blue moon (2)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Good One ©

“Everyone is mean to me”
Who’s everyone”?
Vickie and Karen
That’s only two people”.
“You’re the only one not mean to me”.
I would never be mean to you”.
“I know. I got to sleep now. See you tomorrow”.
Good night…………….

OK, she’s gone now.

Most of you heard what happened to Monica over the weekend.
The good one quickly became the sick one with a blink of an eye.
It only shows how fragile we can be even when we are strong.
A phone call from Vickie told me the news that froze me with a bewildered sense of shock.
I didn’t believe her.
Then an IM came in from Monica at that moment and now I was thinking this is a joke right?
I tell Vickie I’ll call you back in 30 and hang up.
I sit at the computer and look at it and it says

Monica: Hi
Monica: Are you there?

Walker: Hi, yes
Monica: I am in the hospital, I had a stroke but don’t worry

Don’t worry she says.
Tell her not to worry and see if she shuts up with the lecturing.

But this post isn’t about that.

Here is this woman
Downed by a sudden stroke
In the hospital
Can’t see
Can’t walk
Can’t talk
The GRIM REAPER has her by the left ankle, dragging her into the dark abyss.
What is she doing?
She is kicking him in the head with the right foot and IMing everybody with the one finger that still works.
There is no way to keep the phone away from her and she isn't going anywhere where there is no service.

A few hours later we talked on the phone as she lay in her hospital bed.
In a firm voice she told me how that she was feeling alot better now except for her leg that was a little weak.
Then as her voice started to go lower, she told me that she needed physiotherapy to build up its strength again and would have to go three days a week.
But, there was a possibility that the process can be sped up.
There seems to be a miracle drug that has been around for centuries and just recently it’s been found that it can help heal injuries much faster rather than waiting for it to get better on its own and she should have some for therapeutic reasons.
It’s made with all natural ingredients put together and combined it gets its unique properties.
It’s just a miracle how it works.
She has my attention now.
But you see she says in a low whisper, she only knows one person that could get it for her as he has done so before.
Now with my full attention I ask her what and who so we can get some.
Her voice now barely audible I hear her whisper something to me.
What did you say”?
Another whisper
There must be something wrong with the phone I can’t hear you now”?
I want some…………..she says a little louder
“I mean some baklava would be nice”.
With a soft voice she asks if I think it would be possible.
I told her that I had ordered some for my bbq but it was for the guests.
She said they wouldn’t miss one or two maybe three pounds of it, besides there will be other stuff and maybe the baklava wouldn’t even be eaten so why put any out at all.
I could almost feel her batting her eyes at me.
Now why do I have a feeling she will be getting some?

To show you how loyal and determined Monica is when it comes to her responsibilities at work and her family, the last time I spoke to her she was saying she had to go from the hospital to work just to make sure everything was ok and there would be no inconvenience to anyone.
While in her hospital bed she called the office of the hospital she was in to see if there were any Episcopalians that needed a priest or someone to talk to.

Can you imagine the conversation?
Monica picks up the phone and calls the office.

Hi, its Monica, yeah, I was calling to see if there is are any Episcopalians that may need to see someone from the church.
No, ok
If anyone does, just ring room 503.

Then she tells me she has to be healthy so she can play in the family Thanksgiving football game.
Are you nuts” I tell her?
“NOOOOOOO, it’s perfect, no one will want to touch me because of my condition and I will score all the time, except when the FON is playing, she’ll let me have it just the same”.
So you are using this to your advantage”.
And the Baklava”?
“Oh, that’s purely therapeutic”.
Yeah, I bet?

Get well soon Monica

I could say I was mugged and they got all the baklava?


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