blue moon (2)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Hot Hot Hot ©

No there isn’t a hot chick walking by.
It’s hot here, with the hudidex it hit 40 the other day and that means sweat was sweating.
Poor Emme was going from room to room looking for a piece of floor that was cool every ten minutes.

I got her a small fan so she could lie down in front of it and she has been getting a lot of use from it.

It’s been way to hot to blog and I am still working on my mother’s house and punching holes in my walls getting ready.

The cats think its cool that there is junk all over the floor the could play with and attack the broom when I try to sweep they away.
I am still on my mother’s house though and can;t wait until they start here; they haven’t finished because of one thing or the other.

The other day I hung up the last of the ceiling fans.
I would have been done earlier but my brother went out and got these expensive fans that have remotes and decided that I was to dumb to hag them so he was going to do it himself which was fine by me.

About an hour after he started my mother phoned and asked me to come help him to which I told her I couldn’t because I was to dumb, but she started giving me shit.
At eighty she can be a tough broad when she wants to be.
I went over and upstairs where I found my father standing at the top of the stairs laughing.
I asked him what was funny and he said my brother threw him out of the bedroom for laughing at him.
Wanting to have a bit of a snicker to, I asked what was funny.
He said my brother put the fan together then hung it up and a soon as it was hanging up there he finds a piece in the box that should have been one of the first things he should have put on.
After having his little tantrum, blaming my Father's constant bugging him for his mistake he went to unscrew the fan and before he even touched it, it came crashing down.
Luckily it was on the bed.
I point out to my father even luckier it didn’t come down while he was sleeping in the fucken bed because it was my father’s room.
That stopped him from laughing.
These fans are heavy, about 30-40 pounds of heavy and you are supposed to secure it on something sturdy like the beam holding the box but he decided to secure the fan to its own bracket.
DUH, that’s like securing a safety belt to your ear when you are climbing a tree instead of around the tree.

He asked me to hang the fan but he would put on the bottom part which is basically putting the light bulb in but that was fine by me.
My brother is not dumb when it comes to doing things but he does suffer from the "I don’t need the manual disease” something many men suffer from.
Me, I’m lazy, I don’t like doing things more than once so I read the book, it’s there for a reason and the fan is hanging over my mother head and I don’t want it to come down on her.

The first thing I did was tell my brother to leave and my father to shut up, to many chiefs and no work gets done.
I got all three hung, I don’t know if they work and won’t until they hook up the power to them which should be today.
The wiring has been inspected and approved by the electric company and the go ahead given to hook up the wires to the box.

This weekend is big, in fact I got pissed last night while at Archie’s planning the Canada Day weekend.
It’s Archie’s birthday on Canada Day (Canada’s birthday) There is an argument on who is older ha ha ha.
He is having a big bash on Sunday and I have to make the two main dishes (Pasticcio and spanakopites) then bring them over in the morning to Archie's place.
It also means after I put up this post I have to take off and buy what I will need.
I hope its not a hot day Sunday because we will be roasting lamb outside on the spit.

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments on The Red Clay posts.
Part Four is done and I hope to have Part Five done by the end of the weekend.
I promise you there will be an end but it takes a while to type out 150 years of life.

There will be another post over the weekend so I will catch you all on the flip side.

I wish you all a nice weekend and to my Canadian brothers and sister who are running off to the cottage, Happy Canada Day



Shaz said...

Hey it still sounds like a riot next door your poor mumma will so need a Holiday after this lol.
Did she get the ones she wanted I have forgotten I know your bro bought big buggers at first.

Sounds like a great weekend and some recipes wouldnt go astray, I am wanting to build a wood fire oven so if you have a manual, I will actually read it lol.

See you next week I am off to Brissy.
Be good Honey or bad or whatever gets you wet LMAO

Anonymous Boxer said...

Happy Holiday! And have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Go off and enjoy yourself on the weekend, you deserve to have some FUN! Happy Canada Day and Happy Birthday to Archie too.


Miss Cellania said...

Tell me about it! It's been in the 90s every day here for a week, and the AC blew its compressor. Finally got it fixed today, so we may be able to sleep tonight... for the first time in days! Have a great holiday, Walker!

Vickie said...

You really read the instructions---and you are male? Hmmm something just does not seem right-- a male reading Instructions. :)

I knew I always thought you were pretty special---now I know why.

It is HOT and Humid here as well but I do have AC----Thank You Lord because without it I would not be around.

Enjoy this special weekend---Happy Canada Day and enjoy Archie's B-Day----any baklava? If so you know where to send it. :)

Peter said...

Hope both Archie and Canada have a good birthday.