blue moon (2)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Witches, Nuns and Walker ©

So, how was your weekend?
Me I decided I needed to get out for a change and see some people and maybe get something new and odd for my collection of blog props.
I took the car and informed everyone I was going out and not to call unless they were dieing.
This was going to be my day.
I headed off to the market where I stopped at the RMCF and picked up a box of chocolate.
Those I sent out on Monday to someone as a surprise and speaking of surprises I got a great one in the mail from Skye the other day and I would like to thank her for making my day.

After getting the chocolates I walked down the line of antique shops looking for something new, interesting and not to expensive.
I hit the occult shop and looked at some of the stuff they sell but they don’t appeal to me that much even though some look interesting, I prefer old items with some history and possible stories behind them other than made in China on the bottom.

Dar came out to see me from the back and we chatted for a bit.
I asked her if she had anything that I would be interested in.
She said nothing new but would call me if she found something.
Heading down the street I was now heading to the place I go to the most.
The woman here sells antiques but also looks out for things that I like.
She’s a nice lady but it’s a challenge every time I go there because she has been wanting more from me for years but I have been refusing.
She asked me once what was wrong with her I said nothing she is a beautiful woman, sexy, smart.
The fact that she is a witch doesn’t bother me in the least; I have been with a witch before.
She has nice perky tits………OK she sleeps with her fucken eyes open.
That’s way too freaky.
It’s like those big cheap dolls they make for little girls that never close there eyes and look like they are staring at the ceiling.It would be like sleeping with the bride of CHUCKY.
In a way I know we are using each other, she does things for me to keep me going there and I go there because I know she will find or do what I ask her.

Walking into this small tight shop with its curtained walls, brushing past the multitude of peacock feathers and into the main area I saw her in the back and walked to her.
She was happy to see me and assaulted me with a barrage of kisses and then attached herself to my arm by coiling hers around mine like two pythons.
She told me she had a surprise for me…….

Just then a nun walked into the shop and up to the desk.
She walked out to meet her and it was obvious they knew each other.
I was introduced and we sat down for a chat.
This wasn’t a convent nun, this was a street worker.
She dressed in a habit but was street wise, probably because of the 40 years working with street people.
This is one of the worse places in town and always has been for someone to be in but this is where she wanted to work.

Now I have been accused of being a flirt.
Personally I don’t know what that is, I am just being polite and comfortable with whom I am talking to so when the nun took out a porcelain covered plate and bowl and I saw how she was touching them and the way described them with a passion, almost lustfully.
To me they were just dishes but to her they were more.
When she looked at me and said “don’t they look divine”?
What falls out of my mouth after watching her caress the plates?
“What ever makes you wet sister”.
I don’t know where that came from, but I said it.
Now I was holding my breath as was my friend.
I don’t know what got over me.
I was ready to buy the stupid plates at this point.
She comes out with. “It’s been awhile”
Not I think she was holding back a burst of laugher because NOW there were two people lost for words and cloudy eyes.
So now my brain was in high speed because I know this woman was not shy so I throw back
“So nuns get wet to, do they”?
She smiled at me and told me she was still a woman and wasn’t always a nun.
She opened her purse and started pulling stuff out, lots of stuff.
Then pulled out a frame and passed it to me.
It was a black and white picture of two teenage girls wearing matching dress and these BIG MASSIVE bows on the front.
That’s me she said, I used to have nice legs then.
I looked down at her legs and told her they still looked just as good to me.
She turned a couple of shades of red and thanked me.
I looked at the picture again and then asked her if her boobs looked the same to.
That had her laughing.
We sat there talking for awhile, I even told her I thought the pope needed to get laid because he was a little to stiff and she thought I may be right.

The nun gets antiques from the elderly and goes out and sells them at the best price she can get and brings the money back to them.
She came to see if my friend wanted to buy the dishes.
She didn’t but did donate her a piece to sell and use the money for someone that needed it.
There are a lot of good people in this area I have to also add.
I love the market.

The nun left soon after and I asked her what she had for me?
She ran off into the back and brought me two items.
The first was a crystal ball with an interesting story and the second was a leather box.
When I went to open it she stopped me and said she didn’t want it opened there in her store.
I asked her how much and she told me some stupid amount, next to nothing so I threw her a couple of extra bucks even though she protested.
She said she only wanted me to get what was in the box out of there.

I said goodbye to her and I would be seeing her in about a month, then left.
I threw the stuff in the back of the trunk and went to pick up some plants that were being held for me.
I went home and brought everything in.
When everything was put away I took out the crystal ball and put it with the other one I have and then took the box.
It was about six inches square made out of some sort of soft leather.
It was fitted with a brass lock and hinges that look old, very old.
I opened the lock and then the box…………



Spirit said...

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Miss Cellania said...

So what was in the box? Are you going to reveal that later? Of course, your first mistake wasw going to an antique store to find something new.

hellbunny said...

Your going to keep us in suspense about the box i see.
I coudn't stop laughing about what you said to the nun.You bad boy Walker :)

patti_cake said...

contained a single eye staring up at me. The eye blinked.

Anonymous said...

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