blue moon (2)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sunny Daze ©

The sweat ran down the side of his face as he crawled slowly across the ground with the hot sun beating down on him.
A hot breeze swept past him as he stopped in front of a large cactus plant looming high up like a spiked tower that could collapse at any moment impaling him 1000 times over.

He could see the object of his quest on the other side of the cactus but there was no way around it from either side so he had to reach through its menacing limbs hoping, wishing he could without having his skin torn open and loosing more precious fluid.

Just then a sharp pain shot through his mind as something grabbed him by the ankle and started gnawing at his leg.
Rolling to his side he kicked it off but with ears pressed back it attacked his leg once more attaching its claws to his leg then sinking it’s teeth into the dry skin.

Shaking his leg violently he managed once more to shake it off and then he gave it an errant kick.
It hissed at him as it took off.
He was to tired and thirsty to even bend down to see what damage had been done to his leg.

Rolling over on his belly again he used his forearms and pushed himself up on his elbows.
He sat there like that for a while staring down at the ground remembering a place where there was nothing but a cool breeze and cold running water all around him singing a sweet song and the sun kissed his face gently, not like now.

He moved even closer to the cactus plant so that he could reach as far as he could because his goal was way on the other side.
He peered through the plant trying to see the best route for his arm to take so it wouldn’t be impaled to badly.

When he was sure he found the perfect way to go, he rolled up his sleeve so it wouldn’t get caught up in the thorns and slowly started pushing his hand into the gauntlet of thorns.
Sweat dripped off of his face as his hand advance deeper and deeper into the heart on the plant reaching farther and farther but closer to his prize.
He was almost through when his leg was once more attacked causing him to jerk his arm onto a long spike and watched it go in almost the total of its length into his forearm.

Trying to ignore the animal making a dinner of his leg he slowly pulled his arm off of the thorn and freeing himself from its grasp.
Then without pulling it out he kicked back with his other leg hitting the beast behind him and sending it running away.

He could see the blood running down his arm and dripping off of his elbow to feed the cactus with his moisture.
Flexing his fingers one then twice he started reaching farther into the plant and even had to turn his face because he was now almost pressed up against the plant.

He started wiggling his fingers to see if he could touch it and a couple of time he managed to knock it a bit but this only pushed in even farther away from his reach.
He held his position for a minute and quickly thinking of what to do next, he knew what he had to do and he wasn’t happy about it.

He gathered his thoughts and looked to his inner being for strength, cleared his mind and started to focus on one thing and one thing only, the task at hand.
NO MATTER WHAT THE SACRIFICE, it had to be done.

He took a slow deep breath and focused on hi target then turned his head away and pushed in, slowly without hesitation and the spears slowly pushed into the side of his body but he was undeterred and determined to do it and pushed harder and more spikes entered his chest and arm.
Pain was bashing at his minds door but he kept focus enough to hold on to the task at hand and then he could feel it in the palm of his hand.
Wrapping his fingers around it he slowly pulled back and then let go all of a sudden, a crash filled the hot humid air as he tumbled backwards to the ground.
He lay there with his eyes closed but for a few seconds he thought before he opened them to darkness

The sun had disappeared in what seemed like a blink of an eye.
He looked around him and he was in darkness now, still hot but dark.

Slowly he turned and crawled back in the direction he had come from and started to climbing up to the mound he had fallen off of.
When he had reached the summit he sat back against it and could feel the sweat all over his body running in every direction like the feet of ants crawling around him.
He looked around him for….ah yes here it is.

Perfect, with the blind down the sun isn’t messing my TV viewing anymore….. Frick you little shit you got to stop biting my ankles.

Have a nice day



nachtwache said...

Our male cat is definitely a brat! He'll swipe at us, stick his head into hubby's mug and drink his coffee, try to go into rooms he's not allowed. Females are gentler and ours is so lady like :) You'll need to teach that boy some old is Frick? How did he get that name?

Walker said...

nachtwache: Frick is beyond manners he has a mind of his own and is a little crazy I think. He will be seventeen in 2 months.
He is called Frick because his broither was called Frack who ended up being deported to the farm for excess damage and attacking kids.

Isabella said...

You always know how to build a story Walker and keep me on the edge of my seat. Well done. Poor little Frick, he just wants to play with you.

nachtwache said...

Yeah, our male, Paws, is a little crazy too. He'll get this totally demented look in his eyes before he tries to claw you, if he gets you, he'll draw blood. He has 4 white paws, hence his name. The name Frick, I had wondered if it came from "You little "f@#k" :) The craziness must be in the genes, Paws' dad was certainly wild and crazy.
Frack got carted off to the funny farm :) He'll be terrorizing mice and chickens. Did you see the video clip on you tube, where a cat chases off a bear?!

Walker said...

nachtwache: No but I do call him a little "f@#k" alot LOL

Frack from what I was told years ago has passed away buy where there were no grey cats befopre it seems are infested with them now lol

Walker said...

Isabella: What do you mean "Poor little Frick" what about poor big old me LOL

Anonymous Boxer said...

OK, you totally had me until the end.

That's a pretty feisty cat for 17.

Very funny.

Peter said...

Sucked in along with all the rest Walker, I guess with Red Clay we are primed for another story.

Shaz said...

I knew all along LMAO whatever I knew nothing lol.
You are such a word smith I love it.

PBS said...

Frick and Frack certainly were brothers! He's pretty lively for 17 years old. I was reading the story and wondering (?)(!) until I realized in the end!

Blazngfyre said...



er, um, I mean .... Poor Walker.
Attacked by a vicious Cactus, and an even more vicious elderly cat.

patti_cake said...

Frick sounds like my parents old cat Cee Bee LOL Very good build-up Walker!