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Monday, August 27, 2007

Four Sexy Ladies ©

So how big is your house?
It’s a fair size; it has 3 bedrooms, a washroom, living room, dinning room, kitchen and most importantly, cable.
So if four women showed up at your place there would be room for every one?
Yeah, I guess there would be but what are the chances there would be four women showing up at my door all at once.
We’ll be there on the 28th.
Ha Ha Ha funny lady.
No, we’ll be there on the 28th.
Ha Ha Ha stop funning with me.

Another IM pops up from someone not on my list as I was added to a conference room.

Hi, Walker, yes we will be there at your place on the 28th.
Me, my sister and two friends so you better have lots of rye when we get there.
Huh ??????????
Do you have a problem with four sexy women coming to stay with you?
Who me, ummm nope, I’m game.

That was the other day while I was sitting here writing a post.
It seems next month I will be having visitors.
Four women I have never met before, three of which I don’t even know outside of seein them in backgammon rooms.
One is flying in from San Diego, another flying in from Mexico and two driving 16 hours so they could all hook up at my place.

I do talk to the one coming from Mexico, some of you may know her from some of my posts and comments as Leti.
She is my backgammon partner when I play and I know who two of the other women are and they know of me but we have never talked outside of the lobby or playing in a tournament.
When we play backgammon we don’t use are real names and I am known as Liquid by most people and I am pretty well known around the backgammon circuit but they don’t know they are meeting at Liquid’s place, they think they are meeting at Leti’s friends place and I have no intention of telling them otherwise, unless Leti already told them which I doubt.
That way we can all play and they won't know its me in the house.
I could have a little fun, probably kill me when they find out ha ha ha.

They are all going on a road trip (I hope none of them are called Thelma or Louise) and heading off to meet other backgammon players in Montreal.
As the details are unfolding infront of me I am also talking to a friend who I was Iming with before the other ladies came on line and I am telling her what is going to be happening next month.

She is telling me that I will be needed 12 towels every morning for that many women.
Why 12 towels?

One for the hair
One to dry off
One to wear around the house until they get dressed.


Now I do have about 30-40 towels in my cupboard in the washroom so I am not worried about not having towels but you know, if I get rid of the towels they would have to stand in the hallway drip drying.
I won’t complain.
Really I won’t.
I could even fan them with a hand towel.

It will be fun meeting some of the people I have been playing backgammon with and against over the last 5 years especially Leti.
Meeting Leti will be special since we have been friends for so long and never met each other in real life.
I met her at a time when I needed a friend and over the years we have talked each other through some rough times and out of some dumb ideas.

She will be staying a little longer with me so I can show her around Ottawa, who knows I may learn something new on one of those tours.
Every time I take someone sight seeing it seems there is always something new I didn’t know.

While she is here maybe I can get her to teach me to make some Mexican dishes, I love to cook especially new different foods from other countries.
I know we will have a lot of fun and I think having four strange women in the house will be a nice change.
Last time that happened was…….. well it’s never happened.
How much trouble can I get into anyway?
Don’t answer that.

I hope you all had a great weekend and I will be putting up a bbq post soon, I have just been so busy.
Actually I have so many posts I want to write I don’t know which one to start first.

Ah I’ll figure it out well I am off, Archie is leaving for a month so we are all going over to wish him a safe trip.
No we are not going to get drunk, did that last night that’s why I just woke up naked in bed with a hungry cat staring at his dinner if I didn’t get out of bed and open a can for him.
I better go shower and leave, catch you later on your blogs

Have a nice day



patti_cake said...

Sounds exciting - four women coming to stay with you! I just met some blogger buds as you know and it was fantastic. I highly reccomend it! Waiting patiently for the bbq post. Have to catch the red clay post I missed too.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Four women? Did you win the Lottery?

Do you have enough outlets? And make sure the bathroom is REALLY clean. (do I sound like your Mother right now?)


Now have a fun visit.

Shaz said...

How exciting in all counts. One if I were a bloke youd only find hand towels ;)and I would be getting a set of ear plugs other than that sounds like a blast. Ben and I are considering coming to Canada next year as his aunt lives there(I know its big but hey it wouild be great to say Hi)
Im going to look at a map because I dont know the distances.
Have a blast with your mates how exciting Im sure your guests will be well entertained.
Its nice to back to say hi and I hope your well.
Thankyou for all your support I really appreciate your support even when Im not here as often as I'd like.xx

Gypsy said...

Blogger just ate my comment. Let's try again.

"How much trouble can you get into with four women?" ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I see trouble written all over this post....the good kind. All jokes aside, that would be amazing catching up with a fellow blogger (and her friends). How exciting and a little bit nerve wracking too.

I can see some GREAT posts coming out of this situation ;)

nachtwache said...

That should be fun! We see more of Vancouver and surroundings, when we show visitors around, then any other time. 4 woman-should be no problem for you. A man that likes to cook, that's a paradise vacation for the ladies!

Lora_3 said...

This post really made me laugh. I feel so proud of you for some weird reason. LOL

Be safe...

BikerCandy said...

Just be a good boy...if that's possible!

Blazngfyre said...

Like the lady said ... make sure you have plenty of Rye! lol

And yeah, ditch the regular sized towels.