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Friday, June 01, 2007

Emme ©

Guess who got stoned today and ended up rolling all over the floor with legs stretched out?
Guess who gobbled down a piece of chocolate cake getting crumbs and cream filling all over the place?
Who got so excited about today that they pissed on the floor next to the computer?
Well it wasn’t me if that’s what you’re thinking.

Seven years ago a friend of mine moved out of the country and had three cats to get rid of.
One she gave to her husband's EX seeing as it was her cat before he drove her into the nut house.

The second one was adopted by the people who had her from the beginning but the third one no one wanted because she was getting on in age and no one wanted the problems the might have to deal with.

When I first met Emme she walked right over to me and got on her hind legs and asked me to pick her up.
She spent the next hour sleeping on my lap.
She wasn’t big as cats go, a runt.
A fat runt that was as wide as she was long.

When I heard no one wanted her I asked to have her and the day she walked out of the cage she was Queen of the house and if she doesn’t get her way she could screech like a banshee.
From the day she got here she never left my side when I was home.
I went to one room she followed.
If I went to bed she had to sleep in it to.
The right top pillow corner had to be always clear of pillows and me or when she made her arrival I would hear about it.
There was no way she could jump on the bed so I have the exercise step at the end of the bed so she could climb up.

Well Emme can’t get upstairs much any more and she doesn’t visit my bed like she used to but when I am down stairs she is not hard to find, she is usually right next to me.
I can't walk into the room with something in my hand without her wanting to know what it tastes like.
Frick doesn’t care, but Emme if it’s what I am eating it has to be good, especially if it's pizza and there is hot mozzarella.

My cats are my family and I treat them like members of my family and it’s a well known fact that I will mess anyone up if they mess with my cats.
My parents think I am nuts but I don’t expect them to understand.
When you live alone you create a bond with your pets, at least I do.

I had my dog Sammy with me for almost 20 years before he passed on and I fed him T-Bones and my friends hamburgers at BBQs.
In fact one of my friend complained that I gave Sammy KFC once when he was hungry and I knew it.
Well I bought the bucket for me and the dog, he should have thought of going to get his own food.
He even tried to get a piece from the dog but Sammy got a piece of him instead.
But this post isn’t about Sammy it’s about Emme because to day is a special day for her.
Today it’s her birthday.
Yup, I got her birth certificate and it says that today she turned Twenty.

I look at her and see she has aged a lot from the cat I got seven years ago.
For the last two months it has been touch and go.
She has had two major seizures that has taken a lot of the spark in her but when I walk in the room she starts to purr and practically crawls over for me to pick her up and put her on her favourite chair next to mine.
Even Frick doesn’t bug her any more, I guess he senses she is not as durable as she used to be but he still let’s her eat his food if she wants it.

She in turn is not greedy, she shares her dope with Frick

Like people, after a good buzz and the munchies set in, what's better than something sweet to munch on.

Damn, Emme eats faster than I could get a picture.

After a good buzz and munchies we all know what comes next, a good sleep, especially if you have been spaded or neutured. LOL
You could see Frick passed out on the couch and Emme on her pillow in front of her favorite chair.

And where is she now while I am writng this post?
Where else, on her computer chair next to mine.

Twenty years, Happy Birthday Emme

Have a nice day



Peter said...

You must be doing something right Walker, a twenty year old dog and now a cat.

patti_cake said...

Oh Happy Birthday Dear Emme! I heart you even more Walker to know that you love and cherish your pets. I do too. Everyone said when I had a baby it would change but it hasn't. You just make room in your heart for more love. I wish Emme another wonderful 20 years.

Vickie said...

Happy Birthday Emma.

Peter, May you share many more birthdays with Emma. The love you have for your pets is one of the many things I find so special about you.

Give a special hug to Emma from me and Smoltz o-kay?

Monica said...

Happy Birthday to Emme.

Anonymous Boxer said...

You are my hero with this post.

Lucky Cat. Lucky you.

Angel Without Wings said...

Happy Birthday Emme. This post made me laugh because I treat my little dogs in the same way. My husband is not allowed to put his head on the "special" pillows on the bed but I let the dogs lay on them. In fact I even put them on the floor for the one that can't jump He knows where he is on the totem pole but he's just as silly with them so he forgives me.

Whispering Hope said...

Such a sweet post; Happy Birthday Emme. :)

Jac said...

Happy Birtday Emme.
A nice weekend to you walker.

itisi said...

Happy Birthday Emme!
You are a very special cat!

nachtwache said...

Emme is one lucky kitty, Happy Birthday to her!
Enjoy the sunny weekend!

Lora_3 said...

Dear Emme,
Trinity, Sasha and I would like to wish you a Wonderful Birthday!

Be safe...

Shaz said...

Happy Birthday, see now youve done it. I am shocking with my animals they are my babies so my respect for you has grown. (if thats possible)

Lindy said...

Walker, you may not know this but I love you. Happy birthday to Emme. She has one special man in her life.

Dotm said...

Sounds like true love between Emmie and you. When a pet follows you all over, you know they love you. I am sure Emmie had a nice birthday just having you as her owner. Emmie was lucky that noone wanted her years ago, or she might not have ended up being loved as much. Gets scarry when they get that old, but I wish her many more wonderful years living with you.
PS, I am still smiling over the flowers your Dad picked for you Mom that she loved so much. :)