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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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Let’s see if I could squeeze out a post in between the thumps I have in my head.
My system must be a mess with me trying to adjust my sleep schedule.
I used to go to bed at 6 am and have been trying to break myself of that habit.
The only thing I have managed to achieve so far in get a migraine and sleep for 14 hours the other day.
Trying to find a comfortable medium for me is hard because I have lived most of my life in the night and my eyes being light sensitive I prefer it to the day light hours.
I must have been a bat in a previous life or a vampire.
Count Walker Hmmmm.
Whatever, I will figure it out and keep Tylenol in business until I get it all straight.

One week into summer and I have 3 invites to bbqs and have started preparing for mine.
It will take me at least a month to set up for it mostly because I don’t let anyone help me with it.
It wouldn’t be my bbq if I did and it’s all about me me me right LOL.
This year’s menu has been modified to accommodate the vegetarians and people of Jewish decent.
They get salad.
Ha Ha Ha just kidding.
Out of the 60 people coming 2 are Jewish and one is a vegetarian so I simply have to clean the grill well and cook the vegetarian food first then the kosher meats then all the rest.
Everyone is happy and I don’t have to bust my balls worrying about it.
I don’t want another incident like the Muslim guy who ate 3 souvlakis before he found out they were pork.
I have no idea what he said to me but I don’t think it was thank you but then again I didn’t invite him and he should have asked so Pthhhhhhhhh!
The jelly shooter girl has already claimed her job and thwarted the attempt Deb was making to take over the position.
The fact that she drinks more than she serves may be the main reason she grabs the job every year and in fact has offered to pay to make them to keep serving them permanently.
I think her husband suspects she may be a lush.
This year instead of two bbqs, one for family and one for friends I have invited everyone together since they had such a good time last year.
I will post the menu for Monica and MrH when I get it all sorted out but from what IU have learned in the past and the number of people has grown it looks like I will need 150-200 souvlakis.
This year though I have put the word out that no one is to bring me booze as a gift.
Every year I get bottles of the stuff and I am not supposed to drink hard liquor, beer is fine in moderation.
This year I told everyone if they want to bring me something to make it a plant.
A plant I could have for a long time and not get fucked up unless I get some pot plants and then…………
A plant I will remember having longer than the empty bottle of booze.

The Bluesfest is about to kick off and this years line up looks like a lot of fun.
My favourite is the gospel tent, not that I am overly religious but I love the enthusiasm the choirs show in their singing that makes me feel good and gets the crowd clapping and hopping around.
There is another great line up of performers and for the price of a wrist band at $107 you get admission to all the shows for the whole ten days.
So if I am not around it’s because I’m probably bebopping around and having a blast.
I’m just not allowed to do any diving off the stage.
The last time 11 people ended up in emergency.

Friday, July 7
6:15 pm Bluesfest Talent Showcase presented by Zaphod Beeblebrox and Rogers Wireless
7:30 pm Corb Lund
9:00 pm Great Big Sea

Saturday, July 8
4:00 pm Thornetta Davis
5:30 pm Elmer Ferrer Band
7:30 pm Keb' Mo'
9:00 pm Bonnie Raitt

Sunday, July 9
4:00 pm The Amanda Rheaume Band
5:30 pm Sue Foley
7:00 pm Ani DiFranco
9:00 pm Michael Franti & Spearhead

Monday, July 10
6:15 pm The Stills
7:30 pm Matt Mays & El Torpedo
9:00 pm Sam Roberts Band

Tuesday, July 11
6:15 pm McGillicuddy Sisters
7:30 pm David Knopfler
9:00 pm Blue Rodeo

Wednesday, July 12
6:15 pm Mobile
7:30 pm Nelly Furtado
9:00 pm Live

Thursday, July 13
6:00 pm Alanna Stuart
7:00 pm John Lee Hooker Jr
8:15 pm Jully Black
9:30 pm Etta James

Friday, July 14
6:15 pm Trevor Hall
7:30 pm In Essence
8:30 pm Cadence Weapon
9:30 pm Rihanna

Saturday, July 15
2:30 pm Kelley Hunt
4:00 pm The M's
5:15 pm The New Amsterdams
6:30 pm Martin Sexton
7:45 pm Rosanne Cash
9:00 pm Wilco

Sunday, July 16
3:00 pm Drew Nelson Band
4:30 pm JW Jones Band
6:00 pm Kentucky Headhunters
8:00 pm KC’s Boogie Blast starring KC & The Sunshine Band, Gloria Gaynor, Tavares and Sister Sledge featuring Kathy Sledge.

I guess that’s about it for this post unless you think there is something more I should say then all you have to do is ask but until then lets chill with a little Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne.

Have a nice day


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