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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Someone has a hangover so shhhhhhhhhh.
I had enough of all of this last night and snuck out of the house.
Snuck is the operative word here.
I was going out the front door and spotted them (Parents, brother SIL, and worker) outside talking about what they were going to do next so I turned and used the backdoor.
Then went east so I wouldn’t get seen and doubled back a couple of blocks away and headed off to Archie’s place.

Work is progressing and a fast, slow pace.
Fast because we are getting a lot done.
Slow because my brother is going into over kill mode, this means that every room is not only getting new electric wires but each room will also have a new phone jack, cable, satellite and high speed internet jacks installed also.
I have to admit it’s a good idea since we are punching massive holes in the walls; we might as well do it now and get rid of all the wires and cable lying around the floor or stapled to the walls.

I have to admit they are doing a good job but man have they been fucking up to.
There would be fewer craters in the walls if they knew what they were doing and have I got a weekend post for you of bloopers.
We are almost done with my mother’s house, that should be finished today.
We have put in about two thousand feet of cable into her walls and in the basement my brother using his phone and cable skills has added electronic boxes for the phones and cable that could take and handle 24 rooms and boost the signal automatically when needed.
My father and I were down there and he pointed to it and asked me what it was and I honestly told him I had no idea but it looked like it could suck up some serious electricity with all the blinking lights it had on it.
The phone lines went into something that look like it would make Ma Bell proud to own.
He said they system costs two grand to install but it’s free for him because he does the work and the equipment he got for free from his boss.
It seems I will be getting the same with one added box making my house the command center.
I think this is his way of saying my modem is what’s going to be supplying the two houses with Internet access.

The SIL finally got home the other day with her father.
I still have yet to see her and when I do, it will be interesting.
You see I haven’t spoken to her in seven months because I had enough one-day and finally cracked when she said she though my mother was hitting the kid and went ballistic on her for 20 straight minutes and hung up.
There is only so much I could take and I have been storing up a lot over the last twelve years with this woman and I have my mind to speak.
To be honest, she has been different ever since and more respectful to my parents but me, I just pass her on the street and don’t even flinch, I just pass her like if she was a sign stuck in the ground.
But I will go to the funeral and I will express my condolences because she is family and respect is deserved especially for her father and if his family does or says anything they will face my wrath.
They may be doctors and physicians and have PhDs but I know my ABCs and know how to line them up to fire them back will a sting.
The latest is her father’s siblings think they should get some of the loot to.
When my father heard this he was appalled and told me that when they are gone, if any of my uncles come and say they deserve part of what we have to go to the basement and get the gun and shoot them.
Getting back home wasn’t easy for her or many people she met.
First she started driving the 400 miles but the car broke down stranding her on the highway so she called CAA and the sent a driver.
She told them she was out there waiting with her father sitting on the side of the road.
The tow truck drove up and down the highway looking for a woman and a man sitting on the side of the road and had to call her on the cell phone to see where she was,
She told him that she watched him drive by twice and when he went by again she waved him down.
He was looking for a man and woman and told her he was sorry.
After hooking the car up he went to pick up this large Jug she had on the side of the road and she went nuts and told him to leave her father alone.
The poor guy got scared because she went into a hysterical fit and he ran to the truck and called for help.
A police car showed up that was sent by the dispatcher to make sure their driver wasn’t going to have any problems.
They found out that her father’s ashes were in the Jug and told the drive she wasn’t crazy (They should ask me) just morning her loss but he wouldn’t take her in his truck because he was spooked out and didn’t want a dead guy in his truck so the cops drove her back.
The next day after finding out her car wouldn’t be ready she took her father and hopped on a bus for a 6 hour drive but she kept busy by going from seat to seat and introducing everyone she could speak to too her father’s ashes.
I don’t think I would really want to have someone come over and introduce me to a dead person in a bottle.

She is having a memorial service at the funeral home on Saturday and we are all going then she will put his ashes on her mantle where she keeps her uncle’s/biological father/his brother ashes are.
I think she is collecting dead relatives in her house soon she will have a line of them on her mantle.
In some ways that’s kind of spooky but you know, family reunions will be easy, all you have to do it pour them all in the same urn.

Archie almost fell out of his chair when he saw me.
I have been a bit of a hermit with all the work and have had no time to go for my normal walks and visits around the neighbourhood.
He immediately got me a beer and brought out a bottle of brandy for shots.
I knew I was going to get drunk and I didn’t really care, I was due and I deserve it I think.
He was pretty hammered when I got there and he somehow talked me into going to the casino on Thursday night under the pretence of eating at their buffet but I KNOW he wants to play the slots.
But he is paying for the buffet and it IS one of the best in the city, which has everything you could imagine or crave on the table to eat all you want.
They even have fresh oysters.

When not working at my mothers I have been working on my backroom and I have manage to complete that project but I will save that post for tomorrow so this one won’t be to long.

After we drank half the bottle of brandy and three beers I staggered home, fed the cats and sat down to write a post but I couldn’t really see the keyboard so I went to bed and woke up at six am to Frick’s staring eyes telling me he was hungry again.

Now I am sitting here with a good thumper drinking a coke listening to Rod Stewart singing “I Am Sailing”, it’s rather appropriate at the moment I think LOL.
Hey, want to hear it to?

Have a nice day and I will be back tomorrow maybe.



Chaotic Serenity said...

*whispers* I hope you feel better soon Walker. :)

Lora_3 said...

I wish Archie lived around the block from me. There are days I could use someone handing me a cold beer and lots of shot glasses.

Be safe...

Peter said...

HEY WALKER... errr sorry buddy.. hey walker that's a good story about lining up all the dead rellies.

Angel Without Wings said...

Its kind of ironic that you are playing We are Sailing and talking about dead people. The relatives of one of my dearest friends who died 21 years ago at the ripe old age of 26 had that song playing as his coffin was taken out of the chapel to the hearse. I have never been able to listen to that song since.

Great post and I'm sure glad your Mum will finally get some peace again in a asthma friendly house.

Whispering Hope said...

Can't wait for the bloopers!

Your SIL - well, what can I say?

patti_cake said...

Yeah I would say you definitely deserved to get your drink on.

Your SIL walked around the bus introducing her dead father's ashes to other passengers????

Teresa said...

When I was in the Army we were so mean to people with hangovers. I hope you feel better soon. Water and Excedrin are my friends.

Nan said...

Hang in there Walker, it's almost finished.