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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Red Clay: Part Eight ©

As I said I would, I wrote another installment of this story over the weekend.
I have to admit with everyone I write the possibilities that arise are almost endless.
Some of you have asked me if I would consider making this a serial and putting up a post every week and as flattering as the offer is and I did think about it for a while I think no would be my answer for a couple of reasons.
I do love wiring this story but it is a story and I would like to write other stories down the line, besides I have the end written already and would really like to use it.
Also this is my personal blog and I like sharing about my days or my opinions about what I see in my life.
But I am willing to make a compromise of sorts.

I was going to fill in the gaps after I post the last part and finish it off privately but if there is enough interest I wouldn’t mind doing it here which could go up to 20 parts.
I’ll leave that with you all.
So with that out of the way, I hope you enjoy part 8.


He ran to his car tossing the satchel on the passenger seat next to him then started the car.
His heart was racing faster then the car as he sped down the highway trying to get as far away from this place as he could.
He was trying to think what he should do next?
He had to tell the police, should he tell the police?
It was the right thing to do, maybe some of them were still alive and needed help, but the image of the dead biker came to view in his head and he knew that he was dead for sure, so was the bartender.
About thirty miles down the road he came up on a sign that said police ahead.
Should he stop and report it or just keep going all the way to California and not look back?
In the distance he could see a small building ahead, this must be the state police station.
As the miles rolled off the tires the building loomed closer, bigger and a decision had to be made now.
He was going to walk in there, a black man covered in blood and try and tell them that he just witness a multiple homicide and he was the only survivor.
He watched the building come up in front of him and then go by as he drove past it.

Diego was sitting in his office thinking of all the years as a child with his mother.
She had always protected him, even when the slaves revolted and he was a young boy, and she took up a sword and helped in the battle to leave this place then get to the ships and safety.

When his father died during their escape she was stronger than all of them.
One day when he was graduating from school, she told him that his father had told her how proud he was of him and knew that he would become a honourable man.

With this in mind his mother raised him to be a man of his word and sent him to the best schools to be taught by the best teachers while she stayed home and managed the family’s money until he was old enough to take on the task himself.
He was also given the task to claim his family’s lands lost during the revolt, which he has done, honouring his father.
Now she was dead and felt her loss everyday when he sees something that reminds him of her.
He knew she would have approved of Ada.

There was a knock at the door and they walked in.
Dakarai stood before him and he could feel the boy’s pain as Diego felt his when he lost his mother.
Diego waved him closer.
Ada put her arm around Dakarai shoulders and walked with him to the front of the desk.
Diego looked at him and told Dakarai that his mother, Baina was a brave woman and not only he, but all of them owed her their lives.

When Diego ran out to meet the raiders on the beach, Ada’s yells had woken up the house staff including Baina and Dakarai.
When she looked out the window and saw how many raiders there were charging up the sandy beach and with only Diego to fight them she ran to the compound housing the other slaves.
She told them that their master was in trouble and needed their help.
A few got up and went to her but the others didn’t move.

Then Baina angry and embarrassed stepped forward to remind them how it was and how it is now and how it could be if something were to happen to Diego.
She told them that they live without chains here binding them like so many of other blacks.
They were well taken care of with a home to lay down and sleep without fear at night.
They could run, this was their chance while their master was slaughtered on the beach defending them, but where would they go to have it better than than have it here?

One by one they began to realize her words as they slowly stood up, shame mingle with pride in their eyes began to well up as they followed her out to the tool shed.
At the tool shed they armed themselves with the machetes stored there to cut down the cane and ran out to fight for the life they now enjoyed.
100 slaves ran for the beach with Baina at the front leading them.
Dakarai was at her heals when she stopped at the edge of the beach as the others charged forward yelling and waving the fierce looking weapons.

As the battle raged Dakarai full of heart and eagerness rushed out blindly onto the beach where the battle was being fought to help and fight also.
Fearful he may get hurt, Baina picked up a sword and ran after Dakarai but only got a few steps before a bullet struck her in the breast.
As she lay the on the ground Ada came running to her, felling to her knees beside her trying to stop the life pouring out her her heart.
Dakarai by her other side crying and begging for forgiveness.
See looked in his eyes and smiled, then she looked at Ada and Diego stood behind her barking out orders to get help.
Then Makini, her husband was there telling her that Dakarai would be fine and now it was their time to be together once more.
She died there among the three people she loved in the world.

Diego told Dakarai that he would forever have a home here with them for as long as he wanted and that he will be educated by the best teachers he could find.
From this day he would be like his son and treated as such by everyone.
Diego could see in the boys eyes his’gratitude but could still feel his loss at the same time, the light there but had dimmed a bit with his mother’s loss.

Over the next two months, Diego, true to his word had brought in a teacher and was charged with Dakarai education while he went about his business as before but now had also bought more slaves to guard his estate.
He offered them the same privileges any free man would have on his property and all the rest of the workers had in return for their loyalty.

