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Thursday, August 10, 2006

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I got a comment last week in one of my rants and in fact it was placed in two posts to get my attention and guess what.
It did.
Following is the comment and following is my response.
Feel free to voice your opinion.

This is a discussion and I mean DISCUSSION, I am a reasonably intelligent person (I hope), to have a discussion without coming to blows with somebody because I don’t agree with their opinion. For me to comment on everything you wrote would just take too much of my time but I will put this much of my two cents in. Perhaps the point of some of the people you encountered was to try to get you to look at a broader picture … if I may…You said, INCOMPETANT COUNTRY CANNOT GET RID OF THE MURDERING FUCKEN TERRORISTS THAT THEY ALLOW LIVING ON THEIR OWN FUCKEN SOIL Terrorism is “ the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion “ through violence and threats. I can think of many countries which have terrorist organizations in their midst. I won’t name the list but under that definition couldn’t the KKK be considered as such? Anyways, back to the point….Lebanon has a fragile democracy; is slowly trying to recuperate from years of upheaval…. I won’t go into all the details…but its government is walking a political minefield.It hardly has any military might; they don’t even have an air force. They are bordered by Israel, Jordan, Syria and standing behind them are Iran, Iraq… what a frightening precarious position to be in…don’t you think?I would probably be crying on TV too if I knew my country was being bombed, possibly invaded and entering a war which it didn’t ask for and couldn’t win.You said, they could ask for help from the UN. What exactly do you think the UN can or would do? Send in tanks, soldiers, and planes? And where would they send them? To Israel to help fight against the Hezbollah or to Lebanon to help protect it’s citizens from the crossfire of the Israelis and Hezbollah? I believe the UN is based on solving conflicts through peace, diplomacy, and sensiblethinking. I mean this is their mission isn’t it? These are intelligent people who look at every nook and cranny of a situation before they act.And how do you, anybody or I know what has been asked, pleaded, discussed behind closed doors. If the Lebanese government wants help, do you think they would broadcast it? With neighbors like that, and in such a perilous position, do you not think there wouldn’t be a backlash on one of the weakest democratic countries of the Middle East? So, what is the UN actually suppose to do for them? Who are they suppose to protect? Look what has recently happened. The UN is now pulling out its observers because the Israelis literally pulverized 4 of them. But I guess saying that makes me anti-Israel? If I criticize Canada for its handling of the mass exodus of Canadians from Lebanon would I be anti-Canadian?Don’t assume to know someone’s politics Walker. I went into attack mode quicker but what got me off here was that he tried to turn the subject to Iraq and to blame all of this on the Americans.for that matter, why did you mention Italy and the Red Brigade?I heard one of the discussions and I believe Iraq was mentioned because you were saying Israelis had a justified reaction to two of theirs being kidnapped. In Iraq many foreigners/ CIVILIANS have been kidnapped I didn’t see their governments running in. Not even when Americans were kidnapped and slaughtered in Saudi Arabia I don’t recall the Americans charging with guns blazing and blasting the Saudis because of terrorists.I believe two weeks ago an offer was given; release political prisoners and the two Israelis will be released, like back in the 80’s. But this isn’t the motive is it? The terrorist have won no matter what has or will happen…. TERROR REIGNS. People are fearful of their neighbours. Regular people fear taking planes, trains, buses. Hezbollah is back in the news. So far for the price of two military lives, hundreds of civilians have died (on both borders), hundreds of thousands have fled or are fleeing in terror, the middle-east has become more dangerous, more flammable, The people of Lebanon, Israel, and most of the world are terrorized and the terrorists have received attention, empathy and sympathy ergo recruits for their cause. You’re right, let’s nuke them. C’mon it’s been more than 50 years since we’ve really had a Great war!!


I won’t be questioning your intelligence because its obvious you are and your opinion is yours as ours is all of ours.

