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Thursday, November 16, 2006

All We Are ©

I sit here in front of my computer in disgust at how some people think and treat other people.
I have taped my fingers up together to write this post because is has to be said and if I say it here I will probably avoid trouble tomorrow.
I know there are others out there that have gone through this and still many others that will go through this and worse I’m sure.

A while ago I posted a post about an elderly couple that had been put in two separate nursing homes so that their son could save some money.
Now isn’t that a good boy?
These two people have been together for fifty years and in their old age were separated not by disease or death but by greed.

Thirty-five years ago at the age of twelve I had been sent to Greece with my uncle on a holiday and to arrange my uncle up with a wife.
That is when I first met these people.
My uncle married their daughter that summer and they all moved here to Canada right after.
They were nice people always having fun.
They had two sons also, which I grew up with and became friends as kids do when they grow up.
They had it hard in the beginning but were hard workers and did well, as did their kids.
There were a lot of problems and roadblocks, which I won’t get into but they managed.

As I got older our paths drifted apart and I didn’t see the sons that much any more.
I went down a dark path while they went down the right one I guess but we did meet a couple of times a year at family gatherings.
They were always trying to get me to cough up some of facts to rumors they had heard about.
All in all it was fun seeing them but I didn’t know who they were any more as they didn’t know who I was.
I would see their parents more than I saw them since they used to stop buy to see my parents often with my aunt who was and is nuts about me since I we met in Greece.
She’s only two years older than I am and I was the only person her age in a world of adults when she married my uncle.
She is my favorite aunt and her husband is my favorite uncle.
He was my baby sitter along with Archie.
My uncle and I have had issues in the past on how her treated her, as did my parents but in the end good or bad it was my aunt that ended the arguing.
She just lied I think and accepted the abuse as part of her life but that to is another story.

This post is about two people who have been in love for over fifty years not only that but one, is 20 years younger that the other.
One went through two world wars and seen horrors she refused to speak of, yet she went through life as if it had been sweet the whole time and I think it was being with him that made is so.

Time changes people and when you see them one day you don’t know who they are.
I know I have changed, a little.
My dark paths brought me to places most see in nightmares.
I have seen bad things but I never seen evil up close and personal until now and from a place I least expected.

She lay in her bed curled up on her side as she once did in her mother womb almost a century earlier.
Her glazed eyes sunken in her face staring out into the dark night, she was waiting for him.
She hadn’t seen him in months and now time was running.
She needed to see him just this one last time before she moved on.
Her youngest son phoned to say he would go to get his father and bring him to the nursing home.
They told her this and a faint smile came to her lips.
It was 11.35pm
It would take twenty minutes to get her husband to her.
At 12:30am a new star lit up the sky.
Fifteen minutes later her son walked in alone.
He never even went to get his father.
He said it would have been for nothing because he didn’t think he would have made it in time………………………..

This is someone who I grew up with and now I don’t recognize.
Who the fuck is this asshole?
First he gets power of attorney from his parents and then puts them into separate nursing homes five miles apart where they can’t see each other so he could save money which was theirs to start with.
I’m so fucken mad, my parents have been telling me to be quiet all day and to behave tomorrow.
So I am sitting there fucken behaving last night getting the details of what needs to be done so that we can go to the service.
The son was trying to do a quick funeral, dead and buried in 24 hours but people freaked out so they put it off having the service Friday and a viewing tomorrow at the funeral home.

Then I am informed that it will be a hard day tomorrow because they will have to tell her husband that his wife died.
Who the fuck is this person?
My aunt is beside herself and his older brother doesn’t seem to care.
He is a gambler and is probably wondering if he will make it to the fucken casino after the funeral.

They haven’t told this man his wife has died and wont until they bring him to the funeral home.
When will the man grieve?
They are just going to drop him at the foot of the coffin and say what to him we forgot to tell you?
These two people have given all they had to their kids even up to a few years ago they gave their retirement money to help one of their kids who was in trouble and in the end they were discarded like an empty wallet.

I have tried to think of what was going through her mind in those last minutes as she was fighting to stay alive so that she could see her husband one more time and her useless son didn’t even bother and I try to imagine what will go through his heart tomorrow at the funeral home when he sees her for the last time.
I can’t write how I feel right now; I don’t know how to explain how I feel right now.

Sitting in the sidelines are my parents watching all of this unfold.
What are they thinking?
They are turning eighty next year and knowing that they are nearing the end doesn’t make life easier when you see this shit happening.
My parents will never see the inside of a nursing home unless they need constant medical care and will never be kept apart.

Tuesday at 12:30am at the age of 90 a great woman went where all the bright souls shine down on the ones they love.
I only wish her last wish had come true.



Lisa W. said...

What a sad story, Walker. I wish it surprised me but nothing like this surprises me anymore. Some people are just so unbelievably selfish.

You must be like me - insomniac! (3:51am here...)

Peter said...

That's gotta be one of the worst stories I've read this year Walker, what kind of a son could do that to his parents?
If as you say it has been done to save money in some way that surely is a criminal act.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your lost. It's pretty sad to read this. I know it is hard to accept that there are people out there that don't really care.
I lost my dad when I was really young, and my mother almost two years ago. And there is not a single day that I don't miss both of them. My gramma died 4 days before my mother...and the pain is still there.

There are mean people out there...and it is hard for us to understand.

I am so sorry for your lost Walter. May her rest on peace.

patti_cake said...

Walker that is just... heinous. I hope that "son" and I use the term loosely, has a miserable life. He deserves nothing good after doing that to the two people who gave him his very breath.

Lora_3 said...

Walker you have a big heart.

Be safe...

Miss said...

This story has me in tears. No one deserves this.

Miss said...

I don't mean to be anonymous, its me but Blogger Beta sometimes doesn't like me. I am so sorry, Walker. Please take care of your burns, and don't strain your hands too much.

Miss Cellania

Nan said...

This made me cry. I'm so angry with you Walker. This is just inexcusible.

Brian said...

Walker, that is an incredibly sad and shocking story.

Irina Tsukerman said...

Oh my gosh, this is one of the worst stories I've heard. Well, as they say, what goes around comes around. Let's hope the son realizes what a horrible thing he's done and turns to good deeds.