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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lay Back And Drifting ©

I’m……………having a lazy day.
Hold on a sec I got to crank this up a bit.
Neil Young singing My My Hey Hey or is it Hey Hey My My hmmm.

The perfect song for a lazy day though

It’s a day that’s not wasted even though you accomplish nothing physically.
The house could looks like shit and the clothes piled into the corner are competing against Mount Everest for highest mountain but you are doing more than if you would have done all that house work.
Life gets to mundane some times doing the same thing in and out.
The brain gets tired of thinking of the same things all the time to and needs to stretch a bit or………. it needs a vacation like your body does before it cracks, so it has to sit back and go to a better place for a holiday.

Like right now I’m sitting here reflecting on parts of my past.
Funny, I can’t remember what the fuck I ate yesterday but I remember the taste of the gnocchi’s I ate at Snake’s mother’s house 33 years ago.
His father and two brothers were there too.
Nothing special happened to mark this frozen moment in time but yet, here it is.

Then I remember a battle on the street.
It’s like watching it from the sidelines.
Julio went ballistic that day.
While the rest of us were fighting in the middle of the street someone was bearing down on us with a bike and Julio took him head on and on foot.
I can see him as he ran at him and the bike screaming back towards him, then he was flying.
I think we all froze at that moment right there and stared at only Julio.
He sailed over the handle bars and knocked the driver off.
The bike went smashing into a car on the side of the street.

A moon lit night at the Chateau Montebello one summer, in the back court yard lost in a woman’s lips.
I remember her full breast spilling over my hand as our lips engorged in raw passion; pressing deep into the shadows where no one could see or hear us, we left a lasting memory that night that seems like only yesterday.

Sometimes we have to sit and reflect.
We need to sit back and have a good laugh about something we did with friends, family or even alone.
There are times when we will cry and remember the sorrow and pain.
Sometimes we have to lay back and reach out to touch yourself to be you again because you forgot who you were or maybe you never knew..
When we start to forget the past we forget who we are in the present.

I remember a wide collar shirt, the bell bottom pants and platform shoes.
The only time I was ever over 6 feet tall.
Man is the toilet low from up there.
The song is Staying Alive and its 1974 or 76 I think.
We were at the VIVA and its New Years Eve and the place had thousands of people going in and out.
They were doing lines of coke on the tables and the staff turning a blind eye or lent a nose for a snort.
100 rye and cokes I bought that night.
I know because I remember ordering them and paying $300 all in one shot.
M and the rest of the boys were pounding them back too.

I remember the game of murder ball we played.
That’s football without gear, rules or referee.
Full contact
I was 14.
It was basically the immigrant kids against the English kids.
Jimmy had his leg broken,
I lost 3 back teeth.
John’s balls will never be the same again and he says they still hurt 34 years later.
The other team didn’t walk away without their own casualties.
One lost a kidney and teeth were scattered all over the field.

For me these are all fond memories good and bad.
What doesn’t kill you makes you strong, but the back does hurt a bit.

Snake is a father of two with the meanest wife you can possibly imagine.
The woman make Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a pussy.
His neighbours are terrified of her, may explain why he went straight.
She would kill him if he got into trouble.

Julio is a bartender in Athens and hasn’t been in trouble for years.
He took that guy off the motorcycle and beat the crap out of him and he was just a small lad.
He is probably telling his kids the stories as I am writing this.

I remember waking up under the kitchen table the next day.
M woke up in a pile of snow in his yard.
Phil wanted to know who puked in his car but given the fact we didn’t know who drove home it could have been him.

I still see Jimmy.
He owns 2 restaurants and J owns 10 Karate schools throughout the country, but when we see each other, that night always comes up.

The girl
It was a private party, I never knew her name and I never saw her again.

So lay back, get a little lazy, if anyone says anything tell them your brain is on a break.
Sometimes we have to cleanse and recharge the brain like we do the soul.

Ha Ha Ha my daughter pulling Santa’s Beard off…….


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