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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Almost Done ©

The last couple of days have been a blur, all work work and more work.
After my big blow out which scared the crap out of everyone even me that led to two days of no work I took control of the situation.
My brother was the main problem always asking for more than what was agreed on and for being a fucken tyrant in the process because what he wanted was IMPOSABLE.

He was loading the person he hired with more work and not wanting to pay him the extra money, which is not right.
I told him as much and my parents agreed.
He has been giving them a hard time about what he wants and is not letting him have a say and treating the house like it’s his already which it’s not until he inherits it and I am not going to let him work them to death and that’s what he has been doing.
My mother and father have been putting in 12 hours a day cleaning up after them or running around for him.
He acts like they are his personal slaves.
That is over, my father is to old and so is my mother who turns 80 in four months to be pushed so much.
For the last two days I have been helping the guy and my brother can’t say a word or come near us.

The first day he came back he slumped a bit and held out his hand to shake mine and said I was right.
You see he was there when I popped my fuse and saw something that I haven’t unleashed since 1989 and that, got my ass in jail and 4 cops in the hospital.
It’s a good thing I was in the right that time or I wouldn’t be here, I’d still be in jail I think.

Anyway, I sat him down and calmly asked him what the deal was with my brother and he told me what he was hired for and I said fine.
I took away the extra that my brother added on and told him to do what he was hired for.
For two days he did his work, he is slow and I mean really slow but he does a perfect job and for me I rather loose a bit of time and have the job done properly.
Me with the help of my father did the extra stuff on our own thus taking care of most of the work twice as fast.
Today I hope to have the upstairs completely done and the kitchen and back room by tomorrow.
If all goes to plan by Saturday the dry walling will be done and next week we could start painting, by the weeks end my parents will have a home once more.

Nice, quiet and simple, calling the people you hire racial names and insulting them won’t get you nothing.
Pissing off those that help you gets you nothing.
My brother will never change this is how he lost his customers from the computer store, by screwing them over to many times.

What was my brother doing while we we working?
He was fixing the guy that's helping me laptop, for free with my mother sitting across from him telling him to shut up and to do it.
For two hours she sat there giving him shit driving him crazy like he did to us for the last four weeks.

It seems that I will be using someone else for my wiring and will have to wait until August for that but them's the breaks.
I could use the rest from all the mayhem so far but the only problem is that I have my Bbq that month and I wanted the house done by then and painted but it might be a good thing too.
If they mess up the old paint it wouldn’t matter as much since they will be getting painted.
The Bbq will be on the 18th of August this year and I haven’t even started planning yet so I got to get my ass in gear.
Maybe some of you can give me some suggestions this year, how about that?

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment with my mother and I guess I will have him look at my shoulder, it seems I have done something to it and can’t raise my arm higher than shoulder height.
It’s a good thing I don’t date 15 foot women, I would just out of reach of my favourite candy.
I guess this will have to be it for now, the phone is ringing calling me to the ladder and another light fixture.

I hope all my American friends had a Happy 4th of July and all my friends had a safe weekend

Have a nice day



Walker said...

Anonymous: To much hot sauce in your food?

Vickie said...

I know you will be glad when this is over....then you need to take a vacation.

I'm glad you stood up to your brother and things are improving for you.

I love your mom was right over him while he was working on the you think he even realized what was going on.

Take care...and guess what Big Brother comes on in a few hours...I know you are not a fan but I am. :)

Isabella said...

Whats with the Anonymous person? I've seen that same "message" on several posts around the blogs. Do you think we've been invaded by martians???

When this is all over you can sit back and know that your parents will get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Knowing the person you are I know that will make all of the angst worth it.

I wouldn't let it worry you about your own house right now. Seems to me you need a break away from all the renovations. Put your energies into planning your world famous BBQ instead, then you can give your house your undivided attention.

Shaz said...

Isabella has said it all and so has Vicki damn I have to get here quicker to sound just as wisw and inspiring. LOL
I second what they said and am glad you settled that house down for your parents, I think you get your strength from your mumma.
Take care of you too friend your just as important. xx

Nan said...

Hi Walker. Good luck with the shoulder at the doctors. I hope it isn't hurt too bad.

PBS said...

Well, glad you straightened up things with your brother and stood up for your parents. You're a good son!

patti_cake said...

Walker i'm glad you put your brother in his place. Your parents don't need/deserve that crap and he was calling the worker racial slurs? WTF?
LMAO about your comment on the shoulder and dating 15 ft women and your favorite candy. You always bring a smile to my face!

Blazngfyre said...

I can have your brother taken care of .... I still have Canadian 'connections'.

Just a thought ....

What kind of help would you like with your BBQ?
I LOVE parties, and I LOVE planning parties!

I say stick to the 5'4" and under women .... the "candy" is ALWAYS in reach! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Peter said...

Hi Walker, seems the renovation situation will work much better now with a change of management policy.