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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Bank Job ©

It’s not as hot today as it has been for the last couple of days.
I have been cooped up in this house to long cleaning and fixing things I have let go to long.
Money is an issue because I have been aggressively attacking my debts and NO it’s not working.
Something always seems to sneak up on you.
But to day I have had enough.
I have 4 days worth of growth on my face making me look meaner at this time of the morning.
Even though it hot today, I will be wearing jeans just in case I have to get a little dirty.
A plain black T-shirt without and identifying markings on it anywhere rounds up the ensemble.
I put on my shades and my baseball cap and go out to the yard.
I have a choice of four vehicles to drive.
I opt for the Van because I had to move it to get to the Firebird anyway and I was lazy, besides it had air conditioning and I needed to be cool for what I had to do today.

The bank was 3 miles away and its never busy, that’s why I choose this one.
As luck would have it, there was a open spot right in front of the door.
I get out of the van and leave the doors unlocked.
Inside the bank there were no customers this time of day and only two tellers and the manager that I could see.

Going to the island in the center of the bank I took a piece of paper and wrote what needed to be written and then proceeded to the first teller.
She said bon jour to me and I smiled t her then passed the slip of paper towards her.
Glancing down at it, then back at me she opened the drawer with blind fingers.
I notices her eyes beginning to fill with tears and then she dropped to the floor convulsing.
The other teller ran over and the bank manager can out to see what was happening.
The manager grabbed the fallen teller and helped her to her chair while the other teller walked over to me.
I slipped my hand into my pocket feeling the smoothness of what my fingers were searching for.
The teller looked down at the slip of paper.
Opening the drawer grabbing a fist full of money.
When she had the bundle stuffed into the envelope she slid the object over to me.
Pulling my full hand out of my pocket I held it out towards her and swiped my bank card, then entered the PIN.


I was beat when I got to bed last night.
I went shopping for everything I need.
I probably got half, thinking I got it all but I will find that out when I actually start putting it all together.
Three weeks for the BBq and time is moving fast.
I have had no time to blog or do anything else.
The house is 60% done and only because I would only be doing it again if I did it all in about 2 weeks.
The heavy moving is done though and that’s the main part.

I sat here last night and made 70 souvlakis to go with the forty I have made and froze so far.
I picked up five pounds of jumbo shrimps to for appetizers.
The rest of the main food is bought and ready to be put together.
Well guess what, I am off to the liquor store now so I will try and catch up on everyone.
It’s hard for me to find much time with all I have to do and other things on my mind but I am getting there.
I can’t wait until this month is over and I could relax.

I am including some pictures of the inside of my house and one for Sally who wanted to see that dresser.


I dragged this home one day from the side of the road.
The top was scored badly but i sanded it all down and restained it.
I know antique collectors out there are cringing but I don't collect antiques.
I collect what looks good to my eye and this look great fixed up like I liked it.
It's mahogany and the mirror is origional and about 110 years old.


Frick gaurding his fur on my chair.
Little bastard


My plant stand with some of a housefull of plants. This is in my TV room as you can see come of the posters on the wall


The last TV I am ever going to buy !!!

Some of the movies I have and that's Emme's chair.
Not even Frick sits on it for some reason.


This is how you get them off the furniture so that you can clean the room. You get the stoned. LOL


Frick spots his mortal enemy.
The Vacumn


Just for Fizzy

And I still have to clean around the computer desk I guess to.


Have a nice day.


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