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Sunday, August 26, 2007

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I am pre-empting the post that I was going to put here with a news flash from across the pond.
All weekend actually for the last six months my parents have been glued to the TV and Greek news watching the fired burning Greece to the ground.
It’s not just in one spot it the whole fucken country that’s on fire.
They have had no real rain since about February making the whole country one big tinderbox.
Forty-nine people have perished due to the fires and millions of dollars in property has been lost.
People who owned farms and orchards now look over the chard remains of generations of family life.
Most of the farms that are scorching the clouds above have been passed down from parents to children for centuries.
Ancient sites, museums, churches that have been standing since the beginning of god as most Greek Orthodox Christians know it are consumed by a raging hell that has plagued this country, threatening to cremate history to re-sculpt a new future.

The fires are not in one particular place they are in the whole country.
It makes you wonder how that could be possible but with the country being so dry, it’s not that hard to see how it could happen but can a thousand fires start all at once by accident?
Did Zeus himself stand on top of Mount Olympus and throw down thunderbolts on Greece to punish them for their greed and incompetence with fire, one of the purest elements there is to cleans the land?

I just finished watching people rushing to evacuate a hospital for disabled kids because the flames were licking the backdoor of the place and it’s only a matter of hours before the home they knew disappears.

Thousands of young volunteers have gone to war with the flaming giants as they come out of the wilderness leaving nothing in their wake and threatening to invade the stone and concrete castles of today.

Three more of them died the other day, five are now missing and encircled by fire with no way for rescuers to get to them.
Can you imagine standing in a fire pit with flames all around you brushing your hair and caressing your skin?

Three sons ran to the hills to save their father’s flock, they have not been heard of since.

At this moment my parent’s village is surrounded by fire from all sides and closing in. A thousand people, cousins, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters, nephews, nieces all family.
The men and boys all on tractors have headed out and are digging firebreaks while the women, children and the elderly are crowded in the village school waiting, not knowing if they would be saved and at what cost in human life.

People from all over the world have been sent to Greece to help fight the fires and still they can’t get the under control.
A water plane was lost last month with its crew who had volunteered to help fight the fires.
We all sat there watching the news as it went behind a hill and never came back up except for the fresh new flames that appeared in its place.

I have seen a lot watching this unfold but I think the most disturbing part that I saw was the footage from a film shot at night with a night vision camera.
It showed two people moving through the woods starting news fires.
They would start one here then move on and start one there.


What are these fuckers doing?
They are deliberately starting the fires and people are dieing in the process.
I figure the cops are going to bust their butts now and go to jail if they live long enough to get to court but they didn’t get caught.
Even though they could see them from the air starting the fires the authorities don’t have the resources to apprehend them and they get away.


These people are starting fires that are causing death and damage not to forget the people been left homeless and without a way of life any more.
Resources, they have resources it’s called a military.
Send a fucken F16 and bomb the mother fuckers, they already started a fire the harm is done.
Let them fry in the hell they created.

There are people travelling all over Greece starting fires on purpose for mostly monetary reasons.
With the boom of foreigners rushing to Greece to buy homes there isn’t enough land to build on that isn’t farmed, or government forest so some developers have paid individuals to start fires to burn off land in hopes that the government will sell it to them so they could build new expensive homes to sell to foreigners.
The problem is that fires don’t recognize borders and burn everything in their path but even this is a good thing for many developers because they are buying up devastated farmers’ lands and building on them as well.
You see in Greece, not like here they don’t have insurance on most properties especially in the countryside like farmers fields, so when they loose a crop they loose it for real.
There will be no one with a cheque for them the next day to start all over again but wait, there is the kind hearted developer with a cheque book willing to give them a chance to start all over some place else.
Where would a farmer that has lived on this plot of land all his life which holds the blood and sweat of his family from hundreds of years past go to start all fucken over.
The government knows all of this but they are so fucken corrupt they have been closing their eyes to a lot of it in the past but now, now it’s gotten way out of control and the fire is not only burning the country but the corrupt officials have found themselves on the firing line.
How can they find a scapegoat and still cover their Asses?
Oh wait; yes they have arrested a 77year old woman who was bbqing in the back and one of the fires started from one of her embers.
To bad she didn’t have a cow to blame it on, would a goat do?

