blue moon (2)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

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Oh before you go ahead I would like to invite you to go to see Schotzy she is getting married today. I wish her all the best and congratulate Jim on his 20/20 vision.

It seems a couple of my friends would like me to do a meme that Fizzy so brilliantly made up.
So let’s give it a whirl and see what happens.

Tell me 1 piece of information about yourself that I really should never know.

Should anybody know any information about me would be a better question?
Lets see, I wore a dress and stockings once for a Halloween party.
I later found out that I still couldn't go into the ladies washroom even though I was dressed for the part but some of the drunk guys were impressed how a lady could pee in a urinal without wetting their shoes like they were doing.

Tell me 2 colors that you would never ever ever wear

This is a tough one.
Normally I would say I would NEVER wear anything pink or green but what if we get visited but cute multi colored aliens with three…oh sorry I think this is a rated G meme.
Sorry Fizzy.

Tell me 3 things that you love to eat

Oh come on, make this even harder after my last comment.
I just know Deni and MrH are laughing at me now.
They saw these questions and said, “Let’s get Walker to try it first” I feel like Mikey.
I know they are waiting for me to say right tit, left tit and pussy.
But I’m not.
I love to eat melons, cantaloupes and filet minion.

Tell me 4 things that you would never ever serve to a guest at your dinner table

COOL, a question I could get gross with, sorry Monica.

MONKEY BRAINS, Yup people eat them and they are a delicacy.
But they have to be eaten fresh.
My ex, mother of my kids sat down at a table in a restaurant with her family for dinner in Senegal.
Some big wig had invited them.
In the center of the table was a cover.
When everything was ready, the cover was removed and there was a live monkeys head bobbing around.
There was a cage under the table with the live money in it.
I will spare you the rest but you get the picture.

Octopus, no fucken way.
Looks too slimy for me.
I would rather eat grasshoppers than octopus.

Heads, yup that’s right heads.
Coming from a European background I have seen some stuff that uh uh not me.
My father and most Greeks love bbq a lamb’s head.
Scoop out the brains and suck out the eyes.
I walked into Archie’s one day and George had a lamb’s head in his hands and was sucking out the cheeks BLAHHH!
Not me, not at my table.

Innards of any creature.
That includes liver, tripe, kidney, intestines, stomach, heart, lungs and so on.
As far as I’m concerned Haggis is Gus’s mom and she was to.
As a kid she used to whack us with a broom.

Powdered deer penis.
NOW where they get that it’s an aphrodisiac I don’t know.
It’s not doing the deer any good now is it?
I’ll stick to wine.
Oops that was an extra one and besides it was an after dinner thing.

Tell me 5 things that keep forgetting to buy from the supermarket

Milk, yeast, toothpicks, cornstarch and fresh hot jumbo cinnamon buns filled with pecans, apples and raisons smothered in a thick sugar glaze.

Tell me 6 things about the autumn that you love

I love walking through the woods looking at the trees as their leaves change into a river of color just hanging above your head all around you.

The coolness of the night as the wind sweeps by you.

As a kid, I used to love rolling around in the piles of leaves that we raked up.
Why do we stop?

The smell of autumn along with the darkness it brings.
In some odd way its comforting with its gloom an somber feelings that it brings.
Remembrance Day is in the autumn.
What better time to remember glory if not in the splendor of mother natures stage.

Spicy Pumpkin pie with whipped cream, need I say more?

Tell me 7 things that you value about your family

Their unity.
Even though we disagree on many things, we are family and stick together.

My mother’s, cooking, baking, anything she makes that you can eat. It’s those personal touches you can’t get out of a can or a bag.

Their opinions, if I want them or not.
Many times than not they make the difference.
Good or bad.

The size of it.
I have hundreds of cousins, first and second and they are there if you need them.

The history my family.
It dates back a thousand years or more I have been told.
My mother’s maiden is as common as Smith is here in the part of Sparta where they come from.

The culture.
I am Canadian in everyway but how I was raised and that is something to know and understand.
I was raised as a Greek in a country where everyone was from somewhere else.
I am proud of my heritage as proud as I am to be a Canadian but what is a Canadian if not a Greek, Italian, Scotsman, Irishman, Indian…….

Their respect.
I know they love me and I will take that for granted but their respect is what I value more and I believe I get it.

