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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

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I’m still here, see I am posting and commenting when I can.
I have a decision to make soon so I have that to ponder as well.
It’s a wonder sometimes that my brain pan is still working and hasn’t become a bed pan by now.
I hate not being able to use my desktop and when I do manage to get on Blogger is being stubborn.
Not to mention I think I am going through MrH with drawls.
Sometime I see him pop on and off MSN 20 times a day.
I hope he get back online soon.

It was an interesting weekend filled with witches, blood goblets, crystal balls and nuns.
I will be sharing all of that with you during the week.

Have you noticed how different fads, fashions and music change through time like in the sixties there was bell bottoms, mood rings, platform shoes my favourite and still is the mini skirt.
The seventies with Earth shoes, 8-track tapes (I still have some), pet rocks, Mexican jumping beans, Disco and Daisy Dukes, now those were …..
The eighties with Rubik’s cube, cabbage patch dolls, break dancing (I’m still broken), Smurfs and Nintendo.

Now those were some of the nicer fads but there were some that were not so fun like in the seventies and early eighties with hijackings.
One of the biggest mysteries still was what happened to D.B. Copper and the money he got.
We glamorized this person’s deed even though it was illegal.
It seems we have a love affair with the bold and the brave legal or illegal.
The media gives them a new light and controls how we think about them by the way the present it.
Sensationalizing it cleverly and getting you hooked to the TV wanting more.
The media make and break fads by the amount of exposure the give something.
Today’s fads are not that far off from their predecessors with new video games, music , clothes and TV but now the bad fad is what is disturbing me.
Oh yeah we have one and this one is the most hideous fad to ever come about.
The news is all over it and splattering it all over the news papers, TV and radio.
This new trend hits us all at home where we keep our most precious belongings, our children.
Another school shooting yesterday that’s four in about a month I have watched, read or heard about.
These sick fuckers have found a new way of getting our attention but walking into schools and shooting our kids.
Yesterday it was an Amish school, now what more quiet people can you hurt?
What’s next a nursery?

I hear the reasons that the authorities put out there.
He didn’t like these girls, he hated his old principle and went back 10 years later to get even and there are more excuses that the police have speculated on but is that why they did what they did or is that their way of being remembered?

If a sick suicidal fuck was to shoot himself at home who would hear about it?
The local news, maybe even the county unless he was known then maybe the state but for the most part only the city news and that’s it.
Most of these angry people who are fed up with their life that go this route because they want to be heard so they do something that they know will get national coverage… they go after the most innocent targets knowing that they will become famous or infamous.
They want everyone to know that in their small feeble minds they were wronged in some way or didn’t get their way.
They walk into a school fire a couple of shots and wait for the news because they usually get there before the cops.
Then people hear about it on the news, imagine a parent seeing it on TV before being notified by the proper authorities first.
They get frantic and running blind down the street to save their baby, maybe causing more grief by getting into an accident.

In most cases the viewer gets wrong information and depending of the channel you are watching they are giving different accounts of the situation.
As you’re glued to the set you see the parents struggling at the police lines as the shots ring out inside.
We watch the police rush the building to rescue the hostages only to hear that one shot ending the immediate drama.
The fucker is usually dead by his own hand, robbing us of the justice we need and allowing him to win by achieving his final goal by killing himself and making sure we all know he done it.
What comes after is shock and anger.
How could something like this happen but it is happening and at an alarming rate.

The people in power are going to have to look at this carefully and find ways to stop this trend because the last couple of these school shootings were not done by students but by people walking off the street.
The one place that should be the safest is not.
You have to start wondering what is wrong with society when we protect our money better than we protect our kids.

I was thinking if the news people are so eager to report this stuff and the nuts want an audience so bad maybe they could get together and create a special channel or even pay per view where they could shoot them selves on TV and leave our schools alone.
It might work.

You know, the more this happens the more we get used to it and accept it as a part of life or non life?

My thoughts today are with those parents who struggle to keep their kids safe.
You’re all doing a great job, just so you know.


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jules said...

I teach preschool, but we're housed in a high school building. We have lock down drills regularly. Try explaining those to a three year old.