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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day ©

After spending the day with my father I came home and was sitting here writing this big long Father's Day post reliving my life with my father, the bad things and the good things he has done to me and for me and I decided to delete it.
No matter what he has done to me, it's not relevant.
What he did was because of love no matter how twisted it looks and sounds, the beating were because he wanted to teach me a lesson even though I don’t agree with that way of teaching, it was the way he was taught to deal with it.
How he treats his grandkids today is 1000% better and different than the way he raised me so I guess he learned how to be a grand parent by the mistakes he made as a parent.
I guess in the end the way you learn to be a parent is beaten out by instinct and the love one has within them for their children.

I want to wish my father and all the fathers out there a Happy Fathers Day.
The same goes out there to all the single mothers who have to step up to due the added duties of a missing parent and to all the uncles and aunts who fill in those spots when needed.

Have a nice day



Peter said...

Happy Fathers Day Walker, we celebrate it in Sept. here in Oz. (9 months before Mothers Day.)

patti_cake said...

GREAT post Walker. I also thank you for mentioning the Uncles and Aunts. Sometimes they go unnoticed and are so very important to alot of people.

Blazngfyre said...

Happy Father's Day Walker!

Angel Without Wings said...

Sorry I missed Father's Day Walker, like Peter said its on a different date in Australia. Funny how our Mothers Days are on the same date though.

Hope you enjoyed your day with your Dad. Happy Belated Fathers Day.

Raggedy said...

Haepyy bealtaeted Faethers Day!