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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Cat's Meow ©

Today I went out to do some shopping; actually I won $150 the day before.
I bought a chocolate bar then used the fifty cents change to buy a break away ticket and it gave me $150 so I decided to get some of the stuff I would normally by at the end of the month instead of spending it slowly now on something stupid like plants.

I needed some paint to paint a couple of bookcases; some rubber cement and I wanted an electric drill.
Cordless drill are ok but they drain fairly fast and if you don’t have a spare battery you’re screwed so I figured I could use the electric drill indoors and the cordless one for quick small jobs.
So off I went to Home Depot, Sally’s home away from home.

Grabbing a cart I slowly made my way around the store first picking up two grow lights I need, then I went to the paint department and bought a pint of white paint for the bookcases.
While I was there I got a price on the paint I will need to pain the whole house in the next two months.
From there I went to the tools section where I got a great deal on a drill that was on sale for twenty-five bucks.
After picking up the drill I went around the corner and I don’t know how it happened I ended up in the plant section.
Really I wasn’t going there it just appeared in front of me.
Well since I WAS there I decided to go in and just have a look, that’s all.
They were hauling in new plants for a sale they are going to be putting on next week when I walked in.
The manager smiled at me as I walked in, it’s no like I go there much for her to recognize me.
I went to their liquidation section where they mark down the plants that don’t sell and are dieing to see if there were anything there I would buy if I were to actually go there to buy a plant.
There were two cactuses I didn’t have at home that were marked down to three bucks from twelve that I found that I could buy if I was here to buy plants.
I walked around and came face to face with this big pot with a plant in it that I hadn’t seen before; it had a thick stalk and was about two feet high.
I walked over to the manager and asked her what kind of a plant that was.

“That’s a banana tree, we have been growing it for almost a year now”.
“Cool, how much you want for that one”?
“It’s on sale for $399”.
“WOW, do you get sex with it, if you buy it”?
If my wallet is going to get fucked for $400 I think I should to, don’t you?
“$400 with no sex and look it doesn’t even have fucken bananas so you can say you had some to eat for the money nor does it come with a monkey that you can say ate them for an excuse”.

I looked next to it and saw another plant I have not seen before or have.
She said it was a desert rose and it was full of pink blossoms.
I talked to her for a bit before headed off to the cash to pay for my stuff.

After stowing my stuff in the trunk I when to Pet Mart which was next to Home Depot to pick up a months worth of cats food and LOTS of litter, I think my cats shit more than they eat.
I walk in picked up a basket at the door and head off to the cats section.
For the last six months I have changed their food because for one my cats are getting older and I want them to eat a better quality food, if there is such a thing.
Have you ever smelled the stuff, I wouldn’t eat it if I were a cat?
I started buying Fancy Feast for them and man do they like that stuff.
They could eat six cans a day if I let them but I only split three cans between them and all the dry food they could stomach which also smells like rotting something.
I think cats only eat stuff that smells like death.
For the last three months I have been buying a food that was like Fancy Feast but was on sale for half price and the cats love it just as much.
It used to be almost the same price as FF but when it went on sale and with my budget it was to good to pass up so I have been buying that instead.

When I got to the isle and walked to where they keep the food I could see from a distance that the shelves were empty.
I figure, crap everyone scooped it all up because it was, going fast at that price.
I kept walking up the isle and straight for the FF when I stopped in front of the empty shelves and was looking at a paper that had been taped up to one of the shelves.
I read it and it said that the food I was buying had been recalled but didn’t give a reason.
Now I was getting worried because I don’t want my cats to be sick.
I grabbed some FF and headed off to look for a manager or assistant manager to find out what all this was about.
All the manager could tell me was they the company had changed supplies for some ingredient and it affected the cats.
As soon as the company found out they recalled all the cat food.
I was given a paper to read that stated if I saw something peculiar with my cats after eating this food to call the VET.