Yes the KKK are terrorists, murdering terrorists on top of that and in Canada, the FLQ were terrorists and murders as well.
So I know what terror is.
I walked amongst tanks as a kid in Ottawa and we were stripped of our rights when the War Measures Act was invoked until the FLQ were hunted down or the ones that got away ran to Algeria and stayed there for decades until they came back to face the murder of Pierre Laporte.
But terrorism is not a weapon but a cowardly act perpetrated by criminals to instill fear in a population to get their way.
Sounds more like extortion than war.

Many countries start off with a fragile government but it doesn’t mean they have to close their eyes to what is going on.
The idea of having a government is to govern and protect its citizens not hide from illegal aliens causing trouble because the government doesn’t think the can do it.
They are responsible for the keeping of their lands clear of criminals and other vermin that might cause trouble with their neighbors.
If they can’t, then they don’t deserve to have a country.
Israel had a fragile democracy once when they started and had to fight enemies from all sides to keep what little land they had.
And it is a little compared to what the other countries in the surrounding region have.
To hear a leader of a country go on national TV and call for the annihilation of Israel and the United States for that matter by any means is a direct threat where I come from a declaration of WAR.
They should be happy there aren’t planes bombing the shit out of them right at this moment.
As for innocent civilians being killed, that is the worst thing about all of this but then I have to ask, if the Hezbollah cared so much, then why are they storing their weapons in residential areas?
I’ll tell you why, because they are hoping for lots of civilian casualties to boost negative sentiment towards Israel which gets them more news coverage than any rockets would.

In that post you commented on I did blast Israel for their killing of civilians and the horrible MURDER of kids but lets face it, this never had to happen they could have just given their prisoners back and save all those lives.
Your views that Israel could have did a prisoner swap, would only encourage future incidents of this kind so why bother if they will be doing it again.
Instead of wanting to live in peace with their neighbors they would rather show their aggressive side and demonstrate their lack of compassion for their fellow man.

Imagine, they get their orders from God.
What kind of butcher is their god or is the one listening to god a fucken mental case that needs to see a shrink.
Maybe they have bad reception problems with their coverage and should move a bit.
Can you hear me now?
Mixing religion and politics is the worst kind of government, especially when the cleric is a maniac.

I noticed you gauge war by its size.
Cmon it’s been more than 50 years since we’ve really had a Great war!!”
There is nothing great about “War”, unless you’re a weapons dealer, or a sick individual.
The winners paraded down the streets after WWII in ticker tape parades with millions of people cheering, laughing and celebrating their victory.
What was missing was the parade of coffins after.
But lets take a look at the world right now and see what we find.

Current Conflicts
Algeria – Insurgency - 1992-->
Angola – Cabinda - 1975-->
Burma – Insurgency -1950-->
China – Senkaku Islands - 1968-->
China – Spratly Islands - 1988-->
Colombia – Insurgencies -1970s-->
Congo (Zaire) – Congo War -1998-->
Georgia – Civil War - 1991-->
India – Assam - 1985-->
India – Kashmir - 1970s-->
India – Naxalite – Uprising 1967-->
Indonesia – Aceh - 1986-->
Indonesia – Kalimantan - 1983-->
Indonesia – Maluku - 1999-->
Israel - Al-AqsaIntifada - 2000-->
Ivory Coast – Civil War - 2002-->
Korea – Korean War -1953-->
Laos – Hmong Insurgency - 2000-->
Moldova – Transdniester - 1991-->
Namibia – Caprivi Strip - 1966-->
Nepal – Maoists - 1996-->
Nigeria – Civil –Disturbances - 1997-->
Pakistan – Baluchistan - 2004-->
Peru – Shining Path - 1970s-->
Philippines – Moro Uprising - 1970s-->
Russia – Chechen Uprising -1992-->
Somalia – Civil War - 1991-->
Spain – Basque Uprising - 1970s-->
Sudan – Darfur - 1983-->
Thailand – Islamic Rebels - 2001-->
Turkey – Kurdistan - 1984-->
Uganda – Civil Conflict - 1980-->
United States – Afghanistan - 1980-->
United States – Djibouti - 2001-->
United States – Iraq - 1990-->
United States – Philippines - 1898-->
Uzbekistan – Civil Disturbances - 2005-->
Yemen - Sheikal-Houti - 2004 -->

