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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day Murmurs ©

Lost Thoughts

What’s a day but 24 hours out of the 8760 hours there are in a year.
If you said I love you once a day, that would be 365 times you told that one person in your life that they make your heart flutter….. skip a step to the music growing inside you from the first time you looked into their eyes………the first time you reached out with anticipation and fear to touch the part of you that has been missing from the day you were born.
Mmmmmmmm…….. think of the first time you touched love with an innocent mind.
The closeness without touching, feeling the energy grow between you like a brewing storm, electricity building, surging to capacity until you burst open like a rose in the sunlight showing all with the happiness you hold within, tightly packed ready to explode to shower those around you with your radiance.

True love beats innocently in your breast when you first meet the one you were meant to share the same beat……..the rhythm that guides your steps in unison as you walk down the path, hand in hand to anywhere or maybe no where, it doesn’t matter because sometimes it’s not the journey that matters but who takes it with you.

A kiss, the spark that ignites a fire, which builds 10,000 fold to bring life to your whole being from a cold loneliness.
10,000 kisses mark a lifetime of hellos but the one that says goodbye hurts the most yet what is goodbye but a moment in time before you say hello once more.

Eyes, deep as the oceans, stretching far into the future, beckoning you to take a plunge, to feel the waves pass over you as you both swim in each other’s pool of life, into the sunset as two reflections become one bringing in a new dawn.

When did a day become a year, why can’t it be forever?


I remember my first Valentine,
I was in the first grade and Wendy Hodgens walked up to me and said here and passed me the Valentine then grabbed me by the crotch and said, “Now this is mine”.
I was terrified, my mother just bought me the pants and she told me not to rip them because they were the last pair I was going to get for a while then here I go and loose them to this little blonde girl for a paper heart.
She was cute but at 6 years old I wasn’t telling anyone that.
The years passed and I got more Valentines, from Marys, Evelines, Danielles,……… my daughters.
I can’t remember the last time I got a Valentine, must be 7 years at least, it’s not that I wasn’t loved, it wasn’t needed.
In reality everyday should be Valentines Day.
Everyday you should say, “I love you” to the one you love, the one you share a life with.
You should show your love to your partner every chance you get especially after a drag down glass shattering fight, in fact even more when you have a disagreement.
It says I love you and always will but you’re wrong, now come here and fuck me, Plan B
Everyday should be Valentines Day and not just one day out of a year to remind you to show someone they mean so much to you.
You should be doing that everyday, like being at the store for something you want and only finding something your partner would want instead and buying it.
Watching a pukey girly movie because she likes it.
How hard is it to watch 100 guys in tight pants running around on a Monday night ladies.
Valentines Day could be everyday if you put what’s important in your life first and all the rest second.

The other day I was in my favourite part of town, the old market.
It’s where I get the chocolates I mail out every month and where the antique store I get the items I write my stories with.
After coming out of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory with a suspiciously heart shaped box under my arm I headed off to the Antique store and the second I walked in and my friend saw the box she said I was to late she started seeing someone.
Dang “rolls eyes”.
She had just received items from an estate sale she had been at.
The woman who owed these was in her 90’s when she passed away and her family just sold everything instead of keeping it.
The contents of a jewellery box were spread over the counter and there was this small battered box that caught my eyes.
You could tell it was old by its discoloration and it had been touched a lot, which was evident by the wear and tear it displayed.
Taking the box off of the counter I opened it to see what was inside.
Removing the object from the box I looked at it carefully.
I knew this was leaving with me and I knew who was getting it.
This was something that teenagers who fell in love gave each other.
The fact that she still had it for all these years must have meant something to her.
Was it something her first love gave to her, maybe the man she married and fathered those ungrateful……excuse me……children with.
Returning it to the box I told my friend I wanted it and we negotiat4ed a price and off I went to find some cards.

This year I sent out two Valentines to two special women.
One leaves me in awe every time I read her posts.
Many of us can learn what love is reading how much she loves her husband.
When I read her posts, I see him next to her smiling, taking her by the elbow when she stumbles and gives her the strength to keep him alive in this world.
She makes me smile when I see what her kind of love is and I am envious.
If fact I am smiling now just thinking of it.

The other Valentine went out to someone who drives me crazy but I put up with it just like she puts up with me (She puts up with more) that must mean something.
Her love is strong and filled with compassion for others as well as her family.
If there is a cause worth fighting for, she is knee deep in it.
If there is a sale, she is neck deep in it.
If giving out valentines makes people happy, I could honestly tell you that giving these two women a Valentine has made this person a very happy man.

Love makes the world go around and the heart smile.
Keep smiling

I have one request before you run away.
It would nice if you could follow this link and go leave this person a hug.
Don’t tell her I sent you (she might thump me), say nothing at all, just a hug, trust me you would be making this person very happy.
I know you would be in her shoes.

Happy Valentines Day




gab said...

Your right why should it be only one day a year? I cant even begin to know how many times a day I tell hubby I love him. Lets just say alot. Did you see the pic of him and our new little grandson? I almost cry every time I see it and I made it my background pic on my puter. At least for now cause I dont want the other boys to be jealous. Happy Valentines day hugs

Vickie said...

What a great post, I just wonder when you are going to start your book. I know nag, nag, and nag some more it's only because I know talent and you have it. I love that you share here but you have some great stuff and should think ahead.

You really captured and shared what love is here---from the first crush, to one who held on to her memories of love for so long.

Love should never be recognized one day a year but all year long which is how it is for me. Today was just Wednesday---yes it was Valentine's Day and I did take part in the Valentine shopping by purchasing a special gift for my mom. Carl and I know what love is and enjoy it every day.

Thank you for being such a special friend Peter. Happy Valentine's Day---and by the way I love you. :)

patti_cake said...

I definitely show my love for Stacy more than one day out of the year. Great post Walker. What I wouldn't give to poke through the estate of a 90 year old woman. What treasures it must hold.
You are a treasure youself my Valentine!

Peter said...

Good post Walker, hugs delivered as requested.

nachtwache said...

Walker, what a great and beautiful post, I laughed when I read your conversation with internet support, now that's customer service :) and what you wrote about love, so true and sweet. Your friends are lucky to be able to call you friend.
I hope you'll feel better soon.