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Friday, December 01, 2006

An Orange For Your Thoughts ©

Another week has snuck on by and sliding in to the month of mayhem and angst.
I remember hearing those stories where my grand parents used to get an orange for Christmas and they thought it was the greatest gift in the world.
Go ahead give your kid and orange for Christmas.
The first thing they are going to do is look for the USB port.
It doesn’t have one, it’s wireless.

My friend was telling me that his kid wants a PS3 for Christmas and some other accessories that go with it (Games are extra).
He’s looking at about $700 and that’s just for one kid, he has three.
And what does he get for Christmas usually I asked him?
He said the kids get him clothes that his wife would like him to wear and he wouldn’t be caught dead in.
OH, and since he pays the VISA bills he is buying his own gifts LOL.
You gotta love life’s little quarks.

I had a number of surprises this week, the first one came via the mail and it TOTALLY surprised me.
I would like to thank Karen for what she sent me. I won’t say what it is now because I will be using it in an up coming post.
It’s nice to get a surprise in the mail and this caught me off guard.
Actually I thought it was the season 1 box set of Stargate Atlantis I ordered but this made me happier than that would have.
Thank you again Karen.
I still send out a box of chocolates to someone from my mailing list every month and if you want to be added to it all you have to do is send me an email telling me where to send it, you’ll just never know when it’s coming.

Now the day I got that nice package in the mail I got a bonus.
My next-door neighbor was outside struggling with a dresser, a really nice dresser.
I asked where he was taking it as I picked up on end to carry it through the open door.
He said to the curb.
Huh, what?
Yes, he was throwing it out.
I looked at it and it was new, not even a scratch.
I asked him why and he said that he bought it a month and a half earlier with his wife and now she didn’t like the way it looked in the bedroom and bought a new one and they didn’t want the clutter.
I think some people have way too much fucken money.
We have no right to tell people what to do with their money, no.
I know some of you can sit here and recite to my from the stats about how children are starving through out the world and for pennies a day they could eat and be healthy.
I know all of that but…it’s their money.
Needless to say the curb stopped at my hallway.
I just got a $500 solid wood dresser.
Mike said he would like to have it.
I would like to suck on Angelina Jolie’s tits to but it doesn’t mean either one of us is going to get what we want.
Then this morning the door bell rings and wouldn’t you know it, the dresser had siblings.
I got a matching shelf and there may be more. I had to sneak this one in so Mike didn’t see it.
But I have to keep a close eye on this guy.
This might be some diabolically evil plan to move his family into my house and be single again and you know what would happen to me then don’t you.
I’ll end up with his wife and loose the dresser because she was the one that had him throw it out in the first place.
I figured it out, so it’s not going to work.

I think this weekend I will be dragging out the Christmas decorations and see if they would be nice enough to go hang themselves and give me a break for a change.
Probably not, the last time they spoke to me I was fucked up all night.
Words of warning, ALWAYS read what you buy and NEVER EVER take magic mushrooms when hanging decorations.
I had a friend come down for the holidays from the east coast to see his parents and brought me some magic mushrooms.
Well that nice I washed a handful down with a beer and set up the tree and other decorations.
Now I was feeling great, laughed to myself a lot but was in a great mood, then I plugged in the lights and sat down.
Now I know I was stoned but not all the way to la la land, I know what I took but when I started hearing Christmas music I started to wonder.
Well let me tell you, it was the weirdest thing trying to find out where the hell the music was coming from and not being able to find it and it changes.
It tormented me, MOCKED ME for a couple of hours.
Sitting on the couch confused, stoned, inflicted with out bursts of cursed laughter, I studied the situation or I was in a catatonic coma but I know I didn’t move for ages for some reason.
My eyes glued to the tree.
The tree was singing to me.
Jingle bells
The lights were going with the music to.
Great mushroom.
Where the fuck is the music coming from, I thought?
I got up and unplugged the lights and stood back.
I listened carefully.
It was still Playing.
That’s it I thought, I was nuts.
I will have to spend the rest of my life with Xmas music playing in my head.
Dropping in the chair next to the tree I stared at it, if fact I stared at the music.
I had gone out and bought some new decorations to add to the tree and along with the lights I bought some balls to hang and one of them ………plays music.
The weight of the ball pulls on the string and the music plays.
That was about six years ago and the last time I did mushrooms.
My friend had a great time with his family and liked the present I gave him.
I hope he did some mushrooms before he hung it.