I thanked the manager and went to the cash to pay for the cat food I was buying and went to the car where I sat for a while thinking.
I am not one to take things at face value without having a good look at it at the time or shortly after.
The company said that as soon as they found it they pulled the products off the shelves.
That was big of them but I am thinking something else.
I am thinking they had all this cat food that was already to be sold that cost them a lot of money to make and they found out it was bad but still put it out at a reduced price so they could recoup as much of their money as they could and then became their own heroes by pulling it off on their own so as to look like the caring company that they want us to believe.
Are we that stupid where we don’t see stuff like this any more?
Fuck our pets, what do they care?
They got our money from the cat food and they don’t have to pay the VET bills, we do so it’s a win win situation for them.
My cats look fine for now and haven’t noticed anything odd but I will be looking closely at them and Pet Mart told me to return what food I have left at the house and they will reimburse me for the cost.

I came home and rested for a bit before I went to the basement and ummmm re-potted two cactuses, a desert rose and …………………… this tiny banana tree I got for five bucks that I will grow BIGGER than the one for $400 and no sex banana tree.
I’m not paying $400 dollars for a plant I can’t smoke and get high on.

“EMME get down from the ceiling”!!!

Have a nice day



craziequeen said...

See - that'll teach you......all cats deserve Fancy Feast (aka Stinky Goodness in feline blogging circles).

We don't have Fancy Feast here in the UK, but my two little monsters have Felix :-)

Photos of your new banana tree, please...!!


tammi said...

You have such a way with words mr.funny man!lol
I love the part about the wallet f***ing.I feel that way on a daily basis.If I got screwed as much as my wallet does....I wouldn't be going through this freakin pecker-drout (by choice,btw)

Nan said...

I hope your kitties are okay. When I heard about the recall I rushed home at lunch to check what kind I had. thankfully if was Fancy Feast. One of my girlfriends was not so lucky and her cat is very, very sick right now and is at the vet. They don't know if she will make it.

Susan said...

My cat only gets the boring old dry food, I dont think there was a problem with that. Shes fine, so Im not worried. I think if Emme is on the ceiling, then she must be just fine!
Why dont you try to have sex with the cacti!!!!?

Shaz said...

Oh I hope your cats are okay !!!!

$400 for a banana plant. That sounds ridiculous to me.
They grow they fruit, then you cut it down and it throws a sucker for the next round.
They are practiclly weeds over here.
I might be missing something (could be the hair cut,lol) but I have never heard of such a thing.

By the way you are so f*#king funny.

Jac said...

$400/- ????

I will give you free, not one, but ten !!

patti_cake said...

I am glad your cats are okay. I was horrified to hear of that pet food contamination. Awful.
I want to see a pic of your new plants also.

Lora_3 said...

The $400 for a banana tree is crazy.

Be safe...

gab said...

wtg on winning the money. how are you feeling? I got my new SUV

Lindy...The Alien Keeper said...

Hey Walker, Hope your leg is doing better. A little exercise at a time & you should be alright.
The cat food turned out to have rat poison in it. Some kind thats not even used as rat poison in the US but wound up in the moist food & foil packs. Lots of animals have died from it so watch closely for lethargic behavior & not wanting to eat.
Thanks for checking in on me. I'm ok. Just toooo busy.

Walker said...

CQ: yes I know thay all deserve Fancy feast. From now on all the get will be that :)

Walker said...

Tammi: me funny noooooooo I just stub my toe once in awhile and curse to much

Walker said...

nan: Thgey are going good, I am lucky but at the same time i feel for those who lost pets.

Walker said...

Susan: My cats are spoiled rotten, they have to have wet food and dry.

Walker said...

Shaz: yes, its what is available and the stored know they can get it and try. I won't pay it but will try and grow my own.

Walker said...

Jac: LOL thats a plantation Jac LMAO 10 no just one

Walker said...

Patti_cake: yes so am I
I will take pictures of all my plants soon when i start taking the outside.

Walker said...

Lora: Yes it is and no I am not LOL

Walker said...

Gab: Yes I saw the SUV and the sexy nails ;)

Walker said...

Lindy:Yes the leg is getting better and I am careful with it.
The thing aboutthe poison pisses me off.
For someone to do that on purpose is beyond words