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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dollars Or Sense For Life ©

What’s a life worth?
Someone told me five cents the other day when I asked him, the cost of a bullet.
Hell I can’t do one better than that, nothing if you use a knife.

When I was younger and dealing pot and hash for a living there were times when people didn’t have my money, either because they spent it or did the drugs instead of selling them but I didn’t kill them.
Most times they were put on a short leash and allowed to try and get out of the hole.
If they still messed up they were cut off.
I know for a fact that no one that owed me money was hurt because of it.

The other day here in our relatively quiet city there was a double homicide.
Two men were killed and drugs are suspected.
Today’s drugs make what I sold look like aspirin.
Crack, heroin, crystal meth and some other nasty shit fill the streets and alleyways with their users, some of them look like your kids.
Maybe they are.

They went to this guy’s house and tied him to a chair and at some stage one pulled out a gun and shot him while he sat there all tied up but it didn’t all go as planned because the bullet went through the victim, ricocheted off the wall and killed his partner to.
Poetic justice?
He was later captures 400 miles away and is locked up in jail now.
He will probably try to pin it all on the dead partner but being an accessory to premeditated murder, it will get him the twenty-five years he deserves.

Over the years my friends and I have seen similar crimes, a man and his eight-month pregnant GF were executed for $11,000.
Two of the people involved have since been released on appeal for that.

How does killing someone get your money back?
Some say it’s to send a message to the others that owe money.
What message that you value money more than life?
Well if it’s a message they are sending then I am sure the police hear it to just before they put your sorry ass in jail.
Two people dead and one going to waste away in jail.

When I finally quit dealing I was sitting in my place with a friend when I took out my deadbeat book and decided to burn it and forget the money, buddy freaked.
There was over thirty thousand dollars in old debts or uncollectables as I thought of them in there.
He offered to go collect, smash some heads in the process and give me half.
Most of these people were friends and had families, kids and barely made ends meet, how were they going to pay me and hurt them if the didn’t and for money?
I am not saying the money wouldn’t be welcome but is it worth hurting someone to get it back?

I made a lot of money off of many of these people that owed me, more than what they owed me so why should I punish them for my stupidity.
I fronted the drugs to them, I should be punished not them and I was by not being paid.
I tossed the book in the fire and it was done.
Buddy doesn’t think I did the right thing but he is dead now, shot through the head because he was too tough or thought he was for his own good.
Some choices are right and some are wrong but when made and executed it’s to late to take back, the damage is done.

Many of those people that had their names in that book I burned are my friends still today and have repaid me back in more ways than the money would have over the years and old debts are never brought up.
Some of them you have read about here in my posts.

A lot of the drug problems facing the world today I blame on governments because of their lack to grow with the times and taking control of the drug problem from the street up not from the source because you can’t find the source most times.
The street is where they are most vulnerable and that’s where the war on drugs should be fought and in the Halls of government.

There is no reason pot and hash should not be legalized, it would have been here now if not for the Bush administration threatening to close our borders if we did.
HA HA HA the U.S grows their own pot and has some damn good pot to.
Look at your streets they are filled with heroin addicts and meth addicts.
Vancouver is the same here in Canada.
30% of our jails are filled with people for selling marijuana at a cost of $45,000 each to house per year and when they get out they get busted for the same fucken thing.
Did you know there are more people in jail in the United States than there are in all of Europe combined and they are stricter than we are?
They just know what to go after and what to give in to.

Maybe it’s time the law started playing hard and softball.
Pot is no different as booze when it comes down to it for those who haven’t tried it but you shouldn’t smoke up and drive.
Legalize pot then sell it through licensed dealers and tax it; take the profits and pour them into the health system and methadone clinics to help some of the addicts get cleaned up.

Then give crack, heroin, meth and other hardcore drug dealers stiff sentences for their FIRST offence, TEN years and LIFE for the second time they get busted.
Let’s see how many of them want to deal death again after that becomes law.
Not only will it discourage dealing but think of the damage it will inflict on the profits of the mobs and gangs if no one is selling their product.
They may have to go out and find legal work to pay the bills.