For those looking for a Sex Talk, well there is always the weekend “wink”

Have a nice weekend



Lora_3 said...

You always have tits on the brain.

I'll make you a deal, I'll get you Jolie if you get me Gerard Butler. I just want to listen to him talk.

You just wigged out all the straight folks with that mushroom tale.

Be safe...

Nan said...

Oh that's so funny that the Christmas balls play music and you thought it was from the mushrooms. LOL

elvira black said...

Great stories as always, Walker. Did you hear about the Playstation near-riots here in the states? They put a few out before Thanksgiving and not only were people waiting on line for days but when the stores opened it was horrific.

Sometimes the gifts that keep on giving the most are the simplest ones--like that musical Christmas ball. As far as the furniture goes, as BG's family crest says: "Cheap is good; free is better!"

Have a great weekend.

Peter said...

Good deal Walker, a free dresser and accessories delivered to the door.

I won't burden you with my address for the chocolates O'seas postage is a killer, I sent a book which I picked up for a bargain $5 to the States... Postage $15.

mrhaney said...

you have all the luck. no one is giving me any furniture. when i see it at the curb it is junk, pure junk. well it is 3 a.m and i guess i should go to bed. talk to you later. have a good one.

p.s. the bond girls are going to miss the sex talk you know.

gab said...

Hubby works at a gas station some dude came in bragging about buy the PS3 for $600. and then selling it for $1700, Hubby didnt believe him till he showed him the money. Well almost then the kid who bout it for said $1700 came in crying cause he could have gotten one for $1000 and just spent an extra $700 he didnt have to. Hubby said this kid couldnt have been more than 12. Where in the hell does a 12 year old get $1700? Heck we cant even get $1000 a week for a paycheck to pay bills,buy groceries and all the extras you need to live. So when you said you got the bonus I was like lucky guy! Being there at the right time always works. My grandson whos 11 wants a PS3 or a Wii but again I dont have the money for it. He tells me he's asking Santa. Well guess who santa is? Not his mom and he dont have a dad! any clue? Yep your right HO HO HO

patti_cake said...

Boy I had a HECK of a time getting to leave a comment. I've forgotten what I originally wanted to say!
Oh well I enjoyed your post Walker. You always make me laugh. Loved the musical ornament hehe...

Walker said...

Lora_3: well its the only place i can get them for the moment LOL

Thats easy I can get a cd of him talking lol

Walker said...

nan: I didnt even know that the ball played music. I kthought it was heavy but it was heavly decorated so I thought that that was the reason for the weight

Walker said...

elvira black : Yes I did and I saw one person buy one so he could smashg it to make a point. The only point i saw was 500 dollars down the drain and 2 days waiting in line.
People are nuts lol

Walker said...

Peter : There is no burden when it comes to mailing. I have spent 100 dollars sending stuff to NZ and have mailed these all over the world.
I enjoy making someone smile when they weren't expecting it. So if you want send it to me and not to worry about the postage.

Walker said...

mrhaney: I would willingly relinquish my furniture luck for some lottery luck LOL

Walker said...

Gab: Its gone insane. The love we have for our kids drives us to make them happy and the manufacturors are taking advantage of it.
I dont know where the kid got 1700, thats for his parents to figure out.

Once we beleived in Santa, then we didn''t somewhere along that line we become santa HO HO HO

Walker said...

patti_cake :L I am sorry you had trouble. I use both Haloscan and blogger.
I loved the ornament so much I had to share it with a friend :)

hellbunny said...

Your always so lucky getting free stuff.All my neighbour ever gives away is her old BF's