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Saturday, September 15, 2007

OHHHHHH That Smell ©

I was tagged a couple of time by the lovely tool girl DOT to do some Memes.
There is something about a woman with a tool belt that gets my attention, I don’t know if it’s a sexy thing or a warning that she has a hammer close by.
One of the tags was to list some my favourite smells or was it five of my favourite.
She did five.
Oh well there are lots of smells I like so why list only five when I can do more.

Umm Dot, you know I really hate Memes eh lol

Fresh bread, I LOVE the smell of bread being baked.
I had a Lebanese bakery at the bottom of my driveway and every morning I would stop the car and lower the window and the owner would run out with some piping hot bread for me to eat.
How many people have a drive through window in their yard.

My mother still bakes bread and when we go next door at least two loafs never make it to the freezer and if we are lucky sometime she will make a flat loaf with a lot of salt on top, perfect to eat with cheese.

Red perfume, I first smelled it about 10 years ago while shopping with my ex and wow, I don’t know what the hell was in it but it got me cranked up.
Every time she wore it I fucked the daylights out of her.
Needless to say she never had to buy it again, I kept her supplied with the stuff every birthday, Christmas and Valentines day.

It’s weird but it was just that perfume, she had heaps of other perfumes and OPIUM, it’s like repellent to me.
Just put it on the bottle, Walker Repellent.

I loved the smell of my kids when they were born.
They smelled better than Bounce in the dryer until they filled their diapers and your hair turns grey before your eyes.
After you toss it and wipe their little butts clean you can hold them up in the air and watch their beaming smiles make you forget the hideous odour emitting from the pail with the used diaper.

Bounce, I like the smell of bounce and the way it makes my clothes smell.

Fried onions, I like the smell of frying onions.
I remember going to the various fairs in the region with all the rides and shows but I remember the smell of the fried onions they put on the burgers and hotdogs.

A Rose, I like the smell of roses and its one of the reasons I have three large rose bushes in the front so when I walk out in the morning and there is a light breeze I am greeting with their sweet scent.


I love the smell of pussy.
I don’t mean the, haven’t showered for weeks smell.
I mean when I am with someone on the couch or in bed, anywhere and am playing together and her lust, desires start seeping between her legs kinda sweet smell.

I like the smell of hash, the scent of it; I am not talking about the buzz you get.It has this sweet pungent smell.

Incense, Jasmine to be exact, have hundreds of different type in the house and like feeding my moods with various types.
Right now I got some Frankincense burning.

The smell of freshly cut wood, with them building the porches next door they have been cutting a lot of wood and you can smell it everywhere as the wind blows it around the neighbourhood.

The smell of exhaust from a bus, maybe that’s why I rather follow one than ride one.

There are many, many more smells that I like that I can’t think of right now.

I won’t tag any one but if some of you like you can do it on your own or tell me some of the smells you like in my comments.

That’s one down and one to go.

Have a nice weekend and who knows, maybe I will post again tomorrow.



gab said...

Red Perfume? Never heard of it. Most everything Ive come across makes me sneeze. lol I do use some Avon stuff that doesnt bother me. I forget the name right now(see havent had the need to use cause no wheres to go).
I like the smell of Roses also....we only have one bush that has survived our kids and one day soon I hope to remeidy that. Oh yes fresh bread Love it. And fresh cut lumber I guess you cant grow up a carpenter's daughter and not like that! I have many more. Have a great weekend.

Josie Two Shoes said...

You had some wonderful smells here Walker! Baking bread...mmm! And I love the smell of fresh cut wood too - fond memories of playing in a woodshop! Bus exhaust - no! That makes me feel sick. I am allergic to diesel fuel fumes - literally takes my breath away. :-)

Gypsy said...

Oooh now I feel guilty. You've just reminded me that Dot tagged me for something (sorry Dot). In case it was this one I won't tell you my favourite smells but I liked many of yours. I haven't heard of Red either. I've heard of Red Door but not that one. My favourite perfume is Dolce & Gabbana. It is my one true indulgence.

PBS said...

That's a good garden of smells listed there! It made me laugh when I read one of them, though. I once told a guy that I loved his smell, so every time me got together after that he made sure not to shower! I tried tactfully to explain it, but he never got it.

Shaz said...

Fresh Bread never lasts long in our house either I still make a mean foccacia YUM and Red never heard of it but I have to search it out just know what it smells like now. And my babies well I do love my babies ;)

nachtwache said...

If you meant Red Door, by Elizabeth Arden, that's my favourite perfume, it smells so nice. I never heard of Red either. Of course babies, they're so sweet; and bread, wood ( also a carpenter's daughter), leather, I loved going to the shoe store and walking by gas stations as a kid. Roses and other flower scents, line dried fresh sheets, popcorn, coffee.....I could go on. To me pot smells like skunk, don't like it at all.
Enjoy the upcoming week.

Dotm said...

Bus exhaust? Don`t think I could handle that one. Also too dangerous. Now Walker, don`t go running behind any busses, we don`t want to lose you that way. LOL

The one smell that I can`t tolerate for long is tomatoe plants or geraniums. They must come from the same family somehow since their aromas bother my breathing the same way. Everytime I touch either one my arms will itch until I come inside and use plenty of soap washing my arms off. There used to be one Avon perfume that my oldest daughter used to like that I was also allergic to, but I still own many other Avon perfumes that have never bothered me.
Instead of listing more smells that I like, it was easier to list the ones my system can`t tolerate.
I also love the smell out by my apple tree with all those apples laying around. Even better than the fresh baked apple pie as there is a stronger smell by the tree. i need to get out there and rake up the apples. They got larger and even turned red this year, but still have the spots on them. Gonna spray the tree more times next spring and should get eatable apples for a change. Doing better every year.Walt was my big apple eater. Wish I had known enough to have sprayed the tree years ago, but it wasn`t producing any apples back then.
Thanks Walker for doing the tag for me. And, you needn`t worry, I don`t pound people even though I once had a neighbor who tried her hammer out on my head. Had all I could do to keep it from hitting hard enough to do real damage. She was so old that I was afraid to hit her for fear of causing her to have a heart attack, so took me a while to get that banging hammer out of her hands. She was crazy and eventually -about a year later-they came and took her away. The whole neighborhood gave a sigh of relief knowing our kids were safe from her. My kids were the only kids in the neighbothood that she did like. Too much, was the problem- she even baked them some cookies which I had to take away from them when I saw all the ants on them.

patti_cake said...

There is so much to be said for smells.... they truly can take you "away".

Jac said...

Buddy, You beat me in memes too ?? I just did one with smells. LOL...and when I come here, here is top gun making my meme look like a peanut.

Happy week walker.