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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tears Of Dust ©

Have you ever wondered if as tree dreams?
Does it dream of being a seed once more or a severed limb that caught root as it lay dieing on the ground?
Why was it ripped away from its parent?

When a deer walks up to a hunter in a field and watches as he raises his gun up, does he know he is going to die?
Does he understand the hunter has to eat?
Does the hunter wonder if the deer has a dream?
Does he care?

When we rip a baby away from its mother does the mother mind?
Does she mind when we smash her baby then take its insides out and beat them into a liquid?
What if we threw it into scalding oil would she cry if she knew what we done?
Does she dream about her baby?

Children sold into work camps
Children molested
Children taught to kill
Children left on the street to fend for themselves or die
I wonder do children dream or do they just live in fear until they become their parents?

I saw something today that pissed my off.
Today while driving to pick up my three year old niece I got stuck in traffic by two protest groups.
One, pro choice supporting a woman’s right to have an abortion the second, pro life not allowing a woman to have an abortion for any reason period.

My views on this subject are simple.
Abortion is not a contraceptive so take steps not to get pregnant because I don’t think you have the right to terminate your mistake when so many people out there that are childless who deserve to have what you want to destroy.

Pro lifers could go fuck themselves to.
Who made them god to dictate how a person lives or dies because some women will die if they give birth so their view is useless also and there are other very good reasons to have an abortion but just because I was horny and got knocked up isn’t one of them.

It’s time both these groups got together and became more realistic in their views and help make society a better place.
There are positive points on both sides.
But this isn’t what pissed me off the most, no.
It was something more heartless that I saw at the protest that got me thinking.
It’s something…….no, it’s a lie we tell ourselves every day.
We say we care about children and small babies.
We pretend to be humanitarians and warriors of the weak and helpless.
We fight to preserve life not destroy it.
We hold our children close to us and would do nothing to hurt them or abuse them in any matter or form but you know…… we do.

Fuck we can’t respect another creature’s young how are we supposed to respect our own.
We get into wars and kill someone else’s kids, but this is still not what I am mad about.

What I am mad about is a bunch of people out there with fucken placards saying they care about kids and that’s why they need abortions so some teen who spread her legs for some lying jock knocked her up or a bunch of parents saying they are fighting for children’s rights and that’s why the are trying to stop abortions but what I saw was a bunch of kids that should have NOT been there with placards around their necks marching and chanting with their parents’ BULL FUCKEN SHIT instead they were here as opposed to someplace safe, like child care or with a grand parent instead of here with crazy people hurling insults and whatever else at each other in harms way, in danger by who?
Then you expect ME to agree with a bunch of fucken phoneys like you who don’t give a shit about their OWN kids and I should support them.

Unfucken believable.

Police were every where trying to keep both sides apart and these little three and four year olds were right in the thick of it with cardboard signs tied around their necks while their mothers were yelling and spitting at each other.
I wonder what those kids will be dreaming about tonight.

Somewhere someplace you don’t know sits a woman in a dark corner in a dark part of the world clutching a small figure.
It’s not moving.
It lifeless body wrapped in a dirty cloth, the same cloth that held it’s brothers and sisters before him that perished in the same way he did, of starvation because his mother had nothing to eat and couldn’t produce the milk needed to keep life flowing in that small bundle.
No tears flow down her face, she has no moisture left to shed, just blood but she needs that to keep his sister alive inside her.
Until she is born that is.
Some people never see a blessing others don't deserve them.

Just a little something to think about before Mother’s day

Have a nice day.



testglobaltraffic said...

nice blog

Angel Without Wings said...

I agree with you that those children should not have been anywhere near a protest about ANYTHING. These things are notorious for getting out of control and people get hurt in the crossfire. They certainly shouldn't be used as human placards.

Unfortunately there are people in this world that shouldn't be allowed to have a pet, never mind a child who they are responsible for raising into a decent human being. Life can be very unfair when often the people who are the least deserving and the most ill equipped to be parents are the ones that seem to be able to pop them out one after the other. Then there are the people in the millions who would give everything they had in the world just to know the joy of being parents even once.

Its too cruel for words....

Peter said...

And a happy Mothers day from me too, you have a way of putting stuff right on the line Walker, well done.

Monica said...