Many of the other plantation owners thought him crazy to trust his slaves and Diego didn’t blame them since they beat their slaves they should fear reprisals from them as once before.
Diego didn’t believe in punishing the flesh, he offered life instead even though they were bought souls they were still free under the circumstances and that gave him the edge next to the others.

Two months later a small cry filled the hacienda, Ada gave birth to a son whom she named Thilivhali, after his father.
As brave a name as anyone would want.
She will tell him of his bravery and the love they shared which spawned him.
He looked just like him also with his long face and big eyes.

Diego look down at the boy but was afraid to pick him up and break him he was so small but Ada insisted so he held Thilivhali for the first time.
Diego felt different holding him, like his father must have felt hold him when he was born.
By the end of Friday the 15th of August 1886 this little baby would be Thilivhali Maria Jose Dela Rosa.
Diego thought that such a fine boy should have a father then had a priest brought in to have him and Ada married.
Ada didn’t understand his religion but understood that Diego wanted to be a father to her son and she felt that Thilivhali would approve.

Jonas was watching as they were moving what little personal belongings they had left out of the main house then loading them into two wagons.
Jonas had bought the Smith Estate when the bank called in the note and they couldn’t pay it.
He went to see the Smiths and offered to buy their furnishings for less than half of what it was worth knowing they desperately needed the money.

Reluctantly they accepted his offer, they had no choice but to accept.
They had no money left what so ever, because of two years of bad weather and a fire that destroyed his field last year.
Mr Smith had borrowed money from the bank to rebuild two years ago but bad luck did him in and now he needed money to go someplace to start over again, maybe out west to California.
Jonas put out his hand, Smith looked at it for a second not knowing if he should take it to slap it away but taking a closer look at the man he knew slapping it away may be fatal so he shook Jonas’ hand and he wished them luck.

Jonas watched Smith, his wife, son and two teenage daughters climb into the wagon and drive off.
He stood there staring at them and they got farther in the distance but he wasn’t really looking at them but thinking.

Daniel stood there watching his boss stare off into the distance, waiting for his instructions.
He had been summoned to meet him at the bank in the morning and they both rode out here to the estate together.

Jonas turned and motioned to Daniel to follow him.
Jonas wanted to inspect the property he had just purchased.
It needed some repair but nothing that was seriously damaged as far as he could see on the outside.
Inside it was large and the walls looked meticulously clean like they had just been painted.
After inspection the inside and it’s contents they went back outside and walked to the fields where there were slaves out there working and a single man holding a whip watching them.

Jonas introduced himself to the man as the new owner of the plantation.
The man said his name was Simon James and was hired by the bank to protect their investment, to make sure the fields were being worked and that none of the slaves ran away.
With the house Jonas got 14 slaves, two women and twelve men.
Simon James was a beast of a man that looked meaner than a grizzly bear and the way he barked out orders to the slaves in the field you could tell they feared him as much as he hated them.

As he stood there looking to the fields he could see that they were well fed slaves or under worked.
That would change soon.
Jonas offered Simon the job of foreman, he needed someone who understood cotton growing and how to handle slaves.
Simon accepted the offer and they stood there for a few more minutes while Simon told Jonas what he needed sent up and that a couple more men might be good too.

On the ride back Jonas was silent until they got to Savannah where he told Daniel to meet him in his room after he had the horses stabled, he had a job for him to do.
Back at his room Jonas sat at the side table putting the last touches to a plan he began back at the plantation, some habits never go away.
Daniel arrived and they sat there for an hour with Jonas going over his plan with him and what needed to be done.
He told him to find four men he could trust but not to tell them who their employer was.
Daniel nodded his understanding of all he had to do and left the room.
Jonas sat back in his chair and thought out his next move and that was to rent a carriage and go out to the Bakers for a visit.

Diego was a different man since the day Thilivhali was born and he married his mother.
His days at the exchange grew shorter by the day and since he had made one of the slaves foreman of the work in the fields and another in charge of the mill, work was moving better.
This gave him more time to spend with Ada, Thilivhali and Dakarai whom he treated like a son and was always close by when not with his teacher.
The teacher told Diego that Dakarai was eager to learn and learned quickly, more than any other student that he had ever taught.
This pleased Diego, he owed his mother so much and he knew she would be proud of her son had she been here to see him now.

Life was beginning to look good once more since the attack on the plantation and the four of them could spend their evenings in the back courtyard or Ada and Diego would go for a walk along the beach while Dakarai watched little Thilivhali.
You could see the love and devotion Dakarai showed for Thilivhali and in some small way it looked like even though Thilivhali was still an infant that he to was calm when Dakarai was around.