But no, the governments rather waste money looking for pot fields to burn, a never-ending task that doesn’t even make a miniscule dent to the illegal pot industry when that money could be spent to stop a bigger threat, harder drugs.
You have to ask yourself how much money goes into the coffers of politicians who won’t vote to legalize certain drugs or vote for stricter sentences for harder drugs.
It doesn’t have to be known by the politician.
When the cartels see someone that would keep them making money they try and get that person elected and keep them in business.
All the BS politicians spew and all the laws they pass to beat them won’t work unless the threat is big enough to make them stop.

Everyday hardcore drugs claim lives and the governments are accessory before and after the fact by their own red tape and blindness.
The RCMP stated two years ago that they give up on trying to stop the growth of pot in the B.C. wilderness.
They don’t have the resources and never will because of the scope of the problem.
Home grow ops are all over the place across North America now, you can’t stop what almost half the population wants but while the police and courts are wasting their time and our money trying to stop them there are a bunch of others selling ecstasy to your kids and other designer drugs that are legal to sell at their school.

One day what I have said here will come to pass.
I know it will but the question is, how many will die before it does become reality.

These are just my opinions

Here is a bit or irony, most people that the police bust for pot are the same people paying their wages through their property taxes, Go figure.

Have a nice weekend.



Anonymous Boxer said...

OK, I'll weigh in; I agree. Legalize Pot, tax the hell out of it and overpay the teachers/nurses/police and fire men/women. Alcohol kills more people than a late night run to the mini-mart for chips.

Just my opinions, too. However, I'm pretty "green friendly". :-)

Gypsy said...

They were talking about legalising pot here for medicinal purposes but they have been talking about it for a long time. People with diseases such as cancer and MS can get some relief from their endless suffering by smoking pot if they are so inclined and do it without fear of being arrested.

I totally agree it should be legalised and then spend their valuable time and resources going after the killer drugs.

I'm a little "green friendly" too but that in no way "colours" my opinion :)
Great post Walker.

Peter said...

I'm in your book Walker, for all the wisdom you pass out so freely.

Nan said...

Walker, you always make me think. You raise some very good points and it's interesting to hear your take on things when you were once a dealer yourself.

Thanks for checking in on me.

gab said...

Every day I worry about my oldest son. Weather or not he will be killed. No matter how many times he tries to tell me he aint dealing any more I know its a lie(mothers know when their kids lie)Plus there are other ways to know. When he was hit by the car the first thing I thought of was someone was after him. But no this was just an accident.
I have begged pleaded cried trying to get him to get away from these drugs but all he can tell me is the fantastic money he makes...look at the Big Screen TV look at this look at that.I have blamed my self as well but I know I have nothing to do with it. Even though I think if we hadnt kicked him out when he was hitting me maybe he wouldnt be where he is today. But he has told me these are his choices and I did nothing to push him in that direction. I have told him I love him but hate what he is doing. So now each and every night my single prayer is for my son to be safe. Life can stink thats for sure. I hope he wakes up before its too late.

Walker said...

gab: What he does is his choice and as one parent to another love is blind.
You see who you love you don’t have to love what he does.
I hope he learns that the future actually there is no future in drugs, I know that for a fact.
It doesn’t matter how much money you make because its gotten to easily and is not as respected as the money you work hard to earn.
Drug money burns because you know how easy it is to make it again.

Throwing him out because he was hitting you is a good reason you shouldn’t have to deal with something like that, so don’t blame yourself for that.
I am willing to bet he is a good kid who made a choice he thought was the best for him at the time but with age he will learn different and at some point will know its time to get out.
What you taught him is still in his head and from what I have read about you and your husband through your posts, you are good people so he has a good chance I think.

PBS said...

Pot growers and dealers are easier to catch, so I think that's why law enforcement goes after them. It makes them look like they're succeeding in the "war on drugs" when they put a couple of pot dealers away for a few years. Makes the public feel happy and more secure too.

You are a good friend to burn that book!

Blazngfyre said...

I've been screaming for legalization of pot for years!
It really is no worse than alcohol, and believe me, i've scraped more drunks off the pavement than I have pot smokers!

Someday maybe "they" will pull their collective heads out of each others arses and see how much more effective legalization is.