There are more reasons for abortion than a teenager having premarital sex. There are health issues, there is the rape issue and if I told you the stats on that one you'd be incredulous, there is failed contraceptive use when you did use precautions. There is the fact that generally, a guy can and often does just walk away.

I believe women have the right to choose. For myself I chose to have my three babies. I've never regretted that. But I'm not going to judge another person's situation.

My heart does break for many childless couples and there are too many children in foster care who could be adopted out so it's not like there aren't enough children in the world already needing a home. And what about the infamous case of the little one adopted in New York and killed by her adoptive father? There are many stories like that as well. Or people not getting what they thought they were getting and wanting to give the child back at the first sign of a problem...I've been in the courtroom in one of those cases in my past legal job.

I do not agree with abortion. But I agree even less with killing women and doctors. And I would gladly allow stem cell research to benefit one of my children if they needed it and for someone to say different would be hypocrisy.

It's the pot calling the kettle black. There is bad and good in both situations. But I have to be honest, I do support a woman's right to choose. Those protesters have no clue what a woman's situation is.

BTW, you'd be incredulous at the teens having abortions because they were impregnated through molestation...they weren't all in the back seat of a car with a jock.

Monica said...

BTW again, this is a GREAT post because it is thought-provoking and those are always the best.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day to you Walker!

Be safe..

IE doesn't know who I am so I'm going to login anonymous! Ain't IE Great!

Anonymous Boxer said...

I mean this as a compliment when I say,

You're an intense guy.

Well written.

Nan said...

Oh Walker this is such a touchy subject. For myself, I can only justify an abortion because of rape or molestation. I agree that there are too many teens and young adults out there using it as a form of birth control. the other solution is to give your child up for adoption.
I, who struggled with infertility for over 3 years was looking at adopting. There are always options out there. People don't always look for solutions because sometimes that means taking responsibility for their actions (again excluding rape and molestation issues).

Vickie said...

There will always be reasons abortions are appropriate and should be performed by qualified individuals---the key here is what are the appropriate reasons and who makes those decisions---My thoughts and your thoughts might not be the same---but along the way we have each been given the right and live in a Country where we have the freedom to have our own thoughts and to make our own choices---it all gets back to individual choices. I am Pro Choice---take that anyway you want to---there is right reasons and wrong reasons for abortions and unless you are in those positions you should not condemn.

Kids should never be used to project a parents stand on issues/ views . These kids are being placed in harms way when they are at protest and I think parents should be handled.

A very thought provoking post Walker.

Walker said...

Angel Without Wings: If they wanted to go protest I think they should go out there and protest.
Its our right and sometimes it does bring around change if there is a strong following but come on, bringing your kids.
That's just not gbeing a resonsible parent.
What next bring baby to a bank robbery because the wife was busy at work.

Walker said...

Peter: I call em as I see em.

Walker said...

Monica: Yes I know, I even said that in the post I just didn't want to write a thesis.
There are alot of reasons to terminate a pregnance.
I just don;t believe that it should be a birth control option.
I know someone who jhas had 3 abortions because they got pretgnant and didn;t want it.
How hard would it have been to take steps not to get pregnant.

Walker said...

Thank you Lora umm I mean anonymous
You be safe to :)

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: Thank you.
I try not to be but I live next door to Greek parents and it happens right after I speak to them for a bit lol

BTW I have read a number of your posts and you're no slouch either. You know how to speak you mind and say it as it is.

Walker said...

Na: Yes it is and I understand how you feel.
I have a few friends who wish they could have had kids and never got the opertunity to adopt either because they were in the military and on the move all the time.
I know they would have made great parents to.
BUT you have one in the oven now and all looks bright for the future for you and Oil Man :)

Walker said...

Vickie: I am pro people.
I beleive everyone has the right to do with what they want with their bodies
I beleive if an abortion is nessary it should be performed.
What I have issuies with is abortions because they got pregnant because they didn;t take precations.
Like i said to Monica, I know a woman who had three because they were unwanted pregnancies.
That is abuse of the system and their bodies.
Down the rode there may be complications if she wants children.

I think abortions should be for medical reasons and for women who are raped or molested.
And we are allowed to be different on issues.
If we all thought the same it would be boring :)

Shaz said...

I am late but feel as strongly as you my friend. x

Walker said...

Shaz: You are never late :)