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Monday, July 16, 2007

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Hey, drip drip drip…………..I’m sweating buckets

We have been at it at my parent’s place all weekend and I can now say she has no more holes in the walls.
From last count there was 37 of them ranging from 4 x 8 inches to some big enough for a small family of twelve to move into.
I measured and cut sheet rock to fit in each of the holes and Mike came and plastered over them behind me, this way we got done a lot faster.
My brother showed up as we were finishing for the day and he grunted his approval.
What’s he going to say?
The guy he brought wanted $400 and we did it for free but my father threw Mike $100 which they fought over because Mike was refusing it.
We still have to plaster lightly a couple of times as it dries over the next two days to get it smooth but other than that, it’s done and my father could start painting Monday coming.

My father gave us a hand because the man just doesn’t know how to sit down.
At 78 years old I would still bet on him when it came to being ready for work.
He’s strong as an ox and unrelenting in his work, not that he does things right but he is practical.

For instance, my brother in his zeal went out and bought these fancy lights and fans but the one in the washroom have 5 halogen lamps and when you hit the switch while standing at the door of the washroom the place lights up like your standing at the pearly gates.
Now some people running to the washroom in a hurry because they have to go real bad and may think it's heaven as they are sitting there on the toilet but when you are almost 80 and a bright light hits you in the face a 3 am when you go for a piss then you think you’re seeing is your life flash before your eyes and are standing before the pearly gates.
So my father went out and bought this small desk lamp for the washroom to use as a nightlight so they don’t get x-rayed in the middle of the night.

The problem is there was no place to put it so he built this huge shelf out of crappy wood and now my mother is freaking out because she has a $5000 washroom with a piece of crap of a shelf with a light on it.
To make it more interesting it’s next to the toilet paper.
If what happened next would have happened to my mother all hell would have been raised but it didn’t, it happened to the constructor of the shelf and the one who bought the desk lamp for the washroom, my father.

He went to grab some toilet paper but his half closed sleepy eyes grabbed the cord and yanked on it pulling the lamp off of the shelf and falling into the toilet causing the breaker to blow leaving the old man in the dark.
Now he had to open the “LOOKS” as my parents call the new light my brother installed to pull the lamp out of the toilet but he is scared.
He knows the breaker popped but my parents are terrified of electricity and with just cause.
So with the LOOKS beaming down on him he grabs my mother’s towel off the hook and pulls first the cord out of the wall and then the light out of the toilet then dumps them all in the bathtub and pulls the curtain so my mother won’t see it in the morning when she got up.
He uses the wall to get back to his bedroom and goes back to sleep.

4 am my mother gets out of bed, she has had her gallbladder removed so has to go to the washroom numerous times a night and tonight there is no light to guide her, she figured the light bulb went out so she uses the wall to find the washroom.
Pushing the switch, the LOOKS came on sending her out of the washroom blinded temporarily until her eyes got used to it before she can walk into the washroom.

She looked at the shelf where the desk lamp should be but it wasn’t there, then she looked on the floor next to the toilet and in the toilet but still there was no lamp.
She used the washroom but was still looking around the washroom wondering where the light was.
After finishing and washing her hands she went to use her towel but it wasn’t on the hook.
She was beginning to wonder if there were gremlins stealing stuff out of the washroom because of the missing items.
Then she noticed the shower curtain closed and opened it, she found in the tub was her towel and the light all sopping wet.

In the morning my father got up quickly to take care of the mess he made the in the night before my mother woke up and went to the washroom to find his towel in the toilet and my mother's towel in the hamper.
Not another word was spoken about the light or the towel.
At the end of the month I told them I would install and florescent light above the mirror that they could use as a night-light.

On top of all the work around the house I have now been given the added task of emptying the computer store.
The business is closed and it’s being vacated to save the rent but the problem is where are they going to put all of the stuff.
So I went there today and started looking what’s there and what’s going in the garbage.
Work seems to be piling up on my end of the pile while everyone else’s seems to be getting smaller.
There is a red leather couch and a bookcase that will look good in my TV room so this may be a good thing but there are some big things that I don’t want that I may have to take to store in my basement.
More junk.

I did get some time to sit and read some blogs over the weekend and for those of you waiting for part seven, it is done and I will be posting it tomorrow I think or Wednesday for sure.
I can honestly say it is half way done now, but will ten be the end or eleven hmm, that we shall see.

I hope all of you had a nice weekend

Have a nice day



Nan said...

You getting the heat really bad out there too? I'm dying.

Isabella said...

Is your last name Barone??? Every time I read one of your family stories I feel like I am watching Everybody loves Raymond. I loved that show.

Sorry to hear about the heat. Its cold and crisp here with plenty of rain. Love it....

gab said...

so now that you and mike are experts on drywalling wanna come to my house and do ours? I might be able to flip ya a 100 bucks as well. Plus feed ya. LOL
The pic of our oldest son ....yes he's one of the ones who put holes into every single wall into this house. So far we have just one room done. With Mr gab working so hard he hasn't had the time to do any work around the house...ooppss thats wrong he hasnt done the walls he's been cleaning up all the other messes they left us. Lesson learned....NEVER RENT TO FAMILY!

Peter said...

Hi Walker, love the description of the washroom light "LOOKS" would it be to simple a solution to remove 2 or 3 of the LOOKS globes??

PBS said...

That made me tired just to read it! But good not to be blinded by light in the bathroom!

Oh, and you have won The Power of Schmooze Award!

patti_cake said...

Your poor poor parents and like the commentor above they remind me of the Barone Parents also. You are such a good son and have the patience of a SAINT.

Chaotic Serenity said...

LOL loved the "LOOKS" washroom light! Your poor parents... but it was funny!
Can't wait for part seven!