A bright orange sun with a halo of gold was resting on the edge of the world smiling at Ada and Diego as they sat alone looking at the sun set in the distance.
This was the first time in three months since Thilivhali was born that they have been alone.
They had yet to share a bed together as husband and wife, Diego did want to rush her, he knew when she was ready to come to him she would let him know in her way.
As they sat in the swing watching the reflection bounce off the calm sea Ada looked over at Diego and caught him staring at her.
She sat there staring back into his eyes reading his heart.

When he looked at her, she wanted him to see.
When he reached for her, she wanted him to touch her.
When he pulled her close, she went to him.
When he kissed her, she kissed him back.
When he picked her up, she held on to him.
When he brought her to his bed, she lay down for him.
When he took her, she wanted him too.

One day while Diego was visiting another plantation owner, Ada accompanied by Dakarai took Thilivhali for a walk into the woods not to far from the hacienda.
It wasn’t like the jungle that she remembered as a child but it was lush and green with beauty of it’s own.

They walked deeper into the woods looking at the different flowers and colorful birds when suddenly they heard a noise close by.
Ada stopped Dakarai and they both stood there straining to heard any other sound.
Pressing Thilivhali to her chest with her left arm she told Dakarai to quietly turn around and start going home.
They both turned and standing before them were three big black men, one that looked old as time.
They looked behind them and there were more men standing there, surrounded and trapped with no place to run to.

Jonas drove out to the Baker estate where he was met by Mr Baker and his wife at the door.
They were both happy to see him once more and led them into their home.
He told them that he had been back for a couple of weeks and had even purchased the Smith estate for himself.
They were practically neighbors now.
The Bakers were happy to hear the news.
As they were sitting there talking Rebbecca came into the sitting room and smiled when she saw Jonas sitting there.
Jonas could still see that she wanted him in her eyes, probably as much as he wanted her but not as much as he wanted her father’s money.

Baker invited Jonas to stay for supper and Rebbecca second the offer but Jonas told them it was getting late and it was 20 miles back to Savannah.
Bakers invited him again for dinner and this time told him he could spend the night in the guest room and he could leave in the morning.
Rebbecca told him he could stay and she would show him their property to and he could leave in the afternoon.
Jonas accepted their kind offer making Rebbecca happy.
Bakers ordered the servant to add one more person for dinner and asked him to bring some lemonade for everyone.

The church bell rang drawing people out of their houses and into the street where a growing crowd began to form around a wagon that had just pulled into the town square.
It’s driver walked around the side of the wagon telling the onlookers how he found the three bodies on the side of the road, then pulled back the canvas for them to see.

To Be Continued…..

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Blazngfyre said...

I feel better now.

Damn you for leaving us hanging Walker! lol

This story is getting so damn good!
I'll have to print out each 'chapter' and re-read them!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Eight installments already? Well, I love 'em, but you should do what you feel is best for the story and for you. That said, 20 sounds good.

Happy Monday.

Vickie said...

Do you really want me to wait a week for the next part---no I don't think so cause you really want a little peace in your life and I can find you----:)

Please---never mind just know this story gets better and better.

patti_cake said...

Walker you are just the best story writer! I love it, do as many parts as you can and i'll anxiously keep reading!

Isabella said...

Wonderful story telling Walker. I think I will do the same as Blazng and print them all out to read from the beginning. By the time it gets to the next installment I have trouble remembering what has gone on before.....couldn't persuade you to do 2 installments a week could we????? Just for those with short term memories....Please.....

Walker said...

Blazngfyre: Moi, leaving hanging NEVER. "wink"

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: Yes eight, time does flay when you are having fun :)

Walker said...

Vickie: Yeah but you forget I can find you to LOL

Walker said...

patti_cake: Thank you, I will do my best to finish it no matter what it takes.

Walker said...

Isabella: YOu coudl probably persuad me to do alot but write two a week umm, I don't think so.
It takes me awhile to think it up and g et it right and I want to post my other posts NOT to forget I am still working on the house next door.
Its only a week :)

Peter said...

Well written Walker.

Walker said...

Peter: Thank you Peter

gab said...

OUTSTANDING! I at least hope you are keeping a copy somewheres so you have it safe. You do an excellant job. I wrote about my farm this week and it almost looks like a story. Oh I just thought of something there is more I can tell about it. Sorry gotta run and write up the next half of the farm story.(which is all true by the way)

Walker said...

Gab: Thank you, yes I have a copy several in fact and when I publish the last part I will post the whole story at once. That should scare the crap out of anyone new stopping by when they see a 100,000 post LOL

I can't wait to read your story :)

nachtwache said...

I tried to comment this morning, I guess the computer is not a morning Sloooooow. Can't find website..., maybe it's not the computer. ? Don't know. But here I am, finally!
I'm interested in more!! You're good, I really thought it was Ada that died. Now I'm catching on; no way is it Ada and the kids!! No way! You sure know how to captivate your audience. Thanks for sharing your talent!
Stay out of that attic! (I've read your next post) :)

Walker said...

nachtwache: You may be right but then again you may be wrong LOL

I am done with the attic and I wont be going up there again that's for sure