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Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy First Monday In August? ©

Monday. Monday I just love that day.
OK I only love this Monday because it’s a holiday here.
It’s the first Monday in August and we celebrate it so TGIM LOL.
Don’t ask.
I will make this a short post to make up for the whopper I posted on the weekend.
I would like to thank you for all your comments and emails many of them brightened my day.
I did answer them all.
Yeah yeah I still have the rest to do.
I have a rant coming this week and a discussion, oh and a post I promised MrH.
BUT for now I would like to direct you to this link HERE.
They are trying to get a million love messages.
I thought with all the hate and war in the world, what a great idea.
It doesn’t take much just go there and leavce them a Love Message.
I know you all love someone and I know there is someone out there that loves you.
I do and want you all to show the world that LOVE STILL LIVES in the world, even in the worst of times.

If you are so inclined spread the link through your blogs and lets see if we can help push this past the million if not more.

Have a nice day and spread a little love to the rest of the world.

Todays music is brought to you by Patti-Cake, The Beatles "All You Need Is Love"


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