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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weather Madness ©

So, how’s the weather in your neck of the woods?
Here it’s fucken crazy.
The weather man doesn’t know if it’s going to be hot, rain, snow hell it may even shit on us soon from the what I see all over the world.
It snowed in South Africa and the penguins probably need sunscreen in Antarctica.

As a kid I remember freezing my balls off shovelling an endless supply of the cold white stuff.
If there weren’t at least one blizzard once a week in the winter back then, it wouldn’t have been winter.

When I was a wee little weenie whacker my father gave me this three inch shovel and I sat on the back porch in my snowsuit pecking at the bit of snow that was sitting on it thinking I was helping while my father was waist deep in the back yard cleaning it up to park the car.
As I got older the shovels got bigger until I pushed one that was three feet wide and the snow was shoulder high.

Now last winter, we had so much snow I could have used the wee little three-inch shovel to deal with it like when I was three years old.
Where the fuck did all the snow go?

Not only is it disappearing but winter is making its appearance much later than it used to.
It used to start snowing mid or late October and by Christmas there was a white blanket covering a thousand kilometer area.
We had a green Christmas last year.

I used to joke that if an asteroid came close enough to the earth it might jiggle our orbit a bit and we would end up where Florida is and we would have great weather.
Of course Florida would be where Newfoundland is now and the Cubans would be totally fucked, it would be farther for them to row their boats down to here and this climate that suited them.

Now, no way Jose.
They are roasting and we are getting their weather thanks to all those nice warmongers and their fucken bombs messing up the atmosphere.
They say car emissions are the main cause and they may be right.
Others say it’s the factories, which could be true to.
Maybe it’s all those people farting their butts off after the great chili cook off, it’s possible as well.
What I do know is that all these bombs and bullets being fired, releasing their noxious gasses have to be polluting not only the land with bodies but the air with death that is affecting us all, all over the world.

People all over Europe are dieing from the heat wave there as records are being set for highs.
No rain, thousands of fires burning down ancient forests adding to the pollution in the air thus affecting the weather even more.
People with umbrellas that once were used to keep them dry now used to prevent them from frying in the hot afternoon sun.
There has to be something done, something we could do to stop this madness before it’s too late. It’s so hot here you could get a tan hiding under you bed and it’s not the hot months yet.

You know if this keeps up the whole world will look like the Middle East, covered in desert sand, lifeless where life once existed.
Buildings of history and law that once marked the existence of an intelligent species slowing being worn down by the blowing sand until there is no mark left to prove they once actually stood there and that’s where the water hasn’t drowned out the land leaving only an arm holding a rusty torch where once stood a welcome sign to freedom.

The leaders of the world have to get it together right now and do something.
China is planning to build 2800 more power plants that will run on coal, and I am 100% sure that will not help.
The time for chest beating and foot stomping has to end and hands have to unite to save this world or we’re done.
Well I will be dead before then and so will most of you but your kids and their kids will suffer dearly.
Cancer will become more common than the common cold and they will rot slowly from it.
They need it to stop now before it gets to that stage and is irreversible.

War has to end, now.
Those arming the combatants have to told to stop, I don’t mean asked, I mean told.

Superpowers have to step back and focus on world survival and not national survival.
The world is bigger than just one nation.

Industry has to find ways to build for the future with the future in mind because no future, no sales and you can’t take it with you.
Trust me, they could do all of this, I know they can, you know they can and they do as well, but money stands between life and them.
Someone should tell these people you can't buy a soul only enrich it.

Tell companies you won’t buy anything made from China and see how many power plants they won’t build.

Let the militants go to war with peashooters and see how fast they will ask for a deal for peace.

Tell all the people being oppressed by a tyrant to string him up and you will help them have a better life within their customs and they will string him up and I bet his own army would do it for them.

Tell religious leaders to stay out of politics and do what they are supposed to do and that’s help their believers by not trying to create a way their mind should think through prejudice but to help them have peace of mind.

If we don’t get it together now, the only thing there will be left here after a thousand years have passed and the torch has rusted off of those fingers to greet any space travelers will be this salute to our extinction.

Life could be simple and long if we don’t shorten it, now I need a glass of clean water.

These are just my opinions

Have a nice day.



Blazngfyre said...

Don't sugar coat it for me Walker, tell me how you really feel!

Florida where Newfoundland is ... PFFT!
Never again will I shovel that ungodly white shit known as snow.

On a serious note, i DO agree with pretty much everything you said in this rant.
I like it when you get all ranty and pissed off.

Have a nice day! :)

Anonymous Boxer said...

I was thinking the same thing, Blaze, I like it when Walker gets fired up about something. And, I was getting pretty serious about the whole post until I got to the end and saw the photo - I laughed so hard my office dog jumped out of his bed and started barking at the computer. OK, he was barking at me, laughing at the computer. But it was a great line illustrated with the perfect photo.

It's a lovely day here in my town... 75 and sunny. Woot.

PBS said...

Whoa, that's intense but I agree with you 100%. Nice touch on the statue :) ! We've had scorchingly hot weather here, in the 90's. Almost unheard of right next to the world's largest freshwater lake. Normally we have natural air conditioning. Winters have been later and later. Our famous dog sled race in the spring was cancelled (not just rescheduled) for the first time EVER because of lack of snow! It was actually raining in January and February instead of cold and snowy like it's supposed to be. And the conservatives think the liberals are inventing global warming as a political ploy? Give me a break!

Vickie said...

