekend, go out and create one anyway for a little cheer.

Business will be back to normal on Tuesday, whatever normal is in Walker’s world



Gypsy said...

Eh Walker, I missed you. "EH" means the same in Australia as it does in Canada, its meaning varies depending on the context of the sentence as so wittily demonstrated in your post.

You sound on top of the world and I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time with Leti. You sure you didn't decide to keep her after all?

Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend though it will be over by now. Hope you don't miss Leti too much.

Southern to the bone. said...

I hope Ms. Leti has a safe journey, and I'm glad you all have had a wonderful time together.

You're so right about how we pick things up from friends. I never used EH until I met some of you guys in Canada. Happy Thanksgiving, Walker! :)

Anonymous Boxer said...

Now who's going to keep your bathroom clean? :-(

I'm sure it will take a few days to get back into your lives. I'm sure she's thinking the same thing right now about you and her trip to Canada. Eh?


patti_cake said...

So glad you had such a nice visit with your wonderful friend Leti. I think I would like her very much! I love the line about how she brought the sunshine with her. I seriously hope you two get up to some grand adventures down in Mexico! Happy Thanksgiving Walker!

Blazngfyre said...

What's even funnier?

I speak that way HERE in FL! lol
So much for growing up as a border brat, eh?!

nachtwache said...

Funny and sweet. As always, it's a joy to read your post. Sorry I'm late for Happy Thanksgiving wishes.
That's awesome, that you two had such a great time. A trip to Mexico sounds like a nice plan. I'll be watching the news when you go. ;)
Certain words are the first we learn in a new language, eh.

Shaz said...

What wonderful visit leti sounds like such a card and I think its great you got to finally meet and hang out.

Josie Two Shoes said...

What a lovely tribute to a friendship! I'm so glad you enjoyed your time together this much! Amazing, the kindred souls we meet on line, isn't it?

Peter said...

The strength of your friendship with Leti shone through in every post you wrote Walker, it was great to see Eh.
We use Eh here in Oz in very much the same ways you described and it is over used badly at times.
Eh, we had a good night at the pub Eh, did you see that bird with the biguns Eh, sure put the missus to shame Eh..... and so on.