Tell me 8 things that you like to watch on TV

Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis
Battlestar Galactica
Dead Zone
The Amazing Race
NFL Football

Tell me 9 things that you loved about school


I loved the friendships I made over the years and still have.

I loved gym class because it was a free credit almost LOL, no I loved playing sports so I enjoyed gym class

I loved astronomy class with Mr. Robertson.
He was and eccentric teacher that had hair like Einstein and this passion for the stars.

He also let us set up the telescope to check out the girls at the catholic girls school down the street.

Friday night dances were always a hit.
I went to a school that had 850 boys and 38 girls but the girls from the catholic school would also go.

Recess, come on we all loved recess, got to go out for a smoke and horse around for 40 minutes.

I loved playing basketball and hockey. I played every year for the school team that I attended and earned my school colors two years early.

I fell I love for the first time while was in school so I got to love that.

Tell me 10 of the little things that you love about life

The big innocent eyes of a baby
The smell of fresh cut grass
Someone’s hand in yours
A smile
The lingering scent of a woman’s perfume while walking along the sidewalk
Your child telling you that he/she loves you
The leaves changing color
Spring flowers
Waking up to someone and it doesn’t matter if its in the morning or the middle of the night.

I normally wouldn’t tag anyone but seeing Fizzy went to the trouble of making this up I think it should make the rounds so I tag.
Dot because I love your stories and I know you will do a great job with this.
Skye, payback’s a bitch but I told you I would get you one day for the tag and a new link who is fun to read Lora_3.

Have a nice day.



patti_cake said...

Very interesting Me~Me but you lost me at the food thing. Ick.

Anonymous said...

When you said you "tagged" me on blog I didn't know what the heck you meant. I looked down at my butt looking for some flag to be sticking out of it but there wasn't one. Then I thought maybe I should go hide in the closet because I didn't know if being tagged would be a good thing. I even went outside to see if the mothership was over my house. It wasn't.

So this is tagged. Like "oops I'm it?"

12 more days till whats in the box!

Be safe...

Anonymous said...

Hey Darth, you better not scare my R2D2. ...LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, now I know more about you...


Thank you for sharing that post with me. And for your comments on my blog. I feel honored! :)

And of course, I am not leaving the blog world, but that side of my life is gone.


Andrew said...

Oh great, now I get to wander around for the rest of the day with the image of that live monkey stuck in my brain. Yuck!

Walker, I appreciated the comments you left last week about step-parenting, so much so that I featured a few of your words in my response today, along with a link to your site. Have a great weekend.


jules said...

You're only a LITTLE twisted...that's good.

lime said...

lord have mercy, i'm glad i already ate from brin's. and i'd have to agree with every repulsive food selection you made.

mrhaney said...

i am surprised you didn't tag me. i finally got away with some thing. well it is saturday and i am being lazy. i did drive my old truck around this morning though. i love to drive it. well i slept till 10 this morning but did not get to bed until 4 a.m. how late did you stay up?

Walker said...

patti_cake : Now I did say what I would NEVER serve :)

Walker said...

Lora_3 : LOL did you look above the bar code?
Well you did great will you first tag and didn't have to hide in a closet.

Walker said...

The Lone Beader: Just make sure your R2D2 doesn't scare me lol

Walker said...

Sarah" It's good to hear you are not leaving blogging and your welcome :)

Walker said...

Andrew : Thank you for the linkAndrew.
Kids are one of those subjects that gets my attention especially given my upbringing. Not so much how my parents raised me but the enviroment I played in.

Walker said...

Jules: Me Twisted think hmmm

Walker said...

Lime: I don;t know why people eat them. If you think about it they are organs used to filter out impurities we take in so why eat it?
And it looks gross

Walker said...

mrhaney : You think you got away with it but You know I could suggest to someone that they could tag you LOL

holli said...

I tried to comment on the story above.. is that a continuing series? It was really interesting - I read the entire thing, which says I am not doing what I'm supposed to be doing at the moment!

As for meme lists - I actually enjoy them. This was a good one too.. and I can say I am thrilled you wouldn't serve your guests any of those things, but damn - the imagery of that lamb's head thing.. GAH!!

Walker said...

Holli: No it's not but it is. it's an idea I am working with.
The first one is a tease for my Halloween post.
There are some foods I hate to think about let alone eat.
THanbks for stopping by :)