Nice try but they can’t use a scapegoat because now the truth is coming out slowly and everyday they are being dragged over those same red-hot coals left from the damage happening outside of parliament.

You want to catch who is doing all of this, look to see who has the most to gain from this disaster, any disaster
New Orleans, do you really think they didn’t know that wasn’t going to happen?
Of course they did, they just didn’t know when.
All those fucken slumlords holding those run down building made a killing.
A cow started the Chicago fire?
Maybe the cow did kick the kerosene lamp that was ten feet off the ground but who goose the cow to kick that high?
The same with the San Francisco fire, who profited from it?

Behind every disaster like this you will find someone who hit it big because they manoeuvred themselves before hand to be in that position.
It’s easy.
You borrow money from the bank and buy property in some run down neighbourhood then rent it to poor people because that all they could afford.
Collect rents every month to pay the mortgage, when the place next door comes to market you buy it to and do the same and keep doing it until you own a block of fire hazards and one night when everyone is sleeping get some crack addict to go torch the place.
Give the addict so much money we will OD on drugs and you won’t have to worry about that witness anymore.
The insurance company pays you 10 times what it was worth and you pay the bank off making 1000% profit and stay in good standings with the bank.
Then you go to another neighbourhood and start all over again.
After a couple of times you are filthy rich and living in a nice house on a tropical island somewhere feeling the rays of the sun above unlike some of the tenants that end up living in the cold ground feeling the weight of the world on their bones.

I like money as much as the average person.
I wish I had more so I could do what I really wanted to do but I wouldn’t want to make money by hurting innocent people on purpose.
The money isn’t worth it.

I think that if you are rich you shouldn’t be allowed to run for public office.
I think the poor know more about what is wrong than the ones who don’t know what its like to be cold and hungry.

This just came on the news, those five volunteers that were trapped in the fire are confirmed statistics now.

How much was that worth?

Have a nice day



nachtwache said...

Those that profit from hurting others better enjoy their ill gotten riches now, they'll find that no fire is hotter than hell, where they'll roast for eternity.
We've been watching the news too. It's awful!

Dotm said...

Such a sad story. I hate seeing innocent people suffering due to someone elses fault. Has to be doubly hard for your parents- being their beloved country where they grew up plus still having relation there to worry about.
I also feel for the families and friends of those miners who were caught in the cave in underground in the mine.

Lindy said...

This whole thing stinks of corruption. Theres just not a lot the little guy can do to stand in its path except die. Such a shame. Good luck to your family. I pray everyone stays safe.

Peter said...

Hi Walker, Australia suffers the heartbreak of bush fires almost every year somewhere, it is tragic to watch peoples lives and dreams burn up in front of them, like the fires in Greece many here are intentionally lit too.
I don't know how these people can live with themselves after causing all the terror and losses they do.

Nan said...

I hope they get those fuckers who are starting the fires. This happened in Calafornia a few years back. It turned out to be a fire fighter himself that was starting the fires just so he could stay working. Nice eh!

Gypsy said...

Fire is one of the most terrifying and destructive forces on earth. It leaves nothing in its wake and the fact that there are evil forces behind this atrocity makes it incomprehensible. Peter is right about our country and the constant threat of massive bushfires and yes, they are often deliberately lit. I hope the bastards that are doing this in Greece get caught by their own hand and burn in hell. I hope all your family will be safe Walker.

Very well written, I feel your pain and anger. We all should.

Blazngfyre said...

I have been reading about these fires for a couple days now with great interest.
I WAS a firefighter.
I can tell you what it's like to stare the beast ion the eyes and have it laugh at you. I've never fought wildfires, although we have plenty of them here in Florida, but I DO know that wildfires are a completely different animal than a structure fire.
The fact that these fire are being started on purpose and the Government is doing nothing about it just sickens me.
I pray that your family will be safe and escape with little damage.

BikerCandy said...

I can't believe people do stuff like this on purpose. How very sad! I hope your family is safe.

patti_cake said...

So very very very very sad. I thought of you immediately when I heard this. My heart goes out to all those affected by this senseless heinous tragedy. Precious lives and History can never be replaced.