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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Scale Must Be Broken ©

Have you ever sat back and wondered how things work?
Me myself, I am a curious sort of person and I like to know how things work or I may go crazy.
When I was a kid my parents knew that my Christmas gifts would be taken apart into pieces because I wanted to know how they worked and what made them do what they did.

The other day I was watching the news and the were reporting how this woman got eight years in jail for trying to sell Coke secrets to Pepsi or something like that.

This other person was busted for growing pot and the judge sentenced him to eight years in jail.

A man ripped off high-end cars and is suspected to have made forty million dollars before he was caught and went to jail for, you guessed it, eight years.

Then this guy who killed someone pleaded out his case and was sentenced to eight years for murder.

They all got the same sentence for different crimes; I want to know how that works out?

The lady in the first one worked for Coca Cola and got some secret information and tried to sell it to a competitor but never got a chance to get any money before she was busted and sent to jail.
I don’t like people who rip off those who are putting money into their pockets.
I see them as traitors and deserve what they get when they are caught but you got to ask yourself.
The guy murdered someone and got eight years.
All she did was TRY to sell secrets.
It’s obvious she can’t sell coke products if her life depended on it but she knows how to steal stuff in secure areas.
Coke should be hiring her for security because it seems like she know how to get secrets out of them and who better to have on your security team but someone who knows how to steal from you.

The second guy had a grow operation for pot and he was in it for the money, not for his personal use and there is no question about that but you got to give him some credit here.
He went out and studied up on how to do it and then found seeds he could grow and breed with other strains of pot to grow a better product.
Not only did he have to learn how to grow the marijuana he had to buy thousands of dollars of equipment and set it up all properly, that takes a lot of work and skill to know exactly what you are doing.
Then he has to find a distributor for his crop while still growing a new one.
Now here is a man who refused to go on welfare and to start up a business and what do they do, they put him in jail for selling what is the biggest seller outside of booze in the US.
The only reason he is in jail is because the government hasn’t found a way to tax it that all.
Did you know that in the United States there are more people in jail on drug charges than there are people in jail for all crimes in Europe?
That tell you one of two things, either they are too lax in Europe or law enforcement in the U.S. is too anal.
I think someone should look into it and see what could be done on both sides of the ocean.

The third guy was a fucken genius.
For five years he stole expensive cars in front of the cops noses and shipped them out to be sold in foreign countries.
I’m not talking about 10 or 20; we are talking about thousands of Jags, Porches, Corvettes, Mercedes and so on.
THOUSANDS and they couldn’t catch him all that time and when they did, they had nothing and have never found his money.
Forty million dollars he made.
The cops said that he wasn’t as smart as they were.
What are they stupid, he did it for five years, made a fortune and still has the money and they say he wasn’t as smart as they were?
HA HA HA !!!!!!!!
With good behaviour he will be out in 6 years a millionaire.
This guy should be getting a plaque or a medal or something of the sort.
He’s the best-used car salesman in the fucken world.
He recruited three sets of people.
One set stole the cars.
The second bunch picked them up from the thieves and parked them on the street in location they wouldn’t look too conspicuous to sit and cool off a bit then would be picked up and taken to the shop to have new tags added.
Not one person from any of the groups knew the other groups but this one guy.
I’m telling you he’s a fucken genius to pull this off for FIVE years.
He shipped them out through US customs, under the watchful eyes of the FEDS to a waiting marked that had already been set up.

The forth person beat another man to death in a fight.
He could have stopped at any time but he just continued to viciously beat the other man until there wasn’t a breath left in his body.
How smart is this moron?
Not only does he beat someone to death but also he does it in front of witnesses.
I bet Coke wouldn’t hire him, the post office might.

Four people, four crimes and all got the same punishment.
What does this tell us?
To me it says that crimes involving personal property gets your more time that hurting a person.
I want to know who decides how much time a person should get.

The woman should have got, two years for her betrayal, she didn’t hurt anyone but should pay for her crime.
I think this is a minor crime when compared to murder or do some companies have a say in the punishment of a lawbreaker?

The guy that stole the cars should have been hired by the automakers with a great salary.
He could help them make their cars more secure, but eight years for a crime that hurt no one, three to four would have been enough and maybe a year community service teaching the cops how to catch car thieves.

The pot grower, being a marijuana advocate and slightly bias, I think he got what he deserved.
He broke the law to make millions and knew it was illegal.
Even though I don’t agree with the drug laws, the law is the law, you take the risk to reap the rewards then you pay the price when you get caught.

The animal that beat someone to death with his bare hands should have gotten no less than twenty years.
In the end he was beating an unconscious man.
He could have stopped, saved him and the taxpayers the court cost not to mention a man would be alive today.

I think Lady Justice’s scales are a little off when crimes of property weigh more than the price of life.

Have a nice day



Sally said...

I totally agree!

Now, here's one for you. In the state where I live, if doctors screw up, not once but three times, even after putting in writing the patient had a severe medical problem, and the patient dies from lack of medical treatment; if the patient who died had no one dependent on him for MONEY, their screw-up goes unpunished, period.

Lady Justice, I don't know her - does she even exist?

Almost nine years later, I'm still mourning the loss of my brother - who could have been saved and be with us today. Yes, I'm PISSED.

Good post, Walker!

Shaz said...

Un believable. It happens everyday a friend of ours was murdered a little over a year ago. The 19 year old kid got 3 years free University studies for a degree and with good behaviour be out in 18 months.
He beat him while he was asleep drunk and for his $30 shoes and phone.
Paul fell asleep while waiting for his friends to finish partying inside the club. No justice.

patti_cake said...

The comments are just as sad as your stories Walker! Justice is blind, deaf AND dumb.

nachtwache said...

I wonder, were all those cases in Canada, or some in the US? I can certainly see 8 years for murder being given here, they'll bargain it down to manslaughter, the sentences are really lenient anyway, life here means 20 years. To me, life should be LIFE! You don't leave 'till you die. I'd love to be able to elect judges.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Judge Walker.

It has a nice ring to it.

Angel Without Wings said...

I agree with most of what you said but I don't think stealing cars is very admirable. Stealing from rich folk is still stealing and I hate people who take things that other people have worked hard for. Why didn't he put his genius into something that was legal and make a legitimate living out of it.

In my opinion none of them got the right sentence. The lady trying to sell Cokes secrets should have got about 2 years as you said and the same for the dope grower. The car stealer probably should have got about 5 years and as for the one that viciously beat the guy to death.....lock him up for good and hopefully he'll get whats coming to him in jail.

These are just my humble opinions. Great post Walker that serves to highlight jow how screwed up the "Justice" system is.

deni said...

I just read where a baby was hospitalized for baby shaken syndrome. He may not survive and if he does he will most likely be a vegetable for the rest of his life.

The babysitter who did it is out on $5,000 bond.

Peter said...

Another good post Walker, the law is an ass (donkey) is a saying here in Oz.... very true.

Vickie said...

If you have enough money to throw in there Lady Justice becomes but blind as in nothing was seen---never happened.

As always a great thought provoking post.

PBS said...

Justice is totally blind, without a cane, even. A man in this area got 8 months in jail for raping a little girl. It was his girlfriend's daughter--which made a difference in court (but shouldn't have).