blue moon (2)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Handful Of Bits ©

A couple of weeks ago at my bbq, someone was taking some pictures and sent me a couple and some of which ended up in the hands of some of the Bonds Girls.
ItisI came back to me and stated that I must have been having a great time because I hand a handful of ass.
Who me?
So she tells me which picture and I open it to have a look.
Me, grabbing ass HA!!!!!!!


Well, hmmmm

Now you see she moved quickly to kiss the lady sitting next to me and my hand slipped to her waist.
Really, that’s her waist.
Look closely.
I would never, EVER grab a woman’s ass. a2
I am innocent I tell yeah

You see where the white arrow is, that’s the hand in question.

What do you say, innocent or guilty?

But the real question is what’s the other hand doing?
I am surprised Monica and Vickie didn’t see anything.
I would never have heard the end of it then.

Have a nice day

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hellbunny said...

Well whatever you have your hand on its only resting not really groping.

Teresa said...

I couldn't tell, but you don't have a handful of anything!!

jules said...

Yeah, I'm thinking it's the hand with the black arrow that's the more suspicious one!

molly said...

It doesn't really look like it's grabbing anything. More like it's just perching there, but if it was my husband's hand, he'd be in trouble too.

Miss Cellania said...

You've obviously cropped this. you cropped your face out; I can understand that, although I'm disappointed. Most likely you also cropped out exactly WHERE the hands were!

patti_cake said...

Hey what's wrong with a handful of ass? *grin* In the right hand its a GOOD thing!