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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Walk On The Dark Side ©

Hmmm where to start?
This is going to be a short post.
Last night at 1am walking home from Mike’s I had the good fortune of getting hit by a car and the bastard kept going.
Most of the damage I did to myself jumping out of the way and no I haven’t been to the hospital yet because I had promised to do something for someone today so here I am laid up on the couch until I take care of that piece of business, THEN hospital.
I think I tore out the calf muscle by the sound of it.
Yes I heard it pop just before a sharp pain shot through my leg and right before I fell to the ground.
I just hope it doesn’t need surgery.
So I may not post for a couple of days, sorry.

On another note, the Battle of the Blogs is on its last week and I feel like being the spoiler.
Looking at the votes so far its obvious my friends are behind, so instead of asking you to vote for one of the three like before I will ask you to Vote for Stacy the Peanut Queen Lair.
Sorry guys, I just figure if we concentrate all the votes on one person they would have a better chance.
So if you feel like it, stop over cast a vote for Stacy or any of your favourite blogger.
Now if some of Stacy’s blog friends could link her as well that would really chalk up the votes, how cool would that be?
I better head back to the couch the leg is throbbing again.
This is where I need a large breasted nurse.
I'm hurt not dead LOL

Have a nice day



Lora_3 said...

Damn! I think when I started reading this at Technorati my heart stopped for a few beats.
Be Safe...

poet said...

peter, i hope you got that checked out. i just read it now (10p) hope you are ok....sending healing thoughts to you. poet

itisi said...

Not to worry, Walker, I am sure they have at least one large breasted nurse at the hospital. LOL Not as good as having one at your house, but still....
Good thing you are made of tough stuff! Let us know what you find out.

Peter said...

I believe I may have said this before Walker... Watching your back is downright dangerous... now the Bastards are coming at us with cars!!!

patti_cake said...

So sorry this happened to you Walker! I hope you are not seriously hurt and get better quickly.
I have three faves left in the blog battles, one being Stacy so I am not linking but I do wish her the best. She's a doll

Nan said...

If you heard a "pop" then it's probably your planteris muscle. I tore thta muscle a year ago and it was about 6 months before it was all healed up. If you find that blood has pooled down around your ankle, then you might need surgery but if not, you will probably just need to stay off of it for a few weeks and then some physio. Please get it checked out.

Jac said...

Sorry about the hit, Walker !! I think you better take you in a hospital.

About the nurse, I know some one with 'one' large breast. As you are sick yourself, will that do ??

Walker said...

Lora: I am always safe, MY middle name is safe, vbut sometimes the rubber breaks :P

Walker said...

Poet: Yes I did and its hurt for a good reason, now I want that reason to get better fast

Walker said...

Peter: what hurts the most is the lack of compassion people have.
ok i run over by accident, STOP LOOK HELP.

Walker said...

Patti Cake: I am sorry (or is that sore) that it happened to me to. I understand you have other friends we all do, thats the hard part trying to pick :)

Walker said...

Nan: I heard the pop, I am just happy there wasn't a snap and crackle with it.

Walker said...

Jac: It depends, How large is the breast?

Walker said...

ItisI: I'm hoping there is more than one ;)