All these little wars or conflicts going on in the world right at this moment, have taken more lives than the World Wars have.
Most were civilian casualties.
Ethnic cleansing has become a solution to many opposition leaders.
Look at Congo.
A million people died in that country’s civil war alone due to ethnic cleansing and it is still going on even though the war is over.
I saw a piece on CNN not to long ago showing what was happening there.
The winning side, supposedly the democratic elected president didn’t know his solders were raping and killing people still.
Yeah pfffffffft
Let’s not forget the cutting off of women’s breasts so that they couldn’t feed their kids so they would starve.
How fucken barbaric is that?
I am waiting for them to come ask for money now to see if they get it.
If all of these combined are not a great war then what is?
Do the mighty powers that be have to clash before we can call it a GREAT WAR?
That won’t be a great war, that will be Armageddon and the beginning of the end and don’t you think otherwise.
The UN, the world as a whole can do more if they were to target the right sources aggressively NOW like the people supplying the weapons to the terrorist.
Take the war to the suppliers so they understand what it’s like.
Throw countries out of the UN that support terrorism.
Cut off all money.
And if they take it out on another country and their people then go in and kick some butt.
Show them we ALL won’t take this shit no more as a world united.
That’s why they have a security force; to make sure the innocent people of the world are safe.
To protect the weak not slap the guilty in the hand and say don’t do that again.
Of course they say they won’t because they have probably killed everyone by now.
No mother should ever have to greave for a lost son on a foreign soil so far from home.
People in the Middle East don’t care if their sons die, if they did they would find a solution to all of this once and for all but you see it’s a fucken honor to a family to have a son die in battle against their mortal enemy and it doesn’t matter at the time of his death he had 10 pounds of C4 strapped to him and he took out a bus, subway, airplane, school full of people.

It must seem so distant and none of your business while sitting safe in your home in Canada but what would you say if a AK47 was pointed at you head.
How fast would you be running down the street begging for help?
But you don’t have to here… yet.

To listen to some people blame the Americans and the British for something that started 4000 years ago when they weren’t even around is stupid.
I have heard that American companies supply weapons to Israel, maybe.
The Syrians and Iraq’s supply the terrorists.
I see a balance being kept this way in the region.
The Moslem countries have gone to alert status.
Is it because they are threatened or are they trying to get into the picture so that they could be part of any peace settlement that might get them something without even going to war?
It’s all about what they can get for nothing.
The civilians dieing are just collateral damage and these people don’t care about them.
It seems only we do out here appalled by what we see.

The world as a whole has to get together and adopt a zero tolerance to terrorism.
Countries that don’t agree should be cut off of any aid they receive.
Countries receiving aid should only get what they need and not money to but weapons.
I don’t know if many of you realize this but when you go to those corner stores and put change in those boxes on the counter in some cases you are supporting terrorism.

As much as we as a whole abhor violence, we support it with our indifference to those we don’t understand.
It’s time we all opened our eyes and our thoughts.
This subject, politics for that matter drains me because it’s a subject drenched in lies and self-preservation with no sympathy for no one other than themselves.
Until the world begins to think of helping their neighbors rather than killing them for what they could get out of it we will be sentencing ourselves, future generations and humanity to an early grave.

Personally I want then to finish it right now.
No ceasefire, fight to the end and make sure there is no way that they can come back and start this all over again so that more innocent people can get killed.

Have you noticed that more soldiers from western countries like Canada, U.S., the UK have been killed defending others in other lands, rather than protecting their own families at home?
Food for thought


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