blue moon (2)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

TICk...TIck...Tick...tick...tic...ti....t..... ©

I got good and soaked last night and it was on purpose.
The day started as all have been lately and that’s with me trying to find what I will tackle around the house.
Now everything is coming together I must add.
So far I have move 4000 books from one area and spread them around throughout the book cases I have placed in the three bedrooms.
This has now opened up my entertainment room.
There are still 4-5 hundred books but they will be gone as soon as I figure out there they will be gone to.

Then I decided to move a table in one of the bedrooms down stairs and empty a bookcase I just fill because I decided to move it somewhere else giving me room to put the dresser in the room from the kitchen where it is now and has been for 7 years.
I will move it up there Wednesday when I have some help.I could probably do it but there is a 120 year old mirror attached to it and I don’t want to break it.

Now while doing all this, the sweat is pouring off of me because it’s so fucken hit here.
I have never sweated while taking a shower before that’s how hot it is.
Just as I crawled out of the shower M showed up and we went out for chicken wings.
Normally I would have stayed home but he said WINGS!!!!
Buffalo winds to boot so I told some online friends I was going to dinner and off I went.
I ordered 2 pounds of nuclear wings.
That’s suicide times 100.
Yeah I am hurting right now.
After the wings and 3 beers I came home to the death throws of R2 my desk top he’s dead2 now.
I guess that’s what the D stood for in R2D2.
I lost everything that was on it once and for all.
The hard drive went, if it hadn’t been the hard drive I could have gotten my files off but noooo it couldn’t hold off for 2 more weeks.
As upset as I am about loosing all of this, I can’t be to mad either.
I have had this unit for almost 7 years and I have done a lot on that PC.
I met a lot of people because of it, I met you.
I have created some long term friendships with its help and it has co authored over 400 posts with me to share with you.
THOUSANDS of backgammon games have been won and lost on here
I had cyber sex on it for the first time four years ago on it.
I used it and abused it as much as I could.
I’m talking about the computer here just so that you know.
Thinking about all the happy times and dreams this computer has brought to my door step…. it’s almost hard to throw it out but it’s, was out of date.
Over the last 2 years I have been patching it up and he kept on ticking for me but alas it’s over.
The ticking stopped………..

Good bye R2……………..

So this is the plan for now.
I will be blogging on my laptops for now but I will be limited to what I can do because they are not as equipped to do all of my work and I don’t want to spend money to upgrade them because I want a desktop to work with and that’s where my money will be going and boy is it going to be a desktop.
I’ll use my discount to build myself a machine that won’t stall with 2-300 gig drives, one backing up into the other daily so I won’t loose my stuff again.
2 gigs of ram.
I want a 19 inch LCD screen…….
Naw, I like the tan I get from my 19 inch monitor
A great sound card and some Altec Lansing surround sound speakers.
Sigh……I lost 3000 mp3s.
Good thing I have Baby Blue.

Oh well, such is life isn’t it?
Shrugs it off……sigh

Have a nice day

Oh lets see if you can tell what movie I am about to watch.
Listen to the song.


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