Could you come south and get into politics---never mind I forgot it is all driven by money these days.

It would be nice if politicians did think like you---well in some areas that is. :)

A great post.

gab said...

I can remember those snow storms and when I tell my grandkids this my kids are going yeah yeah yeah like it isnt true. you know like when my dad used to say he walk 3 miles to school in snow so deep you could only see his head?
and of course the grandkids look at me like they dont believe a word of it after all look at the snow we have now in the winters.
I personally think its all those rockets we send into space to track this or that.

Nan said...

It's been hotter than hell here and the humidity is up around 84%. It sucks. We've had a few tornados on the outskirts of town as well. Every year it just keeps getting hotter and hotter and the winters shorter and milder.
Talk to you in a week.

Peter said...

Hi Walker, we are getting winter weather here in Oz in fact lots colder than normal, so it follows we'll be frying this summer, bloody extremes of anything piss me off.

patti_cake said...

Very good points you have and I agree with you. This whole global warming thing is frightening and sad. We have 70* days here in S. Carolina all through the year intermittently.

Gypsy said...

Peter is right. In Oz we have been having very unusually cold weather but this week in Adelaide has been like Spring. Who knows what will happen next week. I agree that our Summer is going to be even longer than the 6 months we had it for last year, we skipped autumn altogether and I think Spring may already be here in the middle of Winter. WTF????

No wonder the poor weatherman is confused....

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: Oh come on I know how hot it is in your office, just think of the cool ocean breeze coming off of the north atlantic lol

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: I when I saw the picture I loved it and had to use it even though I only needed a bit. it says so much and is so like my gerneration.

Walker said...

PBS: The weather is getting way out of contriol and from what I have read up on it's only going to get worse. The ice in the north is melting and slowly the oceans will start to rise untill I guess we will have a water world

Walker said...

Vickie: It doesnt matter where we are from, here or there polititions are to scared or corrupt to try and force changes. We need solid world leadership that are willing to think of the world as a whole

Walker said...

gab: I am sure those rocketsd and helping agrivate our problems as are all the expended jet fuel that is being used to fly all the planes in the air.

Walker said...

Nan:Ah a week at the lake with the wind blowing in your face watching the sun set with Oil Man, I guess you'll be in heaven
I hope you have a great time :)

Walker said...

Peter: I hate extremes to. The way it is now we get winters the get as cold as -45 and as hot as 45. Must be all that hot air from parlament causing this extra heat to.

Walker said...

patti_cake: I wish it was 70 all year but you may see it change in the future. From what I read they say Florida will get so hot over the next 20 years it will be mostly beach with people moving north.

Walker said...

Gypsy: I can see us loosing a couple of seasons at this rate, specifically spring and fall leaving us with only weather we hate.

Jac said...

Say it again, walker!

Walker said...

Jac: I will always say it Jac we all should every chance we get.

nachtwache said...

I'll take a chance of getting everyone pissed of at me.
Weather patterns have changed over time, there was the ice age we all learned about. I read about a mini ice age in the middle ages and before that, the weather was warmer than we've had so far. Until late 70s, everyone thought we were heading into another ice age. So, sure pollution from us isn't helping, but all of nature gives off carbon monoxide.
I worry more about water pollution. We can't live without water.
Scientists are predicting that wet climates will get wetter and hot climates hotter. I guess we'll start growing webbed feet and here I counted on global warming to give us more sunshine.
Now politics, that's a hot topic. Plenty of corruption and greed, but I'll take our government long before the ones of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Zimbabwe...just to name a few. At least here we don't get killed for disagreeing with them.
Now be gentle...

Walker said...

nachtwache: Yes there is a history of major climate changes but they have been looking at the effects of the depleating ozone layer and are contributing this to some of the heat we have been hgetting and we are becoming less protected from sun flares when they happen.

Yes water is a big issue and there again with the temperatures rising certain algea are growing faster and spreading around the world.

Polution is one of the worse enemies we have abnd we have to start fighting it.

No one will attack you for your opinion and it is a good point you made.

nachtwache said...

I totally agree that pollution is affecting the ozone and somewhat the climate. The sun seems to burn now. We should clean up our act. The Kyoto accord isn't the way though, that's only buying permission to keep polluting, what good is that? We need real solutions.

Walker said...

nachtwache: I think its time for people to start calling for change, the more that call for it the more they will be heard. We are loosing the battle because our single voice is heard, a collective voice is much louder

Blazngfyre said...

Personal accountability is a good place to start.
I've been recycling and composting since I can remember, and I do it to this day.
Both of my boys are being taught this, just as I was.

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: its the place to start. Growing up i was taught family comes first and stops there today I see how wrongthat is. Family should come first and then it should extend out to those close to you and this will tighten us as a society

Dotm said...

Loved the story about the little snow shovel that kept growing as you grew. Sounds familiar. My kids all loved to help me shovel when they were little, but seems like it was the girls who would go out just before dusk to help me shovel. I always found it warmer to shovel in the evening than earlier in the day. You would expect it to feel much colder later, but it never felt colder.

I sure remember those old snow storms where the snow banks were way over your head, you couldn`t see the cars till they turned the corner and the cars couldn`t see you. Banks got so high there was no way to keep tossing the snow up on top of the banks. Sure made high banks to slide down.

Does make you worry what it will be like when the great grandchildren are my age. Weather sure has changed a lot over the years, lots more vehicles today to add to the pollution than there were on the road when I was a kid.